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It's Hearth Warming Eve, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders are sitting around a campfire, too excited to go to sleep. Pinkie Pie begins to tell them the story of her ancestor Peachy Pie, and how her generous deeds and big heart made her Saint Pinkolas.

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Comments ( 3 )

Saint Pinkolas was white, y'all! I heard it on the Fox News!

I liked the way the story was set up and told, but I thought there were a couple of problems with the story.
1. Couldn't they exchange goods for goods rather than currency?
2. Why not tell Celestia about him in the first place?
Apart from that, a couple of grammar + wording issues (which weren't terrible)
Oh, and... peaches.
Other than that, it's alright!

I actually submitted the fic before the Peach thing took off lol, I was surprised but I didn't even realize til you mentioned it now :twilightblush:

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