• Published 1st Nov 2013
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Time for Spike to be a Kid! - The Soviet Turtle

All his life, Spike has done nothing but work, and has never complained. But he never experienced an actual childhood yet. But that's about to change when the mane six take things a bit to far.

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The meeting.

Spike wiped his eye from a tear as he stopped hugging Applebloom.

"Will ya be okay Spike?" She asked.

"Yeah, I'm a tough dragon. I'll make it through." Spike said, Applebloom still gave him a concerned look.

"Are ya sure?"

"Yeah, yeah." He said.

"Alright-but ya know ah'm not to far away." She said, giving him a quick hug before running to her apple stand.

After a while and as Spike had finished cleaning the table, he heard a knock on the door. He opened it to see Big Mac standing there.

"Hey Big Mac, what are you doin' here."

Big Mac just signalled him to follow him. As he turned and left, Spike did just that. He followed until they arrived at a building a music note on it, along with a sign saying 'intruders will be blown away by a bass cannon'. Big Mac entered first followed by Spike.

Inside, Spike saw a bunch of ponies, some he had already seen today. There was Lyra, Bonbon, Mayor Mare, Mr and Mrs.Cake, Dizty Doo, and Vinyl Scratch.

"So why'd you call us here Big Mac?" Bonbon asked.

"Well ah saw Spike here cryin' his eyes out after mah sister and her friends left. Ah wanted to know why he was. And as he has helped y'all one way or another, ya might wanna know to." He said as he moved away to reveal a blushing Spike.

"Why'd you say I was crying?" Spike asked Big Mac.

"Because you were." He said with a smile.

"Wait, why were you crying?" Lyra asked.

"Because after doing everything they ask me to, they give me more work." Spike said.

"Who?" Dizty asked.

"The girls! You know, the six mares who usually get into trouble." Spike said, a collective group of "ahh's" was heard from them.

"Well, we all need to do jobs. But don't worry, you also get time to spend with your friends." Mayor Mare said.

"But I don't get time to hang out with friends." Spike said.

"Sorry, what!?" Mayor Mare asked.

"Yeah, I'm always given work by Twilight or the others. I've never even hanged out with colts my age." Spike said.

"Well, at least you get paid right?" Vinyl Scratch said.

"No, actually I don't."



"But, I've seen you get some bits from ponies around town for the odd jobs you do. Surely you have some bits." Mayor Mare said.

"Actually, every time I come home. Twilight takes my bits and says she's 'saving for when she won't be around'." Spike said, getting a bit angry.

" but ah've nearly always see her leave the house all the time." Big Mac said.

"Yeah, but you know something else. She says she's thinking I should start paying rent.

"But your only a kid!" Mr.Cake said.

"I know, that's what I said, but she just said 'you need to know how to be responsible' ." Spike said trying his best to mimic Twilight.

"Well, do you at least get breaks?" Mrs.Cake said.

"I try, but the only time it seems I can is when I go to sleep."

"Hey wait, didn't you spend that one day trying to help Applejack?" Bonbon said.

"Yeah, as I was in the Everfree. I thought about actually going to make some new friends. But then Those Timberwolves came after me." Spike said.

"So what happened after that?"

"They tried to get me to stop helping her all the time by faking a timberwolf, attack." Spike said.

"So, you help them and dedicate your entire time to help her. And they s
Try to stop you? And yet now they still give you work?" Vinyl asked.

"Yeah, basically." Spike said.

"What the heck?" She just said.

"Have you at least been gone on some of there adventures?" Mrs.Cake asked.

"Actually, I was left behind from the young fliers completion, Twilight and Pinkie's birthday parties. And I think some other stuff, I can't remember." Spike said.

"Really?why?" Dizty asked.

"Because Twilight was studying up late and I had to clean up the mess." Spike said.

"Well, you at least listen to music and play games right?" Vinyl asked.

"No, Twilight thinks that music will distract me from my chores."

"Really, because when I work, I listen to music. And it actually helps me a bit." Lyra said.

"Yeah, I tried to compromise but she just kept on saying no." Spike said.

"Video games?"

"I don't know any games because I never get any free time. In fact, you know that time I helped Applejack? I asked Twilight to become her servant, she was to busy in a book to care about what I said. But I learned that all I had to do was slightly move some ink and she would snap out of it."

"Why is it that the Ink was more important than, oh I don't know. A Dragon!" Lyra said.

"I don't know." Spike said.

"And wait, you saved the crystal empire didn't you!?" Mr.Cake said.


"Didn't ya get anything?" Big Mac said.

"No, they broke out into a song about Twilight's passed test." Spike said.

"Where's my bass cannon!?" Vinyl scratch yelled.

"Everypony, I have a preposition!" Mayor Mare said. Calming them down

"How about we trick those six that Spike has gone away, while we actually hid Him from them as he actually has fun."

"What do you mean?" Spike asked.

"Well, what I mean is. It's time for you to be a kid, will give you some bits and let you actually get some friends and have fun!" Everypony in the room seemed to agree and nodded.

"Really!? So-"

"You won't have to do any chores, or any ridiculous requests. Just to go out there, make friends and have fun." Mayor Mare said.

"But what about the Cutie Mark Crusaders?"

"Ah'll tell them about it, make 'em Pinkie Promise on it." Big Mac said.

"What will I tell Twilight?" Spike said.

"Royal business or something in Canterlot." Vinyl Scratch.

"Ok, but where will I stay?" He asked.

"You can stay with us, we have a guest room." Lyra said. Bonbon nodded.

"Alright. Oh, and Mayor Mare? Twilight might come around to make sure I'm not in the taken show.-"

"-you won't be cut out, no matter what. I'll just tell her I did." She said.

"Thank you. All of you." Spike said smiling. The others nodded.

"Well drop off the bits tomorrow." Mayor Mare said, Lyra and Bonbon nodded.

"Alright, well. I think it's time we all head home." Mrs.Cake said. Everypony nodded as they started to leave. Except Vinyl Scratch since it was her home.

Spike, Lyra and Bonbon quickly headed over to the library. Spike rushed in, grabbed a piece of paper, and quill and began to write.

Dear Twilight
I have been called to do some royal business in Canterlot. I am unsure as to when I will return.
From Spike the dragon.

As he finished, he put it on the desk and ran out. He saw Lyra and Bonbon waiting for him, he nodded as the three rushed away from the Library.

They soon arrived at the house as they opened the door. Spike walked in first followed by Lyra then Bonbon.

"Come on Spike, I'll show you to your room." Lyra said walking up the stairs, followed by Spike.

His room was the second door on the right, it seemed like a simp,e room, bed, bedside table, desk and a drawer.

"Well, this is your room." She then noticed the moon was rising.

"If you want to start tomorrow early, you'd better get into bed." Lyra said, Spike nodded in understanding as he flopped onto the bed.

"Goodnight Spike." Lyra said as she walked out. Spike didn't even get under the covers before he fell asleep. And in a long time, with a smile.

Author's Note:

So what will Spike do tomorrow? Find out when the next chapter comes out.

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