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A young stallion has always dreamed of flying, soaring through the clouds with his pegusus friends, but because of his condition has never been able to get off the ground. One day he decides to do it, to take a chance and try and break away from the chains that are holding him in bondage to the ground.

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:fluttercry: no wings?!? :raritycry:


This is a nice little story, touching yet short. Still, it's very good. You have earned my attention, even if that's worthless to you. :coolphoto:

Awh who am I kidding, I'm no professional. Looking forwards to the newer stuff, bud! :twilightsmile:

Dam that last line caught me off guard really hard. You just wanna take all my feels, don't you?

3383054 I really do appreciate it, and I look forward to writing more.:pinkiehappy:

Second, Well that was enjoyable, entertaining, a well crafted albeit depressing read. A couple of grammar errors here and there, "but this time I am beat it back". But, overall a simple but well done story. However, I would try to eliminate any reference to wings, or at least to his wings. Because it is slightly confusing as to whether he was delusional and thought he could fly through sheer willpower, or just incapable of understanding he didn't have wings. Unless you were going for that ambiguity, in which case just leave it alone.

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