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I Understand - marineproductions100

Derpy has been shunned and hated by her family. She has been beaten by many. Years have past and now she has a daughter now. She has friends now.She is still a single mother. She's still haunted by her past. She found somepony to talk to. Who is

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Chapter 2: The Beginning of Pain

Chapter 2: The Beginning of Pain

(the stories that Derpy will tell Fluttershy will be in a person/pony's perspective. Ex: I saw him beat me with a crowbar.)

"Well it all begins when I was a filly." Derpy said.


Derpy's story.

I was thirteen around this time. Well I was walking home alone. I had a few cuts on all four of my legs because the kids were poking me with scissors that day. I kept my head low and I wasn't flying. Nothing was wrong with my wings its just that I felt powerless that day. So I walked. I kept on walking until I got home. Once I was home, I opened the door and walked inside. I went into the living room and saw my mother yelling at my dad. They stopped yelling at each other when I walked in the room and they noticed the cut marks.

"Oh my Celestia. What happened Derpy?" Mom asked.

"It's nothing mom." I replied quietly.

"What do you mean nothing. Sweetie look she has cuts and they're dripping blood." Mom freaked.

Blood? I looked down at my cuts and noticed that blood was starting to slowly stream down each leg. I started feeling dizzy and my legs started to feel shaky. I fell down on my front two knees and my dad reached out a helping hoof. I didn't take it. But instead I stood up and walked to the bathroom. My dad followed me into the bathroom. He sat me on the bathroom counter and pulled out a rag from one of the cupboards that were in the counter. He turned on the faucet on my left and started to wet the rag. He lifted my front left leg and started wiping the blood off my coat.

After he was done wiping the blood off of my legs, I walked out of the bathroom and into the hallway. I was making my way to my bedroom. But I was stopped halfway by my mother. She stood there with a worried expression on her face.

"Derpy are you sure that your fine? There was blood and you almost passed out." Mom said.

"Mom there's nothing you can do. What's done is done. Shit happens." I said softly.

"What did you say?"

I looked up at her confused. "Huh?"

She grabbed me by my front left hoof and jerked it towards her. I was jerked forward and she slapped me on the right cheek with her left hoof. I gasped and the sound echoed through the house. My dad walked out into the hallway and stared at us. I gazed up at my mother and she had this anger expression on her face.

"Don't you ever talk to me like that." She said aggressively.

"What did I-" I was interrupted when my mom shoved me away. I fell on the floor and gazed back at her once I was done collapsing to the ground.

"Go to your room and think of what you did."

"But-" Once again I was interrupted quickly.

"Go!" She yelled.

After she yelled, I ran straight to my room. I quickly opened and closed the door behind me. I slowly approached my bed and I saw the pillows. That's the first thing I ever notice of a bed. That's all I ever notice. I know that there are blankets and sheets. But the pillows always seemed to be the most important part to me of a bed. I picked up a pillow and held it in a hugging position. I laid on the bed while holding the pillow. I muzzled my face into the pillow and started to cry. It was an almost everyday thing in my life. Either I was broken by the kids at school or by my parents when I'm home. Sometimes its both like today. I'm telling you this one because it was the very first time my mother hit me. But it wasn't the last.

After a couple minutes of crying, I stopped hugging the pillow with my right hoof. I placed that hoof under the other pillow so I could pull out some.....vodka. It wasn't the strongest alcohol in the world but it was the strongest in the house. I stopped hugging the pillow completely and paid full attention towards the bottle. I placed my teeth on the lid and twisted the cap. There was something about vodka. It always smelled the same in every bottle but it had a different taste when it's by different brands. I placed my lips on the bottle and started to drink it. I was consuming it very slowly because if I chugged it down. I would have thrown it up quickly and the smell would have spread through the house.

I got through half the bottle and then I started feeling sleepy. I looked around for the lid. Because I forgot where I put it. I found the lid on the pillow I was holding. I picked up the cap and placed it on the bottle. I put the half filled or half empty container back under my other pillow and laid my head on it. I couldn't feel the bottle at all. The pillow was too soft to feel it. I grabbed the other pillow and held it close to me. I was laying on top of my thick covers that I still have today as an adult. It was always bigger than me. I got up for a quick moment and laid myself under the covers. There was a window on the right side of my bed. It was night outside. My dad didn't call me for dinner. I guessed that they didn't want to see me so it was best not to disturb me. I saw the mare in the moon. You know before Nightmare Moon came out of her prison. Well anyway. I laid my head against the pillow and stared at that moon. And soon my eyelids were getting heavy. I made a smile of approval because I always enjoyed going to sleep. I felt my mind drifting and my dream was on its way to me. I closed my eyes and soon I was asleep.


(Everytime we get out of Derpy's story. We get out of a person/pony's perspective. So your not confused.)

"Oh my goodness." Fluttershy said while covering her mouth with a hoof.

"What?" Derpy asked.

"It's just that.....Well." Fluttershy hid herself behind her mane.

"It's a lot?"

"No....I'm a bit shocked hearing this from another pony." Fluttershy stopped hiding herself.

"Fluttershy before I continue. There's something I want to ask you." Derpy set her tea on the table next to the couch.

Fluttershy did the same as well. "What is it?"

"Why are you here?"

"How about we make another sweet deal. If that's okay with you."

"Depending. Tell me what the deal is and I'll let you know."

"Okay um....You tell me your story and I'll give you my reason for being here."

"I guess that's fair. Sure, I can agree to that."

"Okay would you mind continuing?"

"Sure. Let's go a bit further. I was fourteen years old when this happened."

(another cliffhanger.)

Author's Note:

I hope you guys enjoyed this Chapter. I wasn't really going to work on it but all it did to convince me was listening to some sad music. I also was writing a story that's sad but it's not on fimfiction or fanfiction. It's in my notebook and it's human. Thank you my friend Taythen and thank you guys who are reading this story. Means a lot and stick around for Chapter 3. Don't worry it'll be here soon. Have a good day or night. :twilightsmile: