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Love Needs No Reason - Evowizard25

Discord is lonely and looking for something to spice up his life. Luckily for him, and unfortunately for Applejack, he's found the one thing that can help him out.

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Story Time


I was having the time of my life. It was just me and Spike, alone at last. He was snuggled up close to me with my wing around him protectively, with a book in my forehooves. I don’t even remember the last time I did this. That’s saying much since I have a great memory.

The book was a simple fairy tale. There was a knight, a beast, and a princess. Simple, sweet, and one of Spike’s favorites growing up. I often caught him playing knight and rescuing a ‘princess’. Sometimes it would be with just toys, but Spike did have some pony friends in Canterlot. I wasn’t going to deprive him of that.

“So Sir Valiant, his aim firm and true, thrust forth his spear into the beast’s breast,” I said with gusto. I thrust out my hoof as though I’m lancing the beast myself. I have done that a few times actually. It’s rather neat to see the blade pierce the heart. The creature roaring in pain and anger. The blood pouring out of the wound…..

‘Cadance, focus on the story.’

“Mom?” My darling little Spike spoke up, interrupting the story and my thoughts.

“Yes?” I turned my face to look at him. He seemed to have a ponderous expression. I found it kind of odd that he would interrupt now. It was just about to get to the knight sweeping the fair maiden off her hooves and declaring his eternal love. That was his favorite part.

“Why are dragons always the badguys in stories?”

That line gave me pause. I knew it was coming up and given some of Twilight’s adventures, which Twilight herself was kind enough to share with me, Spike had first hoof experience with dragons. It didn’t turn out so well. I mean, it was hard in the first place without him seeing them firsthoof.

I sighed. “Because Spike, dragons are creatures of greed and selfishness.”

“Well, they can’t be all bad,” Spike said. “There had to have been some good dragons.”

“Of course there are,” I nodded. “But they aren’t anything like the dragons you know.”

“Huh?” Spike tilted his head in confusion. It was such a cute gesture.

“The dragons of the east are beings of wisdom and kindness. They are among the greatest teachers in the world, because they believe knowledge is something that should be shared. That it brings love and happiness. They do everything in their power to help others.”

“Whoa, they sound awesome.”

I giggled. “Oh yes, definitely. A couple of my friends are eastern dragons.”

“Really? How’d that happen?” Spike had turned around to face me. His was figuratively jumping out of his skin for more.

“Well, I was on a trip with my mother on the eastern edges of the world. She was exploring a newly discovered ruin built by an ancient civilization that nopony has ever heard of. My mother, or rather, your grandmother was rather giddy upon finding that out. I tagged along with your uncle Blueblood. He was just a young colt at the time. Always fretting with this and that. Anyways, mom while mom was busy exploring the ruins, I decided to explore the area around them. I was just a young mare, barely in my teens and not that long before I started watching Twlight. I didn’t have a great grasp on my magic back then, so I was taking a large risk. Nothing new, mind you. I’m a risk taker, but Blueblood was with me. My little brother wasn’t somepony I wanted in danger. Why is that?”

“Because family is important,” Spike answered.

I nuzzled him. “Very good. So, as I was exploring I came across a large cave. Blueblood was scared to go in, but I talked him into following me. He wanted to be a big pony for his big sister.”

Blueblood was so cute back then. He was always trying to be the hero. A courageous knight, fighting for the common pony. He is just the sweetest stallion you could ever meet. ‘Then why is he still single?’

That was a mystery I had yet to solve.

“We travelled deep, deep within the bowls of the cave, until we found it.”

“Found what?”

My smile grew. “A hoard of books.”

Spike fell on his side in laughter. “Seriously?”

I nodded. “Seriously. Don’t tell Twilight about it, though. No doubt she’d launch an exploration to find the eastern dragons. They prefer their privacy.”

“So what did you do then?”

I shrugged. “Nothing really. I just walked around for a few minutes, trying to see if there was anything else in the cave. There was.” My eyes narrowed. “My old nemesis.”

“Queen Chrysalis?” Spike raised an eyebrow. “Why do most of your stories have her in it? Do you guys stalk each other or something?”

I blushed and said nothing.

“You guys stalk each other, don’t you?”

“….When I’m bored.” I relented.

Spike sighed and pinched the bridge of his snout. “Mom, you need a hobby.”

“I already have a hobby.”

“One that doesn’t put you in harm’s way.”

I blinked in confusion. “A hobby that isn’t life threatening? Where’s the fun in that?”

Spike huffed and crossed his arms. “Just finish the story.”

I gave him a small glare. “Not with that attitude, mister. I think somedragon doesn’t want his afternoon treat.”

Spike immediately brightened up. “Finish the story, please mommy.” He said in the most adorable little voice.

I giggled and poked his belly. “That’s better. Now I found my nemesis in a rather peculiar setting. You see, I accidently knocked into a ‘bookfort’.”

“Like the ones Twilight makes?”

I put a hoof to stifle my giggles. “Wait, she still does that?”

“All the time,” Spike nodded.

That was just so adorable. I had to get a picture of that. Oh, I had some pictures of when she did it as a filly, but a full grown alicorn? Priceless! Spike was momma’s boy, so he’d do it for me.

Ending my giggles, I cleared my throat. “Well, when I knocked on it, out popped Chrysalis yelling: Who dares interrupt my fort time?”

Spike was laughing his tail off.

“I know,” I giggled along with him. “She was horrified to see me and quickly came out to confront my intrusion. She was so embarrassed, she turned red. I mean, all over. She begged me not to tell anyone.”

“But you’re telling me,” Spike pointed out. “Doesn’t that mean you broke her promise?”

I winked at him. “I had my wings crossed.”

“YOU LYING TRAITOR!” Out of nowhere, Chrysalis stuck herself from out from beneath the bed. “You know how embarrassing that is for me.”

“Chrysalis,” I growled. “How long have you been under there?”

“Long enough to know you’re a liar liar, pants for hire,” Chrysalis glared at me fiercely. She climbed onto the bed.

“Its pants on fire,” I corrected her with a raised, snooty pout.

“You would know,” Chrysalis poked me in the chest and got in my face. “Liar.” The word oozed with venom.

“Chrysalis,” I pushed her back. “Now isn’t the time to fight. We’re in the middle of story time.”

“Oh heavens,” Chrysalis brightened up. “I would never dream of interrupting story time. Much too important.” She turned to Spike and nuzzled him. “Hello, Spike.”

“Hi Chrysalis,” Spike smiled back at her.

Now this would totally be a shock to most people, but there were times that Chrysalis and I actually got along. Not to mention Chrysalis just adored Spike. I mean, who wouldn’t. He’s the cutest, bestest dragon ever.

“My, my my, look at how much you’ve grown,” Chrysalis held a hoof under Spike’s chin. “I remember when you were but a small hatchling playing pattycake with my nymphs.” She wiped away a few tears. “You grew up so fast.”

I rolled my eyes. Chrysalis was always a drama queen. Without another word, I levitated a hoofkerchief over to her and she used it to dabble the tears from her eyes.

“And he’s even a hero,” Chrysalis blew into the hoofkerchief.

‘I am not using that ever again.’

“You should have seen him at the games,” my chest puffed out in pride. “He didn’t even hesitate. He just did what he had to do to save the day. A genuine hero.”

“Nah,” Spike gave a nonchalant response, filing his nails and his chest scales. “It was nothing. Just saving lives and all that stuff.”

Spike gave a startled yelp as Chrysalis pulled him into a tight hug. “Oooh, I wish I was there. I’m certain he shall be the world’s greatest champion.”

“Chrsyalis,” I spoke up. “You’re smothering him.”

“Right,” Chrysalis let go of my son. “Sorry about that. Now, have you been a good boy since I’ve been gone?”

Spike nodded.

“Then you deserve a reward,” Chrysalis brought out a large blue crystal.

“That’ll ruin dinner for him,” I scowled.

Chrysalis rolled her eyes. “You worry too much. Spike can handle such a gem.”

“I say he can’t,” I said, snatching the gem away. “Now back to the story.” Chrysalis settled by Spike’s. I frowned and settled on his other. Chrysalis may have helped me raise Spike, but he was still MY son.

“After I promised not to tell, she attacked me,” I said.

“As per our usual meetings,” Chrysalis relented.

“Not with magic, however,” I continued.

“With books,” Chrysalis smiled, rather fond of the memory. “We fought the greatest battle of ‘book-fu’ of all time.”

“And it was glorious,” I couldn’t help but smile at the memory too. “Of course, it didn’t last that long for the owner of the books returned.”

“And he was angry,” Chrysalis scoffed. “I saw no reason why he had to scold us like that. I mean, did he know who he was talking too?”

“Those were his books,” I scoffed myself at Chrysalis’s attitude. “He had a right to be angry, but he calmed down and we had an actually interesting conversation.”

“And I got to cuddle Blueblood,” Chrysalis looked proud of herself.

I chuckled. Chrysalis always had a soft spot for kids, especially young ones. She couldn’t help it. It was in her very genes.

“He still resents you for it,” I spoke up.

“Oh, he’s just being a big baby,” Chrysalis rolled her eyes and we both laughed.

“We sometimes visit him and his brother from time to time,” I added.

“So that’s how you met an eastern dragon?” We both nodded to his question. “Kind of a letdown. I was kind of expecting an epic saga or something.”

“Sorry Spikey wikey,” Chrysalis ruffled his spines with a hoof. “That’s how it went, but if you want epic I can tell you about that time me and your mother…”

I put a hoof to her mouth. “Not that one.”

Chrysalis pushed my hoof away. “He’s old enough. He can handle it.”

“He’s old enough when I say he’s old enough,” I grit my teeth in frustration.

“If you keep coddling him, how is he supposed to grow?” Chrysalis barked.

“I am not coddling him,” I said. Both of our muzzles were touch as we glared daggers at each other. “I am trying to make him a better dragon.”

“A better dragon my flank,” Chrysalis growled. “Mare, he isn’t just your child.”

“Hey,” Spike pushed us apart. “Let’s not get carried away here. You’re both great parents, so let’s leave it at that.”

“Fine,” we both complied.

While I would have loved to continue the argument, Spike was right. Not about the both of us being great parents though. I was much better than Chrysalis at pretty much anything. No, Spike was right about us getting carried away like always. No more though. I was going to enjoy the rest of this day, changeling or no changeling.

“Could you scoot over, Cadance?” Chrysalis grunted. “Your fat flank is hogging the bed.”

“MY WHAT?!!!” I hollered.

Spike face-palmed. “Here we go again.”
*Sweet Apple Acres


Buckin’ apples was the only thing keepin’ me from runnin’ to Canterlot myself. Ah know Big Mac had it covered, but ah also knew that Discord was gonna mess somethin’ up fierce. Just his nature is all. Can’t help what nature does.

‘Except for us ponies.’

Ah did have a point. Us ponies didn’t like nature doin’…nature stuff on its own. We liked order and control. Anythin’ wild and untamed was wrong in our eyes, cause it brought destruction in its wake. How else are we supposed to grow crops if we don’t time it right? Crops would die by the droves.

Ah shivered in fright at the thought of my trees dyin’. ‘Okay, Applejack. Think of somethin’ else. Somethin’ to get yer mind off of things.’

Easier said than done. So, ah kept buckin’ and buckin’, tryin’ to clear my head…..

Ah think ah’m goin’ crazy, ‘cause all ah can think about is that no good varmint. What, with his crooked grin, crazy powers, and pranks up the whazoo. Ah don’t even like those stuff.

Okay a little…Okay, he’s kind of funny….


Ah didn’t like to acknowledge that, but ah did. He was a funny fella, but ah’d never tell him. It’d just give him more fuel for his silly crusade.

‘Ah just hope his little crusade doesn’t get Mac in trouble.’

With a flash of light, my question was answered.

Sort of.

Princess Luna was the first one. She was different today. Not like she had on some wonky make-up, but that she seemed like a merpony. Her mane was gone, replaced by a dorsal fin as well as her tail which was now a dolphins.

She had the others in a chain held in her magic. Discord looked scoffed up. Like somepony had taken him and battered him to pieces and put him back together again. He still was grinnin’ that charmin’ smile of his though.

Mac was next and he looked the same…Not countin’ the gills of course.

And the last one was a bat pony mare. She also had gills and her mane seemed to be smokin’ with some embers here and there. She didn’t seem to care as she munched on a mango.

The lot of them had iron neck braces on nice and tight.

Ah was perplexed to say it in fancy terms.

“Errr….” Ah muttered, unable to speak.

Luna fumed. “LADY APPLEJACK,” her voice nearly swept me away. “YOUR BROTHER, FRIEND, AND APPARENTLY MY BODYGUARD…”

“Who was just trying to help,” the bat pony put in.

“HAVE MADE MY DAY UNBEARABLY AGGRAVATING!” Luna screamed in outrage. If ah didn’t know any better, ah’d say she was mighty close on goin’ full Nightmare Moon. "I CAME TO INFORM YOU OF THEIR PUNISHMENT!"

“Whoa there princess,” ah said."Let's not get hasty."

“HASTY? HASTY?!!!” Luna roared, her form shifting into a much darker style. Her mane and tail returned. “I”LL SHOW YOU HASTY! WHEN I BLOT OUT THE SUN WITH THEIR CORPSES, YOU SHALL KNOW THE MEANING OF HASTY!”

“Luna,” ah held out an apple. “Eat an apple.”

“WHY?” Luna roared.

“Because ya turn into a tyrant when yer hungry,” ah said.

Swipin’ the apple out of my hoof, Luna bit down. Instantly, she started to hum happily, savorin’ the taste. Her form lightened and she even smiled.

“Better?” Ah asked.

“Better,” Luna stated. She blushed in embarrassment and did away with the chains and enchantments on everypony. Ah was glad they were back to normal, though Discord still looked worse for the weather.

Luna’s ears splayed back. “I am sorry, fair Applejack. This morning has been…unfavorable.”

“Ah reckon so,” ah nodded.

“I have been especially mean spirited to you all,” Luna turned back to the others. She lowered her head in shame. “It is inexcusable.”

“Nah,” ah chuckled. “Ya were just ornery. Happens to everypony.”

“Be it as it may,” Luna walked over to Big Mac. “I want to apologize to you for putting you in harms’ way. I shouldn’t have judged you so quickly.”

“Eh,” Big Mac shrugged. “Wasn’t so bad. Kind of reminded me of that fair day.”

Luna chuckled. “Was a glorious day, was it not? We should do that again sometime.”

“Eyup,” Big Mac smiled.

“And Night Watch…” Luna started.

“Nearly getting killed by my princess is kind of the norm,” Night Watch nonchalantly stated. “So no big deal.”

“Do I get an apology?” Discord put in.

Luna ignored him. “Tis time we left for Canterlot, Night Watch. Equestria needs me now more then ever.” With a flash of light, they were gone.

“Hey,” Discord piped. “That no good louse never did pay up.” Suddenly, a huge bag of gold appeared over his head and came down harshly. Discord ‘oomphed’ as he hit the ground with the sack on his head. “I stand corrected.”

Ah sighed and pushed the gold off of him. “Ya couldn’t keep yer mouth shut, could you?”

Discord grinned. “My dearest Applejack, would you have me any other way.”

Ah huffed and smacked him on the head with my hat, causin’ him to squeal in pain. “Maybe ya best start thinkin’ about what ya say from now on.”

“I do think about what I’m about to say,” Discord said. “Except when I’m not. I like to mix it up a bit.”

Ah was surprised he wasn’t doin’ some crazy stuff with his magic, but he looked tuckered out. “Discord,” ah scowled. “This is serious. Look at ya. Ya look like you survived a storm in the Everfree Forest.”

“Been there,” Discord rolled his eyes. “Done that.”

Ah hit him with my hat again, fumin’ red. “Do ya think ah like seein’ ya this way? No, ah don’t, so shut up and listen to me for once.”

Discord looked at me in shock. “Oh my dearest Applejack, I never knew you cared so much for me…Perhaps you could write a country song about your feelings.” He put his white tail fur under my chin. “How do you feel about wearing a beard?”

“Ya aint right in the head,” ah said.

Discord quickly kissed me on the muzzle, causin’ me to blush. “I know.” He grinned deviously.

Ah used my hat to cover my heated blush. “Let’s just get ya back to the house and fix ya up.” ‘Nasty, no good, varmint.’

Author's Note:

New chapter up and running...and yeah, I've decided to skip the rest of the Canterlot stuff. So, we're back to Ponyville for now on.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter and please leave a comment.

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