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After visiting Ponyville one fateful Nightmare Night, The Great and Powerful Trixie is mysterious transformed from an average boastful unicorn into an all-powerful genie, bound to fulfill the wishes of anyone that finds her lamp. While she initially hopes for Twilight Sparkle to find the lamp, so she can exact revenge on the unicorn that humiliated her, she is instead found by one of Twilight's friends, the ever-enthusiastic Pinkie Pie. Now bound to serve the hyperactive party pony, Trixie must figure out a way to meet her own ends, while trying not to be driven insane by her new mistress.

Chapters (4)
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Nothing but fun:pinkiehappy:! Nothing but f**king fun:flutterrage:! Exquisite, original, a rare top-shelfer:raritystarry:, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if this became a top story! That musical number, top-notch and fun to sing though the pacing is a little bit awkward:fluttershyouch:. Your humor was on point, and funny as buck:rainbowlaugh:! Keep it up good sir! :yay:Here's a Michal Jackson cover via Violin for doing such a boss job

when it got to the musical number, i read it out loud and my sister thought i was singing though horrible though. good story and great song.:twilightsmile:

This has potential, I'll give you that! Not only that, but it's entertaining already. I can't wait to read the hilarity that follows. :rainbowlaugh:

If you do a pony-fide "Prince Ali", I'll have to kill you. Because you don't deserve to get the opportunity to make anything better than this. This is fantastic.


And yes, the Great and Powerful Genie Trixie cannot kill anypony...

But you'd be surprised what you can live through :trixieshiftright:

Not sure if I could pull off Prince Ali and have it fit, but I'll certainly give it a shot.
Of course, Aladdin's not the only series I'm using songs from...

That's.... one explanation for Zecora's speaking mannerisms I guess :P

This is good, but shouldn't this technically be the first chapter?

Technically, yes, but it's in the form of a flashback.
Once I finish the story, I may go back and swap the first two chapters around in a chronoligical fashion.

This chapter was 20% cooler than I thought it would be. You Ponified This is Halloween, from one of my favourite movies. Nightmare before Christmas. +5 internet points for you.

Great chapter anyways, I look forward to reading more. :heart:

A musical number in every chapter :raritystarry: Greatest Musical Story EVER. Do Volitaire Next... H'mmmm? Impossible I hear? I beg to differ - Link to the comic on DA

edit, removed the image. It was too bloody big. And lagging the page. And I'm nothing if not considerate. Just follow the link I left.

Please please please, sing this! This son is AMAZING! :pinkiehappy:

One side of me imagines 'Reflection' being sang in the chapters ahead

Another imagines 'All I've Ever Wanted'

The musical numbers in the past 3 chapters were good :rainbowlaugh: Keep it up :pinkiesmile:

is this story dead?

3731986 I'd say yes...that poor mare...she's still stuck on that trashcan lid...:pinkiesad2:

4125998 ahhh to bad:pinkiesad2: i loved the conept of this story:fluttercry:

i think pinkie is better hase the genie if you ask me.

So many Disney songs! I love it and I really want more!

Comment posted by red reaper deleted Jun 16th, 2019

How did you used disney song? When I did it, they revoked it for copyright

How did you used a disney song?

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