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I Understand - marineproductions100

Derpy has been shunned and hated by her family. She has been beaten by many. Years have past and now she has a daughter now. She has friends now.She is still a single mother. She's still haunted by her past. She found somepony to talk to. Who is

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Chapter 3: An End To Misery

Chapter 3: An End To Misery

"I was fourteen at the time." Derpy looked down at the ground and back up at Fluttershy. "Never mind." Derpy looked back down at the ground and lowered her head.

Fluttershy's ears perked up. "I-Is something wrong? Did I do something wrong?" Fluttershy asked.

The room stayed silent. Derpy lifted her head back up to face Fluttershy. "No its just that.....I don't want to talk anymore."

"Are you sure?" Fluttershy put a hoof on Derpy's shoulder. "Am I being a nuisance?"

"No, no, of course not. Its just that I.....I hate this memory." Derpy gently pushed Fluttershy's hoof off of her shoulder. "I don't want to remember it."

"Do you feel that talking about it would make you feel better?" Fluttershy asked

"No. I don't. I feel like it'll make it worst. But I'll just give you the short version of it. I won't go into details." Derpy replied.

"You don't have to do that. If you don't want to talk about it. I'll understand, don't worry." Fluttershy placed her right hoof over Derpy's.

Derpy looked down at Fluttershy's hoof and smiled. Derpy looked back up at Fluttershy. "A deal is a deal. But I'm going to give you the short version, alright?"

"Of course." Fluttershy smiled.

"O-okay. I was sixteen at this time."


I was in my room. On my bed. I was just staring at the ceiling. I was getting sleepy until I heard a THUD noise. Then, I heard my bedroom door open and the room started to reek of hard liquor. I reacted by curling myself up in a ball and stare at the door, while covering my head. It was my dad, he's drunk again. Dad tossed something at me and then I felt glass shattering on my wings.

"AAAHHH DADDY!" I screamed. Tears quickly started pouring out of the corner of my eyes and streaming down both of my cheeks. "What d-did I d-d-do this time d-daddy?" I sobbed the question out of me.

"Don't call me that you, you, you little f-fucker." Dad replied drunkenly. He seemed more drunk than he usually was. Like he just invaded the bar and chugged down everything they had. I knew I was in trouble, the only thing was. What was I in trouble for? "I'm sick of y-you living in t-this damn house, the thought of you l-living here is sssickening."

"W-what are you saying?" I wiped my eyes with my hooves. Once I was done wiping my eyes, I immediately placed them back over my head. Not wanting to risk a blow to the head.

"I want you out of here!" Dad yelled. He took a few steps towards me and started to smile. "Starting now!"

Dad grabbed me by my wings and threw me to the ground. He dropped my wings and grabbed my forehooves. Then, he dragged me out of my.....old bedroom. Then, down the stairs. I tried flapping my wings so I could stand up. But then dad would stop and throw my body into the wall. Then right back to dragging me down the stairs.

Eventually, we made it to the living room. I saw mom on the couch with a book in her hand. The title said fillies and colts adoption center. Right there and then, I knew what they were doing but I had to confirm it.

"Mom what's dad doing?" I asked.

Dad dropped me and then he slapped me with his hoof. He picked me up and brought my face up to his. "I told you not to call me that anymore!" Dad yelled.

"Oh what about Silk? Yes Silk will do." Mom smiled and looked at me. Once we made eye contact, her smile vanished and her face started frowning at me. "Why is she still here? I thought you told her already." Mom said.

"I just walked up the stairs and dragged her ass down here. I'm throwing her out the door right now!" Dad yelled at mom.

Mom's face turned from anger to a I'm sorry dear. Was work a little rough today? kind of face. "I'm sorry honey, I won't interrupt what your doing." Mom smiled.

I knew it, they're getting rid of me. Dad opened our front door (which was in the living room, right in front of the stairs) and grabbed me by my forehooves. He threw me at the open door and I tripped on one of our doorsteps. There was four, and I tumbled down the stairs. I barely could move. I almost had my neck snapped. Dad still had the door open. Once I was able to stand up, I looked at the open door.

"Don't ever come back here! We don't need ungrateful children like you!" Dad slammed the door.

Tears started to stream down my cheeks, again. I started walking away from my home....old home. I was walking all the way to the cliffs of Cloudsdale. Once I got there, I stared at the ground. I can't stay here anymore. I don't have a home or friends. I have to find a new home. So I flexed my wings, making sure they weren't badly hurt. Luckily they weren't injured. So I jumped off and flew to the ground.


"Once I got to the bottom, I found this abandoned house and tidied it up. Got a job as a mail pony and about three months later I got drunk one night and woke up pregnant with Dinky. Eventually, she came out of my belly and we lived here in Ponyville ever since. That's what I want to talk about." Derpy finished her story and looked at Fluttershy.

"Oh.....my....goodness." Fluttershy pulled Derpy in closer towards her.

"What are you-"

"Shh." Fluttershy interrupted Derpy. "Trust me." Fluttershy wrapped both of her forehooves around Derpy's head and hugged her.

Derpy had her head on Fluttershy's chest. This feels nice, Derpy thought. This feels real nice. Derpy looked up at Fluttershy and their eyes met. "Its your turn." Derpy said.

"What?" Fluttershy asked.

"I did my part of the deal, now its your turn." Derpy replied with a soft voice.

Fluttershy's cheeks started to burn red. She sheepishly smiled. "I've been....um...wanting to...do something with....you for a while."

"What's that?" Derpy smiled.

"If I do this, will you promise not to hate me for it?" Fluttershy asked.

"I promise." Derpy replied.

"Pinkie promise?"

"Cross my heart and hope to fly. Stick a cupcake in my eye." Derpy pinkie promised.

"I've been wanting to do this." Fluttershy lowered her head to Derpy's and they locked lips together. Derpy didn't hesitate to kiss back.

Oh my gosh! She's kissing back, she's kissing back, she's kissing back! Fluttershy going frantic in her mind. Both pegasi closed their eyes and stayed in the same position for awhile. Eventually, Fluttershy broke the kiss and blushed. "I've always loved you Derpy. Everytime you came to my door to give me my letter, it'd always put a smile on my face. I always felt sad whenever your sad and I always felt nervous around you like my knees would get shaky and-" Fluttershy was interrupted by Derpy giving her another kiss on the lips. It was more of a passionate kiss than a shut up kiss.

Derpy broke the kiss and looked into the yellow pegasus' eyes. "I love you too. I just thought you weren't a fillyfooler. But I'm glad you confessed."

Fluttershy placed her lips onto Derpy's again. Derpy opened her mouth and Fluttershy did the same. Derpy slipped her tongue into Fluttershy's mouth and started wrestling her tongue with Fluttershy's. Then they swapped, Fluttershy's tongue was inside of Derpy's mouth and both of their tongues wrestled each other. Fluttershy retracted her tongue and broke the kiss.

"'Shy?" Derpy spoke softly.

"Yeah Derpy?" Fluttershy said. (same tone as Derpy's)

"Will you sleep here tonight, with me?" Derpy asked.

"Of course." Fluttershy replied.

Derpy laid her head onto Fluttershy's chest. Fluttershy (still having her hooves wrapped around Derpy's head) lightly kissed Derpy's mane and laid her head back against the couch cushion.

"Whenever you want to talk, Derpy. I'll always be here for you and I understand you completely." Fluttershy said.

Sleep slipped into Derpy's mind. Soon everything started to drift away and her eyes became heavy. She closed her eyes listened carefully to the sound of Fluttershy's heart and breathing. The sounds soothed her ears and soon she was asleep.

The End

Written By: Cameron aka marineproductions100

Author's Note:

Hope you guys enjoyed it. Its not as long as I promised it but its just a short sad, and romantic story. Thank you so much for giving time out of your lives just to read this story. I know its not perfect but I enjoyed making it and I hope you guys enjoyed the little ending. I wanted to make it longer but I never had time to and this is not the only story I'm ending. I'm making one more chapter for "I Cry Blood" and "The Dead Rise". Honestly I bit off more than I could chew by putting out four stories at a time. Soon the final Chapters are coming out for the other stories and I'll have a new story up as soon as my cover art is done being made. Thank you for reading!

Message to my friend: Taythen. I hope your proud of me! I finally finished one of my stories and got a new chapter. Thank you for reading this story man and you've been really patient with me. I'm glad to have you as my friend. Love you man.

To rarityxspike: I know you go through rough times. But I want you to know that "I Understand" your troubles. And I'm here to talk to you man.

Have a good day or night and thank you for reading! :twilightsmile:

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3405733 I put up the new Chapter but it didn't end up on the updated story list. So here you go.

Okay, it was a good concept, I liked it, but, and don't take this hard or anything, but a ton of it was very redundant, there were also grammatical problems but none too serious. Oh and in the first chapter, when Ditzy left Fluttershy's, you wrote "coincidence" when it looks like you meant "confidence". That's all, otherwise it was really good. Personally I don't think Ditzy gets enough attention when it comes to fanfics.

its a great story/shipfic, though it really feels majorly rushed towards the end. not sure if thats what you were intending to do, but it was a decent story otherwise. 8/10

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