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Beyond the borders of Southern Equestria and before the Mild West lie an expanse of untamed land. It is here that several of Equestria’s enemies are exiled. Unfortunately, a new leader has decided enough is enough and wants to partake in the prosperity that is Equestria.

The princesses have to decide how to handle this invasion, as the Elements of Harmony are no longer available for use. Can they deal with this threat themselves? Should they seek out allies and plunge Equestria into war?

This is before they realize the threat is greater than a mere invasion and must take steps that involve ancient treasures and convoluted bloodlines stretching back to the dawn of time.

Also, a Dash of Apple.

Locations based on this map by hlissner.

This is Fate Of My Destiny.

[Adventure] [Alternate Universe] [Dark] [Gore]

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This is worth a blog post about. You feel like this is worth having a blog post about? 'Cause I sure do.

3992252 Yeah, I don't really know what you mean by that comment...

So far this is too cool! I can't wait to see what you have in store for Applejack! :rainbowkiss:

hmmm...interesting very interesting, I'm definately going to be reading this that's for sure it's off to a good start so far. Good job! Can't wait to read more!

4015166 Thanks! haha were workin on it. :ajsmug:

Props to you both writers! Keep it up and goin please...

Bloody fantastic! Looking forward to more!!

Ahh! It's so interesting!! :pinkiehappy:

4028879 Haha thanks. it's about to get real interesting soon... :ajsmug:

I always get Crabapple mixed up with Crapapple.

What!? Why did you stop there!? Please continue! Please!

Brilliant chapter man, keep it up! :eeyup:


Mmmm, mysterie everywhere...

Finally got around to reading the newest chapter.
Jeez, I hope Rainbow doesn't hurt herself or something.

hmmm...interesting, very interesting. Cant wait till the next chapter! I look forward to reading more :pinkiehappy: keep up the good work!

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