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What happens when an innocent young filly is trapped in the clutches of evil. As she escapes the only home she ever knew, she is pursued by the nightmare of her past, and the promise of dark future.

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Curious. Very curious. Naturally I'm not sure what tonthink since it's still in the pure mystery phase.

I noticed some minor errors but the one that stands out is the beginning. "Fillies" is plural. "Filly's" is singular possessive.

Could do with a bit of editing.
Dark mark.

Good start, although in addition to the "fillies" being changed to "filly's", the sentence, "...close to being finishing just to..." should be either, "...to finishing..." or "...to being finished..." Looking forward to more.

Thanks for the error edits guys! The disadvantage of writing a story at 2 o'clock in the morning :derpytongue2:

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