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[A fan-sequel to The Interrogation by Zamairiac. Thanks to Zamairiac for inspiring me to finally write something again!]

While most of the Thieves Guild live in fear of Princess Celestia, who has been reforming their ranks for months now, one reckless stallion decides enough is enough, and takes it on himself to prove the Princess is nothing to be afraid of.

...But what is he really after?

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 32 )

As a head's up, Zamairiac has linked this story in a blog. Expect more traffic :twilightsmile:


Yup, here comes the cavalry :rainbowlaugh:

4501515 Thank you so much! :pinkiehappy:

I love the fact that someone decided to downvote our comments. Who downvotes these kinds of comments? There is, literally, no logical reason for it :rainbowlaugh:


It has my name in it, some people just don't like me very much apparently :derpytongue2:

Beep beep motherbucker we're coming

I share the same pain. Some people just can't handle the truth or honest/factual criticism it seems :ajsleepy:


Oh well, no skin off my nose :trollestia:

Well I can say your off to a good start, I'll be keeping my eye on this. One question though, why is Fleetfoot, one of The Wonderbolts doing with the Thieves Guild?

4501608 I wish it could tell us who voted up/down

We have been summoned, time to read!!!!!:flutterrage:

I don't know why, but part of me is thinking that Luna was responsible for giving Cutter that nightmare about his brother so he could talk about with Celestia. And unless Celestia can talk to the dead, there's no way she can know that Wind is disappointed in his brother or that he forgives him.

He we are to read this, as Zamairiac has posted a link, so this must be good:pinkiecrazy:.

It seems that while Celestia is said to be the one doing something to the ponies who come, she does nothing more than have conversations. It's Luna who gets them to the point where those conversations will have meaning.

4501586 They just downvote for good ol' fashioned, hardcore trolling reasons. Take it from me. Scratch.

Vallis Scratch. Part time troll. :trollestia:

Also no, I didn't downvote those comments. I just got here. :rainbowlaugh:

Just reading through this - is Sunny's last name Smiles or Skies? Might want to check that it's used consistently...

4510417 Thanks, I hadn't noticed that! :twilightblush:

I both like and dislike this ending. It's not bad per se but I'd also like to see one where one of them confronts themselves but continues being a thief.

4521251 Agreeing with you. Was expecting him to stay a thief but the part with him working with Moonshine was ok.
Have mixed feelings whether or not i should like:trixieshiftleft: or dislike :trixieshiftright:

“-he’s disappointed in you, you know. With what you’ve become. After that night, you gave up.”

Is this implying she can speak with the dead?

4535854 I wanted to leave that much ambiguous, at least originally. I think I kinda threw that ambiguity out the window later on in the story, though...:twilightblush:

Ah! I finally found this!

I was going through my Google Docs emails to see if I'd missed any stories to shelf under "stuff I helped on", and I noticed I never even saw this on fimfic after I'd finished editing it. And to make it worse, you seemed to have changed your username since then :rainbowhuh:

Ah well. All good now :yay:

PS: I really like this story :raritywink:

Aw, this was actually pretty cute :twilightsmile: nice work

Really omg hahaha troll :trollestia:

Lol this is the last thing I still :facehoof:

And in the end he really became another mindless sheep. Goddamnit a ending where he stayed a thief would have been so much better, have him accept responsibility for what happened to Moonshine and vow to be more careful, but continue the life of thievery for the good parts and because he proved a point. And now I realize I wasted over half an hour and didnt even get a satisfying ending out of it.

7337292 I don't know how I missed this comment, but just in case you ever read it I'd like you to think on this;
He became a thief to escape his sadness, and by the end of his story he made a choice to quit. There was nothing 'mindless' about it. If your idea of mindless conformity is simply to choose to obey the law then, well... *shrugs*

4511189 I have an idea for a story just like this one a unicorn Thief who's really good at creating destructive magic and magical ruins and seals who creates a magical seal that absorbs most of his emotions in exchange for perfect control of his magic and magical power and he gets caught by Celestia so what do you guys think

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