• Published 14th Aug 2014
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Harmony Souls - Oscar, The Fateless - The Crestfallen Soul

What If Oscar didn't wasn't killed by the Asylum Demon? What If He Left The Asylum? What If He Went To Equestria??

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Chapter 1: Fate Dies.

Author's Note:

The majority is set in the Undead Asylum.
I hope this is a good start to the story.
Also check out my other story Knight of Thorns.

~ Chapter 1: Fate Dies ~

A Light, I see a glorious blinding light. The clerics back at the grand cathedral always said that on one's death bed they would be graced by the pure burning sunlight of Gwyn, Lord of Cinder himself, but the light soon is proven to be a false Shepard as my eyes slowly flicker open and I stare upwards and see the light, though it isn't made by my lord but a hole in a moss covered celling, I wished to look around to see where I am but I am stricken with a disabling pain that stops me from even turning my head to the side though I can still feel the cold metal of my helmet touch my face and I can still hear my laboured breath echo in my ears. Though what worries me deeply is that I can taste the metallic flavour of blood in my parched mouth but the soaring pain makes me realise why it is it there. I give a try to anything moving one more time but again the pain shoots me right back to the grimy ground, I release a strained sigh as I can feel myself slip away from this awakened plane of life, is this truly how I die once more?
I do not know how long I have slept in this dank dark prison cell, that I am now calling my grave but now that I have awoken again I think back to my most recent memories.

~ Flash Back ~

I walk along the roof of this deranged asylum designed for those of us who art Undead, I trudged slowly across the moss covered ruins A body slung against my shoulder once a fellow Undead, now a festering Corpse long turned hollow. As I scan the rooftops I notice that one cell has a unbarred sunroof so I decide to make my way to another Undead's cell, maybe today one will actually leave this retched place and the prophecy can truly begin.
After dumping the rotting corpse into what I hope is still a sane Undead's cell I continue my march on the rooftops seeking to release more Undead from their cells in hope that one will escape this purgatory...


The vibration from the crashing noise behind me almost takes my off my feet, a gruesome death awaits me if I fall, and fills my once faith filled heart with nothing but I a cold sense of dread. I turn around quickly, drawing my blade and shield but I am too late...I gain but a glimpse of the monstrous demon that guards this asylum before it wings its mace vertically at me. For a moment I think I am already dead as I feel a strong wind over all of my body though that dream is brought to its knees as I come to land, I crash through the roof of a cell and then as I feel myself slip away as I lay in the rubble I see a beauteous creature in the light, its wings spread wide as to welcome me to my death but before I can reach for the creature my mind fades and everything goes dark...

~ Present Time ~

I release a laboured breath from my lips as what appears to be an iron boulder smashes through the wall of my cell, honestly causing me to flinch in pain and fear but through the dust cloud it has made I see a figure enter my tomb, he wears a strong looking plater armour that covers all of his body, besides his face that allows me to see that his is slowly becoming hollow, his face looks to be older then he is and appears to be decayed slightly. I shuffle slightly and begin to make coughing noises to get his attention and it works his eyes fall to me as he approaches me, he stares down at me for a moment before getting down on one knee though he doesn't speak so I take the lead of our silent conversation, through my dry lips I start to utter my words.
"…Oh, you… You're no Hollow, eh?
…Thank goodness…
…I'm done for, I'm afraid…
…I'll die soon, then lose my sanity…
…I wish to ask something of you…
…You and I, we're both Undead… Hear me out, will you?"
He slowly nods to me, as to signal yes and I wonder why he does not speak maybe he cannot and is a mute or he is already close to going full hollow. But I don't press on this situation as I am near death and continue to talk as I am allowed too.
"…Regrettably, I have failed in my mission…
…But perhaps you can keep the torch lit…
…There is an old saying in my family…
…Thou who art Undead, art chosen…
…In thine exodus from the Undead Asylum, maketh pilgrimage to the land of Ancient Lords…
…When thou ringeth the Bell of Awakening, the fate of the Undead thou shalt know.
…Well, now you know… And I can die with hope in my heart…"
I say with a peaceful voice as I feel my slip away from my mind but I realize that I should give him some last pieces of assistance as I take my old Estus flask from my pack and hold it out to him, its emerald glass shining in the light.
"Oh, one more thing…Here, take this.
…An Estus Flask, an Undead favourite.
…Oh, and this…"
I pause after handing him my Estus as I reach for my pack again to pull out rusted key that I almost thrust into his awaiting hands, its cold iron nesting itself in his open palms.
"…Now I must bid farewell…
…I would hate to harm you after death…So, go now…
…And thank you…"
I utter with a chocked breath as I my body starts to go limp on the rubble I call my death bed, my vision starts to go dark again as I barely notice the man leave my cell. I lay on the rubble as the thoughts of my death start to sink in, I begin to cry regretting all of my decisions that have lead to my death and with my final breaths I let out a strained cry.
"...Vereor Nox!..."
And as my vision starts to fade to darkness a light appears from within the very heart of the darkness and it whispers to me softly and I realize that I am no longer in the Undead Asylum cell that was my tomb but a dark nothingness where I float, I realize that I haven't truly heard the whispers and thankfully it repeats itself.
"...Poor Undead, you hath lead a pure life of a Holy Knight...
...I wish to offer you a invitation to avoid your death...
...My name is Celestia...And I wish to give you one last chance..."
I desperately want to say something, I'm not sure if I want to argue or accept this offer but as it appears this entity has given me no choice in the matter, look to body to see it twinkling and turning into sparkles as it is sent towards the light, I let out a scream as my whole body is turned into these twinkling sparkles and sent forth at faster then light speeds at the unreal light in the darkness all I remember is the odd comforting sensation of being held one last time.

~ Equestria: Sunset Meadow ~

I awaken laying down on soft grass with a sharp gasp of air, not because of my fatal wounds but because of how they are now gone as well of the pain that they had caused me. I lay confused on the grass wondering why I still live and where I am, I use what is left of my energy to sit up from my laying position to gain a better view of my surrounding, not complaining about the beautiful amber sky with its setting sun. From my sitting position I take note of some odd things around me the first thing I notice is that a large amount of the grass around me has been coated in what I believe is my blood, but as I look at my body I see no wounds that would connected to the blood, the second thing I notice in the distant is what appears to be a village of some kind, when I gain back my strength I will head that way but at the moment the most prominent thing I see is the equine creature staring at me with big purple eyes.
The creature in whole isn't big but defiantly reminds me of a horse, its coat is almost white but has a purple tint to it and its mane is white and pink, it stares at me with wide eyes and by the look it has appeared to have urinated itself. I lift my left hand and I begin to speak but it is already on the ground, fainted before I can usher a word. I sigh at the sight at the creature feeling upset for it, I reach for the creature dragging it over to myself and laying it across myself. I lay my head back on grass as I begin to feel the tendrils of sleep wrap around it, my last thoughts are of creature now on my lap and wondering if I will be able to eat it in the morning.