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For those who have not Played Ace Combat X I'll do a small rundown of what the Gleipnir is. It's a large flying fortress. Its weapon systems are some SAMs (Surface to Air Missiles) and some Anti-Air Guns, Shock Wave Ballistic Missile or SWBM are used for destroying Air targets at longer range, and a Shock Cannon on its belly. It is powered by Particle accelerator technology. It also has a optical camouflage systems.

To the actual reason you are here: In this story when Gryphus One was able to destroy the Shock Cannon it created an Rift causing the Gleipnir to fall into it. When they awake they are in a world that is at War like them. Nightmare Moon trying to bring on eternal darkness that would be nice for the Gleipnirs crew because the worlds a bit to bright but besides that. In the Griffin Kingdom, Barbarian Griffins try to raid a small village that the Gleipnir is close to so they get involved an launch a SWBM vaporizing the raiders before they even got close. Now the Lunar Republic and Solar Empire are racing to get control over this New Super Weapon.

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Since no one else has said it: You constantly spell 'have' 'haft'. Besides the grammer mistakes riddled into the conversations, I shall grant you a fav because I like where this is going.:twilightsmile:

3273480 well, this is my first/second so yea I've had that problem for some time, you might see it less but I can't make any promises.

A lot of basic spelling mistakes, usages of the wrong word, redundant explanations, a rushed story line, and some freakish innate knowledge.
Also, I dislike the misanthropist crewmen, but that's just my opinion.
Otherwise, watching for now.

3273894 I like your story. And I know a editor who could help you. His named eggynack, he helped me with my story Ace Combat: Divided Feelings. Want to check it out?

3274815 yep. I'm keeping this on my watchlist ....

I love this story! So much detail. Yet it could use a grammar check once over, no biggy.
I'll keep this on my watch list, even if it is cancelled. :fluttercry:

Shame it's cancelled

continue this, i want to see how the villains react

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