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What happens when a writer moves on, leaving a character behind? After years of writing his overpowered OC Nightshade, an author decides to retire the character, leaving her in a strange, empty white space forever. When she sees him writing new adventures about a mundane earth pony she is furious, but also heartbroken, and begins to reflect on her life.

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“Hi there, I’m SweetPea, I’m new in town! What’s your name?”

NewInTown. :applejackunsure:

All in all, interesting concept. The only thing I didn't like was a grammatical error at the start of the story. Other than that, nice job.

Sad. I will never leave my OC! Ever! I love Pixel Berry,

That, was disgustingly heartwarming. As much as oc's should be repulsive, this captured a true kind of feel we writers have for our oc's and for that I cannot help but seem to shed a tear because you captured the feeling of saying goodbye rather beautifully.

well done.

Even with my distaste for over-powered, strangely colored alicorn OCs, this story elicited feels. Its made me realize that we, as owners and creators of our OCs should always be sure to treat them as best we can, no matter how many gods they've toppled effortlessly, no matter how many cringe worthy things they do or say.

Well done. :trixieshiftright:

3710531 not like that! She's like me as a pony. That's like leaving my personality, not like love love. That would be creepy. I'm not like that.


You misunderstood me. I did not presume you were like that.

[Randy Newman's 'You Got a Friend in Me' plays heavily to a montage of Cloud sitting at his computer writing fanfiction]

[Title comes up in bold letters]
Fictional Characters Story.

Despite a setting of toys, video game characters, and written OCs being alive beyond the creator's knowledge, that's been done before, the story feels like it was handled much too briefly. The OC and the author were generic and unexplored characters (which is the point for the former, but not handled very well but I like the sense of irony depicted). Sweatpea's not a very interesting OC either, despite the fact that her role is as a direct display of Cloud's more developed writing skills. She just felt like a boring character with no real role and need to interact with Nightshade.

The meta element of the story- which is the thought of how far an author would have come from their initial beginnings with forced and horrible stories - is definitely presented but in a manner that feels much too rushed to be appreciated. I feel like the Aesop, which I assume to be to never forget our beginnings, should have been better flashed out.

The story introduces entertaining irony though, and I really appreciate the language used to express Nightshade's various and past exploits. I wished that was better elaborated

Overall, a story that won't really leave a lasting impression and is too short despite a premise that is noble and worth remembering. It just feels rushed, like a first draft. I liked it though and I just wish it would be given a rewrite with more care for detail.

I hope this review makes sense and is helpful. Sometimes gut feelings are difficult to put into words.

Also, I'll like to think of fictional characters, if we're going to use Pixar's meta, as Monster Inc-like. Like they have to dress up and get ready to be immersed in a different reality whenever a writer wants to do a new work.

3714677 so what did you mean by ewww?


I think your OC is disgusting.

3717467 well at least I showed it with pride! I don't see your OC anywhere! (Some fan u are)

3718033 just assumed since u have an account on this website.


I hope you've learned your lesson.

3721809 Guys, I'm sorry but could you please take this elsewhere?

3721946 sorry I'm done messaging to this user so I'll be sending my last message. Still love your book. <3

Congradulations! Your story has been officially graded as an...


Emerald by the Gem Hunters.

Really was quite nice overall. It was a bit bland in the character department, but easily made up for it with very thought provoking ideas. Thinking back to the past about the fictional characters created in our own imagination is something that quite a few writers probably do. Not the first time I have seen this element in media, but even then I think you handled it well.

This was very cool. Sad, and intriguing.

Have a favorite, and an upvote!

:fluttercry: I wanted to cry. :( Good writing though.

I felt a small emotion
good job


That was...


I'm kinda at a loss for words, here. Good job?

I has tears in eyes :fluttercry:

This story is more than just an OC being abandoned. It's more than a writer improving. This story is about growing up. It may by hard—but it's also important that we remember those childish things that once gave us pleasure and happiness, not to leave them, but to put them aside in the most cherished place in our hearts for when we want to see who we once were, what we've become, and how wonderful it all is.

4223508 if you made regidar emotiony, I gotta read this.
EDIT: meh. Master of never crying.

5185132 Would you mind giving me your thoughts? I'm not sure if you enjoyed it or not.

5185282 wonderful Idea, growth shown. I like it. But I am impossible to cry. :pinkiecrazy:

4894619 That was beautiful.

This is a brilliant idea, enough that I saw it and went, "I wish I'd written that". Certainly one of the more original fourth-wall-breaking stories I've read. It's a shame the story peters out a little into a slightly clichéd final scene, but it does so well earlier on that it gets a like anyway. :twilightsmile:

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