• Published 1st Nov 2013
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Time for Spike to be a Kid! - The Soviet Turtle

All his life, Spike has done nothing but work, and has never complained. But he never experienced an actual childhood yet. But that's about to change when the mane six take things a bit to far.

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Spike's day at School

Spike woke up with a knock at his door.

“Wake up Spike, remember you have school today.” He heard Bonbon’s voice. He slowly sat up, stretched and yawn. Right before he picked up his hoodie and walked into the kitchen. As he got there, Lyra had already made some breakfast.

“Hey Spike, eat up.” She said as she placed it on the table. Spike licked his lips and started to devour his meal. Bonbon soon walked in with a bag with books, pencils and pens in it, along with Spike’s food. Spike finished his breakfast as he was handed the bag.

“Here you go Spike. This should be enough for your classes.” Bonbon said.

“Thanks. So when do I have to be there?” he asked.

“Umm…about twenty minutes.” Lyra said looking at the clock. Spike started to sweat a little.

“And How far is it?” Spike asked.

“I think. About ten minutes. Give or take.” Lyra said. Spike wiped his forehead in relief.

“Oh good. I won’t be late then.” Spike said. He waved goodbye to Lyra and Bonbon as he headed out for the school grounds.

He soon saw a red building with a playground next to it. He then noticed a lot of other ponies dropping off colts and fillies. Two he knew coming from the Right.

“Uh Oh. It’s Rarity and Applejack!”

Spike looked for a place to find. Before seeing a bush in front of a tree. He quickly ran and jumped into the bush and leaned against the tree. Hoping he wasn’t seen by them. He soon heard there voices pass by.

“So, ya got any orders lately?”

“Oh, just a few. I wish Spike where here to help me.”

“Yeah, but ya know what Twilight said.”

“Ah Yes. Spike away on royal business and all. But don’t you think he would have told us how long he would be gone for?”

“Probably. Must’ve been in a rush.”

“Well, at least we can go visit him in Canterlot.”

As the voices faded away, Spike started to panic again. He realized that he needed to get the princesses on board if it was to be kept a secret. He popped his head out to make sure they were out of sight before walking towards the school gate.

“Alright, alright. Calm down. You can do it after school. But before that you need to let the rest know as well.”

“Hey Spike!” he looked up to see Applebloom waving at him.

“Come on already.” She said, Spike then quickly rushed over as the bell rang.

As Spike entered. He saw the foals enter into the classroom as Ms.Cheerilee stood there, smiling to all the students as they headed for their desks. She spotted Spike as the last student walked in, she walked over to him and spoke.

“It’s nice to see you here Spike. Bonbon told me all about what is going on. Don’t worry. Your secret is safe with me.” She said, Spike nodded.

“Alright. Thank you.” He said as he followed her into the classroom.

He saw multiple fillies and colts in desks talking to each other. They soon stopped when they heard Ms.Cheerilee clearing her throat.

“Good morning class. I would like to introduce Spike. He is new here and I’d like for you all to give him a warm welcome.” Ms.Cheerilee said.

“Hi Spike!” most of the class said. Two certain fillies did not.

“Now go take a seat next to Rumble and Pipsqueak, and we can start the lesson.” Ms.Cheerilee said. Spike nodded and happily sat in the desk next to his new friends he made yesterday.

“Alright, now turn you math’s books to page 24.” Ms.Cheerilee said. And the lessons went on from there. First math, which Applebloom was able to answer every question that was placed on the board correctly. Next was History, which Spike was able to get through nicely until the recess bell went off.

As Spike exited the building and onto the play area, he saw the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Rumble, Pipsqueak and Featherweight behind the playground. He began to walk but his path was block by the two ponies who didn’t say hi to him early. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.

“Well, if it isn’t the baby.” Diamond said. Spike had already known about these two, and the trouble they give to the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

“Well, in dragon years, yeah.” Spike said calmly. He didn’t want to have to deal with them right now.

“Ah, so does the baby want a little nap? Or a baby bottle?” Diamond says.

“Look, I quite frankly don’t have time for you. You’re not worth it. So I’m just going to go.” He said as he walked pass them. Ignoring any rebuts Diamond Tiara to throw at him. He was soon sitting with the CMC and the colts.

“Guys, we got a problem.” Spike said.

“What? Diamond and Spoon? Just ignore them.” Rumble said.

“No, I know that. But I overheard your two sisters talking.” He said pointing to Applebloom and Sweetie Belle. “And they said they can go and visit the princesses anytime. And since I said I was on Royal business. They’ll find out eventually.” He finished. Causing a mild panic among the group.

“What are we going to do?” Pipsqueak asked.

“Ah don’t know. Ah don’t want Spike ta go back ta working. We’ve barely gotten ta hang out with him.” Applebloom said, getting a bit closer to Spike.

“Wait. Can’t you message Celestia with your breath?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“Yeah, that’s a part of the plan. After school I need to talk to the adults about this and get them to help me write the letter. Afterwards, let’s just hope she says yes.” He said, every pony nodded right before the bell rang.

After two more subjects, Lunch, two final subjects. Ms.Cheerilee was finishing the school lesson.

“Okay children. I have a tiny assignment for you due friday.” She said, the class groaned.

“Don’t worry, it isn’t too big. Our last lesson we talked about theories and possible universes. I would just like for you to write about what you think about other universes, and do you believe they exist or not.” As she finished. The school bell rang. All the kids gathered their books and walked outside.

“Have a great Afternoon!” Miss Cheerilee said.

“Aright guys. I have to go. See you later.” Spike said.

“OK! Meet us at the clubhouse once you’re done!” Scootaloo yelled as Spike ran away. Spike didn’t have to worry about running into the Mane six at the school since the CMC usually leave there bags at the clubhouse before picking them up when they have to go home.

Spike rushed through Ponyville until he reached Lyra and Bonbon’s house. He quickly busted through the door and into his room. He placed his bag on his desk for later.

“Spike! I think you nearly broke the door.” He heard Bonbon’s voice. He blushed and shyly walked out to see the door nearly off its hinges. He grinned sheepishly as Bonbon sighed. While Lyra walked in looking amazed.

“Wow. What was so important you had to nearly break the door?” Lyra asked.

“Oh yeah! Can you gather up the others and meet me at the Town hall.” Spike asked.


“Because I have something important to say.” He said.

“…Alright. Lyra, go get the cakes and Big Mac. I’ll take Spike here with me to get Vinyl and Dizty?” Bonbon asked.

“Yeah sure. See you guys later.” She said as she walked out the door. Bonbon let Spike into her back as she closed the door behind her.

“Hopefully you didn’t break the lock.” She said as Spike rubbed the back of his head.

Soon, all six ponies and one dragon where outside of Mayor Mare’s office.

“The Mayor will see you now.” The Receptionist said as the group got up and entered the office.

“Hello everypony…and dragon. What brings you here?” Mayor Mare asked.

“Spike said he had something important to say. To all of us.” Bonbon stated. The drake hopped off of Bonbon’s back and cleared his throat.

“First, Thank you guys for all you’ve done for me so far.”

“Don’t worry little guy.” Vinyl said.

“And secondly. There is one flaw in our little plan.” Spike said.

“And what is that?” Mayor Mare asked.

“This morning, I overhead Rarity and Applejack. Who both said the girls can go visit Celestia whenever they wanted. So if they do, they’ll notice I’m not there. Get suspicious and we might get some royal guards searching for me.” He spoke. Looks of worry where passed around the room.

“But there is something we could do. And that’s where I need your help in this. Mayor, do you have one of the parchments Twilight usually sends me to get?” Spike asked. She nodded and pulled out a scroll.

“Okay. So all we have to do is explain to them about our plan. And hopefully she will be on board.” Spike said.

“Alright, do we all agree with Spike’s plan?” Mayor Mare asked. They all said ‘ay’ and raised their hooves. Soon they had the scroll finished and ready for shipping. Spike grabbed it and blew fire at it. Causing it to turn into smoke and fly out of the window.

hope Twilight didn’t see that. Spike thought.

“Alright. Hopefully she agree’s.” Spike said

“Thank you all for doing this for me. This wouldn’t of happened without you.” He said. They all smiled and gave him a group hug.

“Hmm…oh yeah! Big Mac, can I come with you back to Sweet Apple acres? I’m going to meet up with the crusaders.”



“In that case, please be back by sundown Spike.” Bonbon said, Spike nodded.

“No worries.” He said

Soon the ponies went back to their normal jobs. While Spike was hiding under a bucket in a cart that Big Mac was pulling back to Sweet Apple Acres. He didn’t want to get spotted by Applejack or one of the other girls since Big Mac went through the market. Big Mac Walked through the white gate of Sweet Apple Acres and whistled to Spike.

“Here’s ya stop.” Spike hopped out from the cart filled with empty buckets and onto the ground. He shook himself to wake up.

“Thanks Big Mac.” Spike said.

“Eeyup.” He said before picking up the fallen buckets and continuing on his daily routines. Meanwhile Spike headed for the Clubhouse. Excited for hanging out with friends for the first time. While he did sometimes go with the mane six, it wasn’t mostly for fun.

Author's Note:

hey guys, so I'm finally getting Luna and Celestia on board as so many of you have said. also, what do you think of the picture I've put up?

Well, hope you enjoy and as always. keep calm and tomahawk on.

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