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Harmony Souls - Oscar, The Fateless - The Crestfallen Soul

What If Oscar didn't wasn't killed by the Asylum Demon? What If He Left The Asylum? What If He Went To Equestria??

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Chapter 2: Radiant Sun.

~ Chapter 2: Radiant Sun ~

I lay still as a corpse on the fresh green grass that occupies this verdant meadow, if someone were to pass by I believe that in their eyes they would see the body of some unknown decease creature, covered in old and unmaintained armour, and a strange white pony wiggling on its belly apparently being pinned to the unknown creature body by its left arm, Oh and when I mean wiggling I mean wiggling because this pony abomination managed to wake up around a few hours ago and it has been trying again and again to escape my cold death grip.

Even though I have been laying in this verdant meadow since yesterday evening I have not gotten a wink of rest, not because of the pony abomination, no the creature in my decayed clutches has given me a sense of warmth that I have not felt in..Well in a long time, though since of my curse that isn't all that strange because when one becomes Undead all the things you needed to do when you were alive such as eating and sleeping becomes non-essential, sure we who art cursed by the Darksign can still do all that the living do but it holds no benefits beside making us feel alive once again and as you can guess that is a cruel lie.

But alas what is the point is reminding myself of this horrid curse where there are more important matters at hand, I lift my head slowly so that I may examine the pony abomination that lays on my decayed body and as I stare at the creature I take note of its face, its childish face with wide eyes and lavender iris, its soft light pink mane drapes slightly over its left eye and the style reminds me of a form of drowned rat that's fur drapes down over its cadaver, its once pure pearl white fur has now been sullied and matted by the grime of my unkempt armour and lastly I take one final note on the creatures body being quite plush and soft which I test by squeezing the pony abomination lightly.

After squeezing the soft creature that lays upon me it makes the cutest noises I hath ever heard in all my years, after the creature hath stop making its noise its gaze falls upon me as we make eye contact for the second time and this time instead of fainting the creature manages to let out a chocked scream as it doubles its effort to release itself from my cold dead grasp. Unfavourably for the creature it doth not mange to escape my grasp and once again it lets out a tired sigh as it flops down upon my body once more, when I am sure the creature has tired itself out I slowly begin to rise from my sitting position, my bones and flesh ache as the rotten muscles under my decayed skin are forced to move, and while I am sitting up I make sure to keep a eye on the creature, I take note that its eyes have widen to the size of dinner plates and that it has begun to shake as if it is freezing.

Once sitting up I begin to take note of the terrain and environment around me, the verdant field I sit in seems to go on for miles and miles though far off in the distance towards to north I can see what looks like a small village and even further where the suns makes it decent over the mountains I can make out the silhouette of a castle on the mountains side, towards the south not so far away I see a dense forest where the trees stretch out towards the sky like the hands of the depraved reaching out towards their savoir and finally both the east and west show nothing much of interest beside the continuation of this field. But before I decided to get up and head towards the quaint village in the north I must first decide what to do with this adorable little abomination I could simply leave it here or maybe I could see if it would make a filling dinner and while I try to decide what to do with the creature I begin to mumble the words.

"..What shall I do with thee?" as my hand working on its own instincts start to pet the creature soft mane, as my fingers glide through it I take note that it must have a silky quality do to how it parts so easily with such little force, and the creature from its once cautious and fearful body langue begins to relax into a almost comatose fashion to the point that the little thing in my arms begins to purr and murmur some odd but happy noises. I focus on its face as a small smile appears on my helmet covered face, maybe I could keep it as a pet I wondered to myself and again out of impulse I ask again in a more bemused fashion.

"..What shall I do with thee?" but as I ask again I am graced with an answer from the small creature held within my arms, though this answer confuses me and at the same time disgust me to a state of disgust I have never felt before.
"..Rub my Tummy.." and as those words flutter from the pony abominations lips its eyes shoot open like an bolt from a crossbow and its iris shrinks to the size of pinpricks, we stare into one another eyes as a silence falls upon us both like the darkness of night falls upon the tired eyes of youth and while this is all happening I slowly begin to stand, with the creature in my arms, and this time I ask.
"..Did thou just speak?" with my voice steady as steel as my grip tightens around the creature as I wait for a response which I receive in small amounts of stutters.
"..I..I.." is all the creature begins to say before I throw it a good few feet, its lands upon its back on the soft grass but quickly its rolls onto its four hoofs and takes up a defensive stance, its tries to look threatening by baring its teeth at me but since its shows it has dull teeth I show no fear but as I slowly begin to unsheathe my blade my opposition starts to show signs of appreciation to this unfair duel .

"Wait!" it puts its left fore hoof, using the gesture to help signal that it wants me to wait. "..Wait, I..I am sorry..I didn't mean to scare you.." it..Or should I know say she tries to wave away my rage, I can now tell it is a she due to how it has a tomboyish but yet feminine sounding tone of voice that I would say fits her.
"..Creature, thou hath frightened thy with thou ability of speech but if thou promises thou isn't a creature of darkness..Thine blade will be sheathed." I speak in a commanding tone, I do not what the creature is but if she promises that she isn't a creature of the dark will will not harm her. She nods vigorously at me to signal that she is not a creature of darkness and proceeds to play out a little bit of movements which involve crossing her chest and sticking her hoof in her eye.

I sheathe my blade and kneel down onto the ground to make me seem less fearsome to the creature and then I say "..I must apologize for min actions..Though thou must understand how thy would feel hearing a creature such as thou speak.." I bow my head after speaking and I await her response.
She sighs and begins to speak. "..Alright first my name isn't creature its Clear Fate and if you wouldn't mind could ya throw me my hat ya big..Ya big whatever you are." she puffs out her checks at me and monitions towards my left, I look to see what she points at and I see an odd looking blue hat so I reach for the hat and slowly stand up, then I walk over to her slowly which causes her to flinch a tiny bit but she stands up proudly and snatches the hat from my outreached hands with her teeth, she flicks her head and throws her hat onto her head perfectly.

She looks me up and down before saying. "..Well I guess I would understand..So forgetting what ya did yesterday and today how about we start a new leaf?..What's ya name? and what are ya?" she asks confused.
"..I was once a human but I haven't been human for a long time, thou wouldn't understand but thy am undead..I am cursed to never die but to one day go hollow..But if thou must know min name thy be known as Oscar, Oscar of Astora." I answer her.
She mouths my name a few times before smiling up at me. "Undead huh?..That's pretty cool soundin'..Hey how would you like to hang with me a little while..ya know until you get you bearings."

It takes me awhile before I decide that its best to go with Clear Fate, I ask her where we might be going and as I could guess she pointed with her dainty hooves towards the small village towards the north, after gathering the rest of my personal items such as my shield we then being the trek towards the small village that Fate knows as "Ponyville" though not a quarter way there Fate gestures for me to pick her up, I sigh and decided to give her a piggy back ride and finally we start making some progress.

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I thought this story might be dead, i'm ecstatic that it's not, however.:pinkiehappy:

Thou hath come to a standstill, one question remains: what will ye do?

Its not like I don't have any ideas, I have too many and I'm trying to figure out which path Oscar and Fate will take.
I'm sorry this is taking so long, I'm trying to be faster.

Aye, tis alright my friend.

Is this going to continue?

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