• Published 4th May 2014
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Love Needs No Reason - Evowizard25

Discord is lonely and looking for something to spice up his life. Luckily for him, and unfortunately for Applejack, he's found the one thing that can help him out.

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Celebrating a Ship Sailed

Ah’ve never been so nervous in my life. Here ah was, ridin’ in a carriage pulled by giant mice and sittin’ by the god of chaos himself. Why? ‘Cause ah wanted to give this ‘datin’’ thing a chance, that’s why. Ah shouldn’t feel this way. Ah chose this, not the other way around. ‘Gosh dangit, buck up Applejack. Yer the Element of Honesty and an Apple. This is easy.’

Guess believin’ that is a bit harder than ah thought.

“Nervous?” Discord asked. Ah looked over to see him tossin’ a ball between his three tails. As if one wasn’t enough.

Ah scowled and crossed my forelegs. “Taint nervous.” He ain’t gonna fluster me up in this date. My cheeks were a little warmer than ah’d like. Maybe they’d cool off if he wasn’t lookin’ at me like ah was the prettiest thing he’d ever seen. Ah’m not pretty, ya stupid varmint!

“Well then, we aren’t on the same page apparently.” Discord grinned and leaned closer. His breath tickled against my fur and my eyes widened. Ah kept thinkin’ ‘What’s he doin’?’ over and over again. “My dearest Applejack. You have nerves of steel. Me? I’ve never been so nervous.”

My hoof forcefully pushed him away. It was almost a punch, if ah had to describe it. “Nervous? Ya? Yer Discord, lord of chaos. Ya do crazy stuff all the time. Why would you be nervous?”

“Because I’m going on my first ever date with the prettiest mare I’ve ever laid eyes on,” Discord’s tails slammed together as he grinned. The tail slithered in the air around him till the fluff at the end was in front of me. It opened up to reveal a bouquet of orange flowers. “I’m just very good at hiding my nervous ticks.”

Ah blushed, tentatively takin’ the flowers into my forelegs. “Thanks ya kindly.” Didn’t know what else to say. Not used to all this courtin’ business and ah...kinda liked it. Not a lot, mind ya. He’s still a stupid varmint.

“You’re very welcome, Applejack.” Discord bowed his head. His horns slid off his head and shattered on the ground. The moment they did, a shower of sparks flew around the carriage. The sparks didn’t hurt or anythin’ like that. They were quite pretty, actually. Discord held up a finger and the sparks formed into a ball at the tip. It wasn’t a large one. The ball could easily fit inside my hoof three times over. “Of course, that wasn’t the only gift I had for you tonight.” His horns flashed back on to his head.

“What’s that?” Ah had to admit, the way the ball shined was rather beautiful. It gave off an earthy aura as it shifted. It turned green and a band formed around it.

“Just a simple gift,” Discord’s grin turned soft. He gently put it on my hoof. “As was the first.” He tapped the air and his chaos necklace appeared around my neck. “While the necklace can tell me where you are and summon me, I wasn’t fast enough. I wasn’t....” He sighed, causin’ me to put a comfortin’ hoof on him. He smiled. “This gem is special. Mother Nature isn’t a fan of me, but she gave me a gift when I was new to this world. That gift I give to you. If you are ever in danger and I’m not there, use it.”

Ah nodded. “Ah’ll be sure to,” ah smirked and lightly nuzzled him. “But it ain’t gonna come to that. Not anytime soon.”

“With our luck?” Discord raised an eyebrow. “With Ponyville’s luck? Do you really want to tempt fate?”

Ah rolled my eyes. He had a point. Somethin’ was gonna happen. Probably on a Tuesday, because reasons. Everyday was liable to have somethin’ happen. Ponyville was a monster magnet and me and the girls were always bein’ called somewhere to stop some monster. “Okay, okay. Ah see what ya mean. Ah’ll keep a hold of this little gift.”

Ah blushed as ah look at the green bracelet. He wasn’t givin’ it to me just ‘cause ah’m a mare. It wasn’t to impress me. No. He wanted me safe. He wanted to protect me anyway he could. Ah could respect that. “Discord?”

“Hmm?” Discord peered at me.

Ah opened my mouth as the carriage stopped. This was it. The dance. Where ah showed the world that ah was with this varmint. Was ah goin’ to go through with this? Ah could back out. Ah could go home. Ah could forget all about this. Lookin’ into Discord’s eyes, ah thought about it…

And stomped those thoughts out faster than a cattle stampedes over a flower bed. Those eyes weren’t the ones that tormented me for fun. Ah wasn’t just another pony. Not in those eyes. Ah was me and that made me more important than pretty much everythin’ else. Well, maybe not Fluttershy. She was still his best friend. So, it was settled in my mind. Ah was gonna go with this crazy varmint. Steelin’ myself, ah gave him a harm look.

Ah pulled his beard down hard, gettin’ into his face. “Don’t make me look stupid, ya hear?”

“Perish the thought, my dear Applejack.” Discord chuckled, only wincin’ a little at the tug. “How could I make something so elegant look stupid?”

“Ya have yer ways,” ah snorted, before pausin’. Somethin’ came to mind. Ah looked down at the bracelet and necklace. He’d given me them to protect me. To keep me from harm. So, ah gently took them off, releasin’ his beard.

“What are you doing?” Discord asked me.

“Don’t need ‘em,” ah answered. Ah delicately put them on the seat beside us. Ah could get them later. Then, ah smiled up at him. “Got ya here with me tonight. That’s protection enough right now.”

Discord blinked a few times before chucklin’. “I’ll do my best.” He then stood up, opened the door fer me, and bowed.

“Thanks,” ah smiled and trotted out. All of Ponyville was done up in celebration of Hearts and Hooves Day. There were pink hearts, streamers, and other such lovey dovey stuff ah really didn’t care to think about. Ironic since ah’m goin’ on my first date tonight.

“APPLEJACK!” That was all the warnin’ ah had, ‘fore Pinkie glomped me. She’s surprisin’ly strong fer a baker. “Oh, I’m so glad you made it. I mean, no party is perfect without all of my friends there too. Though, Twilight’s still missing. That’s okay. I’m sure she’s doing some important princessy stuff. Ooh, I saved a few slices of the cake and the DJ is ‘rockin’’ it on the dance floor. Come on.” She started pullin’ me along.

Ah gave Discord a pleadin’ look. Surely he’d get me out of Pinkie’s grasp. The dastardly varmint just chuckled. Ah’ll make him pay fer that. No more apples fer a month! Didn’t take Pinkie long to drag me to the tables. Didn’t take that mare long to do anythin’ that she put her mind to really.

Pinkie held up a pink frosted, red cake. “It’s a strawberry cake. I know you prefer apple cake and who doesn’t? Well, some people. My sister Maud isn’t exactly a cake kind of gal, but she’ll have a nice pie every now and again. Still, that’s a dessert everyone can appreciate.” She frowned. “I should have baked some pies. Oh now I’ve ruined the party-”

“Hold it, Pinkie.” Ah put a hoof over her mouth ‘fore she went any further. Pinkie’s a nice gal, but she’ll go on and on. Still not as bad as Twilight though. At least Pinkie makes it a bit fun...though, I can’t really follow both of them at times. “Ah’m happy ya made the cake.”

“You are?” Pinkie looked at me expectantly. When ah nodded, she jumped up into the air and then hugged me. “YAY! I really wanted to make this party perfect. Which is a bit hard to do, since I just got here today and Sparkler had the whole thing already planned. She’s a great pony, but she’s kind of sloppy. Don’t tell Ditzy I said that.” She gulped and started to sweat, givin’ me a pleadin’ stare.

“My lips are sealed,” ah meant that. Ditzy Doo was a nice mare, but she wasn’t the over-protective type when it came to her kids. Makes me wonder if ah’d be the same with my kids...Not that ah’d want to do ‘that’ with Discord. Stupid varmint...Even though ah do want to be a mom. ‘Wake up, AJ. It’s too early for that talk.’

Pinkie sighed in relief and wiped the sweat from her brow. “Phew, crisis averted. Now on to the dance floor. Freddy’s going to be playing for the couples soon and I wanted you to have some cake and get jiggy with it. Oh and hi Discord. Sorry for not noticing you. I kind of got distracted by a lot of things. For example, Applejack. You look so pretty in that dress. Rarity made that for you, didn’t she.”

Ah nodded, blushin’ slightly at the compliment. “She did.”

“And no worries, Pinkie.” Discord finally spoke up. “I was a bit busy myself.”

“With what?” Ah raised an eyebrow, givin’ him a calm look that could say ‘Do ah have to buck ya?’.

“Entertainment,” Discord grinned, lookin’ over at the buffet table. For some reason, the fruit had arms and legs. Not to mention the boxin’ gloves and they were goin’ at it. “Everyone loves fruit punch.”

Pinkie bashed her drumsticks on a pair of nearby cymbals. Where she got those, ah don’t know. She’s Pinkie Pie. Though, ah’d wager she had it in her hair. Again, ain’t gonna question how. Just...Pinkie Pie.

“Could ya stop it with the lame puns?” Ah snorted.

Discord frowned. “Yes, yes. I know it’s ‘lame’-” his eyebrows had formed a couple of fingers to add hyphens to the word. “-but I honestly had to get a lame joke in here somewhere. At least it made sense.”

“I liked it,” Pinkie held up her hoof.

“You,” Discord pointed his finger at her. “I like you.”

“I like you to,” Pinkie pointed her hoof back at him and giggled. “I just like Freddy more.”

“Who is Freddy?” Ah asked. “Ya got a colfriend?” When did this happen? Pinkie never kept secrets from us. She was terrible at it.

Pinkie nodded. “A couple of days ago, but I’m not going to bore you tonight. I’ll tell you tomorrow. Tonight, we dance.” She dramatically pointed to the center of the town.

“We’ll be there shortly,” Discord answered. He narrowed his eyes as one of the fruit, a daring banana with a handle bar mustache, thrust out a fork at him in a silent challenge. Discord took off a finger, which turned into a sword. A new finger quickly grew back in its place. “I am not one to miss a challenge. Stand back, my dear Applejack. Bananas are nasty fruit.”

Ah sighed as he started fencin’ with the fruit. “Just can’t have a normal date, can ah?”

“What?!!” Pinkie shrieked. “You’re dating Discord? That’s...That’s...That’s like the best thing ever.” She hugged me close to her. “I’m so happy for you two.”

“Thanks,” ah sighed in relief. Fer a moment, ah thought she’d hate me. Don’t know why. Ugh, ah gotta stop thinkin’ so pessimistically. Gotta keep that Apple upbeat attitude. Nothin’ was gonna ruin this night.

A splash of orange hit my face. “Colonel Orange? WHY?!!” Discord shouted from his fruit battle, which somehow had turned into a semi-trench battle with the tables.

“COLONEL ORANGE!!” Pinkie shook her hoof, burying her face into my dress. “He was so young!”

“The things ah put up with,” ah deadpanned.


*Frederic Horseshoepin*

“...I just wanted to say thank you again,” the purple unicorn mare, Sparkler, kept at it as I looked over the piano. She could give Pinkie Pie a run for her money with how much she was blabbering on. “I had almost everything planned out and everything set, except for the music. Can’t believe I forgot about that, but thankfully you’re here. Thank you. Thank you. I knew I could find someone talented like you when I wanted. That goes to show how I’m the best pony at organizing events and not-” Her eyes narrowed and her teeth clenched. “-Twilight Sparkle.”

I raised an eyebrow at how much hatred she put into the name. “I take it you two don’t see eye to eye.”

“No,” Sparkler shook her head. “Of course not. We’re just peachy.” She grinned, before turning away. “As peachy as two wolves over a carcass.” Her growling voice did unnerve me quite a bit. She turned back to me and her smile was much wider than before. “But we’re okay. It’s not like she took my position of organizer away from me and now no one wants me to plan any events. Nope. I’m totally fine with all the free time on my hooves. My little jewelry shop needs me after all.”

I gulped in fear. This mare seemed quite unstable. I’d have to watch what I said to her. Ah fiddled with my tie as I tried to keep my composure. “Well, I’m glad life is working out for you.” So far, I’ve been here for only a day and I can already tell that this whole town is crazy. Warum ausgerechnet ich?I asked myself this quite often since I’ve arrived.

“Freddy!” A bubbly voice wrapped her hooves around my neck and nuzzled me. “I’m here~”

‘That’s why.’ I grinned and nuzzled her back. “Hallo, meine schöne Dame.”

Pinkie giggled. Oh, her giggle set me on fire. I’ve only known her for a little while, but I could feel this broken heart mend into diamond. “You’re speaking fancy again, Freddy.”

“Ah, but how can I not?” I nuzzled her moreso. “You bring out the real me. You set this soul on fire.” I kissed her cheek.

“Oh go on,” Pinkie fluttered her eyelashes, which made me blush. Then her bubbly smile returned. “Really, go on. I like those fancy words.”

Sparkler, of course, coughed to get our attention. I reluctantly tore myself off the lovely mare by my side. “Yes, well, thank you both for helping me on such short notice.”

“How could I not?” Pinkie smiled, nearly hopping up and down on the piano bench. “It’s been so long since I’ve been to an event planned by you.”

“Yes,” Sparkler’s teeth clenched through her smile. “Too long.”

“So I had to help,” Pinkie put in. “It needed the right flare. Oh and I almost forgot. We need to add a little something to the music. Discord’s on his way and-” Sparkler fainted the moment she said that. Pinkie cringed. “Okay, I should have eased her into that.”

My jaw dropped. “D-Discord’s going to be here?” Luckily, Discord didn’t seem to do much in Canterlot. I’d wager he didn’t want to take on the two sister’s too soon.

“Don’t you worry,” Pinkie nuzzled me, calming my nerves. “Pinkie Pie is on the job. I’m not going to let anything happen to you.”

“Shouldn’t it be the stallion who wishes to protect his mare?” I pointed out, smiling.

“I like to mix it up a bit,” she giggled.


“I accept your surrender,” Discord, wearin’ a fruit stained, general’s outfit and feathery hat, grinned down at the bandaged, mustached, banana. “You should have known better then to challenge me to a fruit battle.”

“Wow,” Carrot Top, who had joined in the fight some time ago, was grinnin’. “Intense. Is your coltfriend always like that?”

“He’s the god of chaos,” ah deadpanned.

Carrot Top nodded. “You should have told me you were dating him, Applejack. We tell each other everything, remember?”

“It just sorta happened,” ah shrugged. That was the truth of the matter. Ah never kept a secret from Carrot Top. Same with her to me. “That’s just how it is with Discord. Ah never expect what happens next.”

“If only Written was a little more spontaneous,” Carrot Top pouted and Discord’s magic cleaned up all the juice from our dresses. We didn’t pay that no mind. “He’s always a bit uptight.”

“Ya sure about that?” Ah smirked. “Ah recall hearin’ ‘bout some noise complaints from yer neighbors.”

Carrot Top blushed. “Well, I have my ways of getting him to cut loose.” She awkwardly coughed into her foreleg. “Well, I think I’ll catch up with you later.” She trotted off and ah waved after her. It’s always stoppin’ and chattin’ with her. Sometimes, ah think ah spend a little too much time with Twilight and the gang. Love ‘em to the end, but ah gotta say, it’s nice to hang out with other ponies.

Discord strutted up to me. A swirl of purple magic flew around him as he walked and by the time he was back at my side, his suit was back in place. “Well now, on to the main course!”

“No more food battles,” ah sternly remarked.

Discord pouted. “Have you no faith in me, my dear Applejack?”


Discord rolled his eyes and smiled. “Well have a little bit of faith for me tonight.”

“Ah’ll try,” ah commented. Ah bumped my hip against his, givin’ him a friendly grin. “‘Course that don’t mean ah’ll give yer dancin’ skills a lick of it.”

Discord gasped. “You doubt my dance moves?”

“Yep,” ah chuckled. “Yer a langy varmint. Not the best combination.”

Discord shot me a challengin’ look. “Then I’ll have to prove you wrong.” He snapped his fingers and we were on the dance floor.

“Ah can walk, ya know.” Ah snorted. Didn’t like it when other people did stuff fer me without my say so. Got the feelin’ ah was gonna have to get used to it even more than ah already had to.

“Why walk?” Discord put his right paw on my back, pullin’ me up into a two legged posture. Ah’m just glad ah’ve danced like this a couple times in the past, or this would be really awkward. Ain’t exactly a natural position fer us ponies. Ah blushed at how close the dang varmint pulled me to him. “When we can dance? Pinkie Pie?”

“On it,” Pinkie just winked at us. What the hay is she doin’? Can’t she see this varmint’s tryin’ to feel me up? She just nodded towards some stallion on the piano. Then she looked at the audience. “Okay ponies, before we start, I just have one question.” She paused. “ARE YOU READY FOR FREDDY?!!”

“It’s Frederic,” the stallion corrected. Pinkie pouted and he sighed. “Fine. I’m Freddy tonight.” Then he started playin’. Gotta say. Fer a high tootin’ Germane, he’s got style. It was slow and beautiful.

Perfect couple music.

“D-discord,” ah gulped, nervously lookin’ up at him.

“Hmm?” He seemed to think my nervousness was cute or somethin’. It wasn’t and ah had a half a mind to buck him right then and there.

“Ah’m not exactly...good at slow dancin’,” ah said it. Ain’t no use in denyin’ it. Two left hooves is what ah got when it comes to these fancy dances. Some good country dancin’ is my cup of cider.

“Then I’ll lead,” then we started dancin’.

It took me by surprise how graceful he was. He seemed like he’d been doin’ this stuff his whole life. We flowed around the dancefloor. Ah felt like ah was floatin’ on air with butterflies flyin’ inside. He really did lead on, but he never flaunted it. We danced as one and, well, that made me feel all the better. That and he wasn’t tryin’ to feel me up with his paws as he helped me. Woulda kicked him between the legs if’n he tried.

Ah didn’t know how to feel about this. At least, not when we began. This was a dastardly varmint. He made me feel out of breath and my life stressed. He ruined everythin’ he could just to get a laugh. Yet he helped me with the orchard, with that beast. He was Fluttershy’s best friend. He called me beautiful. No one’s ever done that. A part of me tried to tell myself it was all a trick. This was a sick joke and he was goin’ to break my heart in a moment.

That moment never came. When ah looked up into those red and yellow eyes, ah saw compassion. Somethin’ ah only ever saw when he looked at Fluttershy, but this was a different sort. This was the sort Rarity went on and on about. The sort ah see in the Cakes when they look at each other. This was the sort of look that could win over a lover’s heart.

It did. Ah was bein’ foolish. Ah’m scared of love. Ah admit that. Ah’m scared of the hurt. Ah’ve lost loved ones before. Ah’ve seen some friend have such nasty breakups. That wasn’t gonna happen here. Not if he had somethin’ to say about or ah.

Discord frowned. “Are you alright, my dear Applejack? I haven’t awed you too much with my sharp moves, have I?”

Ah snorted and rolled my eyes. “They aren’t that great.” Ah sighed as ah leaned into his chest. “Just thinkin’.”

“A dangerous pastime,” Discord lamented. “Thinking can get you into such nasty situations, but it can also lead to a few ‘beautiful’ endings.” He brushed his talon hand against my cheek, makin’ me blush.

“About all of this, really.” Ah said. “Goin’ to take a while to get used to it.”

“You’re not the only one,” Discord grinned. “Farm life isn’t my forte either, but I think I’ve finally gotten a hang of apple bucking.” He lifted his paw away from me and pulled down a chart...from somewhere. It’s Discord. Just go with it. The chart had some fancy equations and Discord’s leg drawin’s. “I just had to carry the two.”

Ah laughed and punched him in the gut. Not that hard, but it took him by surprise. “We’ll see, Discord. We’ll see.”


“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes,” I kept shouting at the top of my lungs as I hopped around the dance. Everypony was giving me strange looks, but I didn’t care. I was the Goddess of Love, Princess of the Crystal Empire, wife of the sexiest stallion ever, frenemy of Chysalis, and I just completed my greatest mission ever! I was going to celebrate this and nopony was going to stop me.

At some points, I had lost faith. Discord was a tricky client. Applejack was a stubborn mare. They both gave me plenty of headaches, but now? They were dancing like two soul mates should. Oh, how I adore the sight. I remember dancing with Shining Armor for the first night, all those years ago.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!” A new, bubbly voice sang out as she pronked alongside me. I turned to see Pinkie Pie. “What are we shouting ‘yes’ for? Did you win the lottery? Did you find a golden ticket? Oooh, I know. Your older brother, who we have never heard before and is so important to you but you haven’t really found the time to really talk with him, is getting married?”

I stopped pronking and just looked at her. “No.” There was really nothing more to be said to those questions.

“Good,” Pinkie chuckled. “‘Cause the last time a family member was introduced, I nearly died.” She tapped her chin. “Of course, that was my big sister, Maud. She’d never let anything bad happen to me.”

Okay, I’m lost. This conversation was going to keep on derailing at this rate. “Umm, Pinkie Pie?”


“Don’t you want to play with your date?” I pointed out, nodding towards the stallion on the piano. I wasn’t surprised by the odd pair. Honestly, contrasting spouses played off each other quite well. At least, most of the time. This was one of those times. The love I could feel between them was weak. Not for a lack of trying, but for how young it was. It was barely a week old. I’d have to keep an eye on it when I next came to Ponyville. The last thing I wanted to see was young love die.

“I’m waiting for my cue,” Pinkie responded. Just then, the piano started to play a different song. It had an otherworldly vibe. It wasn’t horrible. It was just beauty. That’s all I could call it. “That’s my cue.” She rushed up to the stage and she started to sing.

In you and I there's a new land,

Angels in flight

My sanctuary, my sanctuary, yeah

In you and I there's a new land,

Angels in flight

My sanctuary, my sanctuary, yeah

Where fears and lies melt away

Music will tie

What's left of me

What's left of me now.”

It was a serenade the heart always yearned for. It was even more beautiful than anything I’ve heard before. Not that Shining doesn’t have a good singing voice. He does. It’s just that his performances are more adorkable. I made a mental note to get Pinkie and Frederic to play for our next anniversary. I took note how the music seemed to bring the couples together, especially Discord. I did find it cute how he seemed to freeze up when the music started. Almost as if he had heard it somewhere before. I’d have to ask him about that later. For now, he had his Apple to take care of. I sighed in bliss. My job was complete. Their love was blooming quite nicely.

“I commend the artists,” Luna’s voice spoke up. “This music is indeed worthy of royalty.”

I quickly turned my head to look at Luna. “What are you doing here?”

Her eyes steeled themselves. “I bring grave news.”

“Awww,” I pouted. “Why now? Couldn’t you wait till morning before sending me on an epic quest? I wanted to celebrate my victory with married snuggles. They are the best snuggles.”

Luna rolled her eyes. “That can wait, my niece of the heart. There is danger ahoof that wishes destruction for your Empire moreso than most.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Umm, not sure how to tell you this aunty. I have a lot of enemies who’d love to destroy my home.”

“Sombra has returned,” Luna stated.

My irises shrunk as my jaw fell open. “What?”

“He’s foalnapped lady Octavia Melody and Twilight Sparkle.”


“And your brother, Blueblood, has foolishly gone after them.”

“What?!!” Why wasn’t life ever easy?

Author's Note:

After over a years worth of effort, I've finally finished the last chapter....I don't know how to feel about this. This story has got to be the most fun I've ever had writing any story ever. I love everything about it and it was such a joy to make you all smile and laugh. That's what I wanted. Yet, this story had so much love and effort put into it. It's kind of hard letting it go.

As well, I now officially ship Applecord more than any other ship I can ship. It's OTP forever in my books.

I'll miss writing for this story.

I'll miss a lot of things. I know I probably won't get nearly as much attention with the other Applecord stories I have planned and possibly I should just continue. No. I feel like this is the point I should stop. At least for now. This isn't the end of this 'verse. Applecord will live on and I have plenty of stories to tell of their future adventures.

Until then, keep an eye out for more of my stories and have a great life.

I hope you enjoyed this finale and please leave a comment about the chapter, or even the story as a whole.

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I was hoping that the trouble at the Crystal Empire would be a Tundra Dog invasion so I could put that as a Brick Joke entry on the trope page...

Bit late to the party but I've been meaning to do this for a while:
"Good work, son, just as planned."

6158060 Matters with the sequels and spin-offs. I could easily bring her for more. If I ship her with Big Mac or not is up in the air as I haven't chosen a true pairing for this verse for him.

Ain’t no use in denyin’ it. Two left hooves is what ah got when it comes to these fancy dances.

Is that not normal for ponies?

Wait a sec...When the heck did you finish this?

...Dang it. I feel like Slowpoke FimFic.

6273616 I don't mind. It would be nice to credit me though.

I love it:pinkiehappy:: the only reason that this fanfic does not exceed at least the "2000 likes" is because it is a couple that no one is expected to be formed:applejackconfused:. I initially had my doubts but the author knows how brilliantly and funny convince the reader that this relationship is not only possible but also desirable:ajsmug:.
I have very high expectations for the sequel:twilightsmile:.

6337400 Well Chaos and the Apple is a sort of sequel, moreso a series of drabbles with their relationship forming.

A Musician's Shadow {Octavia/Sombra} has already started, but it will take a while before it reaches where this fic left off.

I'm really glad you enjoyed my fic. It's nice to hear someone say nice stuff like that. Yeah, it's probably the pairing that threw people off, though I was probably overlooked by quite a few oneshots and cosplayer fics. Eh, can't be helped. I'm just glad it got some attention is all and that I made you smile. :pinkiehappy: That's all I aim to do.

6337464 No bro, thank you for a wonderful story :raritystarry:. I forgot to say that you have an unusual talent to make comfortable a lot of references in a story (I enjoy so much the references to Warhammer, I hope to see more of this) and building a hilarious but convincing family tree of the deities. Your personification of Cadence is the only one version of she that I have really come to enjoy. Go ahead with your projects and thanks for your previous instructions.
finally, would you consider to give a Big Mac his own arc:eeyup:?
Epic Brohoof:pinkiecrazy:

6337715 I have a few plans for Big Mac. Just matters who I finally decide to pair him up with.
Brohoof back at ya. I'm glad you thought it was awesome and I hope you enjoy the rest of my stuff.

6505680 Is it a problem here?

6804021 She's fit for her age. That and she's only Cadance's adoptive mother. {She's still Blueblood's biological mother though, but he's around Twilight's age in this universe.}

Holy crudmuffins...
This was really good! Well written, enjoyable, and chaotic. I am going to start reading your other stories now! :pinkiehappy:

Totally loved it and I want the rescue story teased at the end!

Nor should you have. Wesker was the best thing RE had.

Of course! :twilightsmile:
It would mainly be for humor's sake.

This was very nice! I'm Fluttercord all the way but I'll accept over shippings if they're written well and this was written very well! From the humor and story (grammatical errors are a minor nuisance), I was entertained the whole way through. Congratulations, you made me root for Applecord. Four stars!

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