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Fate Of My Destiny - ElementOfDestiny

Adventure with Applejack. Involved in the most unforeseen threat, Equestria has encountered for millennia. Also, a Dash of Apple.

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Dawn Of A New Disaster

Fate Of My Destiny

Chapter 2: Dawn Of Another Disaster

† † † †

Foreman attentively watched the Commander pace back and forth in the room. Stress, fear and confusion was clearly written on the stallion's face. The lieutenant could only just stand in attention, as he was too out of words after hearing the horrible and recent news about the whole onslaught on the unit that had been ambushed and slaughtered. Which left everybody's mind poisoned with questions and fear. The only survivor, who was barely alive at the time, was miraculously found by another near by patrol. It had been quiet along the wilderness as far as living memory went.

"Foreman!" A loud shout echoed throughout the complex. Foreman jumped from the startling noise as his mind returned to the present and instantly saluted into attention.

"Sir! Sorry, I zoned out a little bit… Forgive me, sir!"

The Commander's muscles eased up a bit and the troubled stallion settled down. Normally Foreman was one of the most intelligent lieutenants of the force. But the commander knew that the sudden new's about the unfortunate onslaught that happen shook him up a bit. And could clearly see and understand that he wasn't in the same mind as he usually is.

"At ease. We’re all feeling the same in this situation. Now that I have your attention, read out loud the last report from the 26th."

The lieutenant compiled and held up the clipboard to his view and cleared his throat.

"26th Scout Company reporting to SPEC: Apologize for the delay. Currently back on our usual route and will be returning several days late. Spotted several campfires–investigated. Nothing unusual in the search besides standard camp fare–"

"Stop, Foreman. Right there, repeat the last bit." The pacing hoofsteps came to a halt."Spotted several campfires–investigated. Nothing unusual in the search besides standard camp fare..." Foreman gazed his eyes on the stallion with confusion. He noticed the Commander tap his hoof against his chin, assuming he was in deep thought.

"Campfires… hmmm, campfires…" he muttered as the small clue made sense to the older stallion. "That's it, Foreman! That's what we're up against."

Foreman raised an eyebrow, clearly unsure what he was getting at. "Crazed hikers–?"

"No. You dolt. It's what the enemy were doing."

Foreman was still lost. "Sir, I don't exactly understand–"

"Okay, listen up. The scout reported that they found campfires. The unfortunate ambush was made that night. So, the enemy must have been the ones that made them. Which means our supposed enemy are either working together or have an unison again… If they have their own patrols, then there's most definitely a source or a… leader."

The lieutenant's confused expression quickly faded into a look of horror.

"You're right, this is bad…"

* * * * *


Applejack relevantly bucked at an apple tree, sending a slight tremor up its core. The apples shook until they detached and plummeted into the barrels below. The earth mare continued and repeated the process on several more until she couldn't concentrate anymore. The lingering thought of last night's event bothered her every move.

What was all that about? And what was Rainbow trying to tell me… Ah don't understand. Then she goes on ahead and takes off… That doesn't sound like her to do that… It's not like her to lie to me and then cover it up with another issue...Is it? Of course not! She's mah best friend… But she's definitely hiding something from me… Ah just wonder what it is… Think ah need to find her.

Applejack stood still, in front of another apple tree. Deep in her thoughts, she remained idle for a few minutes, until she heard a slight growl. Her stomach protested that she was hungry. She promptly shook her head from the distracting thoughts and focused back on her work. Droplets of sweat began to trickle down her sides and her muscles began to ache.

She turned her head towards the sky and noticed that the sun was exactly in the middle of it. After realizing it was near noon, it was time for a break. The earth mare huffed a sigh and turned around and began to trot towards the farmhouse.

The hungry and tired pony popped open the screen door and trotted on inside. She made her way into the kitchen and noticed Big Mac and Applebloom both sitting at the table eating.

"Another busy day, huh?" she joked as she took a seat with her two siblings.



Applejack smiled at the different responses: she absolutely adored her family.

"Um, Applejack… Ah'm sorry about yesterday," the filly apologized.

Applejack curiously glanced at her little sister. "What do ya mean, sugarcube?"

"Ah-ah, mean that… Ah'm sorry that ya know… ya didn't have a special somepony, sis…"

"Oh… well don't be sorry, sugarcube. It's okay, ah'm fine, it's no biggie, heh. But–" Applejack suddenly formed a mischievous smirk "–how about you? Did ya have a special somepony... Hmmm?"

Applebloom blushed hard. She regretted bringing the topic up.

"N-No. Nope!"

Applejack turned her head towards her brother. "Hmmm, ah think she's hidin' somethin'. What do ya think, Big Mac?"


She slowly turned head back towards her sister, wearing that same mischievous smirk. "Ah think we're about to find out soon."

Applebloom gumped in fear. "N-No, really… ah don't–" But it was too late. She suddenly burst out into an uncontrollable fit of laughter as she felt two hooves tickling her. "Ha-ha-ha-ha. S-st-o-o-p! Ha-ha-ha-ha. A-Ap-plej-jack!" she cried out in between the laughs. But the teasing continued.

"Nope, not until ya tell me who it is or what happened!"

"N-Nev-er. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. O-ok-ay! Ah'll-tell! Ju-s-t St-o-op!" she surrendered.

Applejack stopped the impish torture and brought her hooves back. She formed a smile of victory and was rewarded with a glare from her little sister. Applebloom soon caught her breath from the playful interrogation.

"Okay...What happened was–"

"Listen up y'all ah got some news here!" shouted a different voice.

Everypony at the kitchen table turned their heads towards the sudden interruption. It was Granny Smith. "Now, that ah have ya'll attention…" The elderly earth pony cleared her throat and held up a letter. "We just received a letter from Appleloosa, it says, ‘Dear Apple Family: We currently need all apple hooves to move our orchard to another part of the town. Our weather pegasus has came down with the feather flu and is unable to perform his duties. On account, due to possible flash floods that will be reported soon and will damage the orchard, but we need all the Apple Family help we can get. Thank you.’"

Everypony glanced at one another in silence.

"When are we supposed to leave?" Applejack asked curiously.

"We'll be leaving in a couple days, ah don't know how long we'll be gone for… So ah suggest ya'll start packin’ and be ready," Granny replied and slowly trotted out of the room.

Applejack glanced at Applebloom and smiled. "Saved by the bell this time, sugarcube". She then stood up and trotted on up to her room and began packing her bags. As she was alone, the previous thoughts of last night's hoedown began to haunt her again. Her mind soon played back the scenes.

"She took a breath. "Please forgive me?"

"Ah'll forgive you. Ah can't say that ah'm kinda disappointed in yer lyin' to me, but ah can kinda understand where yer comin' from."

"Applejack… I hav–"

"Ah'm sorry, sugarcube, you were sayin'?"

"Th-that’s okay, I-I was saying that–"

"Um, Applejack, I…"

"Sorry, Rainbow… Now what was ya tryin' to say?–"

"Um, Dash? Where did ya– go…?"

Suddenly the scenes disappeared as Applejack shook her head.

"Ah need to find her…" she breathed, before trotting out of her room and beginning her search for her friend.

She trotted through the apple fields and decided to take a shortcut to town. Along the way, she looked up into the skies, hoping she'd spot a rainbow trail, or something of that nature. After several minutes with no luck of finding her along the way, Applejack reached Ponyville. Emerald eyes frantically searched the busy streets, but to no avail, for she noticed everypony except Rainbow Dash.
Suddenly she spotted a white unicorn and yellow-tinted pegasus walk out of the Ponyville spa.

Maybe they might know where Rainbow is…

The earth mare trotted up to the two and greeted.

"Howdy, Rarity! Fluttershy!"

The duo jumped from the sudden greeting, as they turned around to see it was only Applejack.

"Hello, darling."

"Hello, Applejack."

"Howdy ya'll, ah'm lookin’ for Rainbow… Have any of ya'll seen her today?"

Rarity and Fluttershy glanced at one another then back to Applejack.

"No, sorry we haven't… Why, is something the matter?" Rarity asked curiously.

"Well… that's just it. Ah really don't know… Have ya two seen her, actin' strange or anythin' lately? Or maybe she's sick or somethin'?"

Rarity lightly chuckled at the worried earth pony.

"Darling, I can assure you that Rainbow Dash isn't sick or anything–" The unicorn gazed up into the sky. "–As you can also see, the weather is perfect and there’s not a cloud in the sky," she explained.

Applejack also took a quick glance at the sky and nodded in agreement. Rarity was right. There was barely a cloud in the blue sky. Also, if Rainbow Dash was sick or something was wrong, the weather wouldn't look as nice as it was.

"I guess you're right, Rarity. Maybe ah'm overthinkin' about it too much. Thanks."
Rarity and Fluttershy smiled. Applejack took another quick glance towards the sky. Hoping to spot her flying friend but to no avail, saw nothing but the blue skies. She let out a brief tiring sigh and her eyes fell upon her two friends.

"Well… ah best be goin'. Gotta lot of packin' to do..."

"Packing for what? You're leaving?" Fluttershy asked.

"Yup… goin to Appleloosa to help with the orchards… Gonna be gone for a lil while"

"Oh, I see, well you take care of yourself, Applejack"

"As goes for the same darling. Be careful, you never know what will happen in those western parts"

Applejack nodded with a smile.

"Much obliged. Ya'll take care now, bye! Oh, and if ya can do me a favor. If ya see Rainbow, tell her to stop by before Ah leave." She waved her hoof in farewell and decided to give up on the search and trotted out the town.
Once she was a good distance away she came to stop. She looked behind her shoulder once again, only to see the empty and dusty trail she was on. Nothing but a few birds that flew high in the sky. Not a sign of her friend anywhere in sight. After a few minutes of waiting. She turned around and made way for her home.

"Besides… Rainbow knows where ah live. She'll surely show up sometime, if she needs to talk or what ever the issue is… Ah'll be there waitin.'"

* * * *

Far away in another unknown area, just south-west from the province of Equestria and past the darkened ruins where exiled shadows reign, was an destroyed and deserted palace. Where ancient generations of the powerful many used to rule the untamed lands for centuries.
In the silent, secluded chambers of the dark palace stood a mysterious figure. Growls escaped through clenched teeth as haunting memories flashed back in the mind. The sacrifices of many, including family of his own that was made to be held rightful ruler for the throne. Despite of what had happened during fillyhood: the teasing, bullying and embarrassment. In the end, everything was scattered and lead to waste including his own sister and now he claimed what was rightfully his.
During the displeasing thoughts, another growl escaped as the noise of faint knocking echoed throughout the silent chamber. "Come in!" the door creaked open to reveal another smaller figure.

"Cocoon–" The approaching figure stopped dead in his tracks. He gulped in fear as he saw two heartless eyes pierce the darkness with a death glare. "I-I-I mean, Mal– " He regretted ever saying that name with his life and tried to cover it up but it was too late.
In a blur, he felt a tightening squeeze on the back of his neck; next he felt himself forcefully thrown towards the side. Not being able to stop himself he could only stare into the incoming object; he braced for the pain as he collided harshly into the wall.

"I told you never to call me by that name, Jacklin!" the ruler seethed. His rough voice echoed throughout the dark and vacant halls. Silence reigned over once again after the unrelenting display of violence. After a moment of stillness actions, he let out a disappointing sigh. “Damn it, that was possibly a bit too excessive of me…”

He continued to gaze upon the fallen figure, thinking he was dead; he shrugged his shoulders and started to walk away until, out from behind him, he heard a low, faint grunt. Looking back over his shoulder, the ruler formed a smirk. “Well, you’re tougher than I thought, Jackin. Now that you’ve learned a valuable lesson, what was it that you wanted to say that was so damn important?”

The smaller figure slowly rolled over and picked himself from the cold, stone ground. He brought a hoof up and rested it on his head. His vision blurred and spun for a couple moments; soon he recollected his thoughts and remembered why he came in the first place. “Sir… they are ready…” he replied, wincing at the splitting headache that had newly formed.

“Really? Well then, a change of plans must be in order.”

Jacklin squinted his eyes from the pain. “Change of plans? Sir, why not now? We could attack Equestria right now; they wouldn't know what hit them!”

“Silence!” the larger figure abruptly shouted. Jacklin closed his lips, not daring to make a single sound–not even a grunt of pain from his new found headache.

“You fool, Canterlot was not built in a day. We must have patience and make strategic steps in order to succeed. Understand!?” Jackin nodded in silence. The ruler slowly paced back and forth, deeply thinking of what to do or what to accomplish. “We need to strike fear into their hearts!
We need to cause chaos! We need to…” he came to an unexpected halt of his words. Jacklin’s eyes widened when he suddenly heard the evil chuckling of laughter.

He went to open his lips and ask something but instead kept them close. He gulped the lump of fear as he realized two, dark eyes peering at him. “Jacklin, assemble and send out the raiding parties! We need to send Equestria a little… message."

Author's Note:

Sorry about the wait. It's still in the process. We hope ya have enjoyed it so far and look forward on feedback or just give a us a 'Like" to let us know you like it so far. Untill then take care! Bye!

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