• Published 1st Nov 2013
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Time for Spike to be a Kid! - The Soviet Turtle

All his life, Spike has done nothing but work, and has never complained. But he never experienced an actual childhood yet. But that's about to change when the mane six take things a bit to far.

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Spike's day

Ponyville talent show!
Do you have a talent your good at? Do you want to show off your skills? Do you like muffins? Well come and show them off at the Ponyville talent show! It happens Next Friday at 5PM, you can sign in at town hall! Hurry, applications end next Thursday.

By Dizty Doo

This poster was stuck to the wall of town hall, for all to see, and a pile of brochures next to the posters. Looking in awe of the poster, was baby dragon, purples scales, Green spikes and underbelly, carrying a scroll in his hand. His name was Spike, Twilight Sparkles number one assistant.

" I gotta tell Twilight!" Spike said as he grabbed a brochure and ran towards Golden Oaks Library.

Now, when Spike first arrived in Ponyville. Most didn't expect much of him. But as time went on they saw the dragon had strength and potential, and he was a very good, hard worker. He would always help them when they needed some help.

Spike rushed thought the busy Ponyville, waving to folks as they passed by and waved to him. He then arrived at Ponyville Library and busted in, he saw the mane six all sitting around a table drinking tea.

"Oh Spike, there you are!" Twilight said. The drake panted as he tried to talk.

"Twilight.'puff'. I. 'Puff'-"

"Oh, Spike. I need you to sort the books out. We did a bit of book hunting."

"And Spiky Wikey, could you go to the boutique and sort out the gems dear?" Rarity said, Twilight then levitated a quill, ink and paper.

"Yeah, can ya also pick up Scoots Scooter from the repair shop? And drop it off at there clubhouse." Dash said.

"And while ya there, can ya help Applebloom with little missy?" Applejack asked.

"Then can you pick up the cake Twins from Lyra and Bonbon? They were babysitting for me and the Cakes." Pinkie said.

"And, can you feed Angel...if you don't mind." Fluttershy said.

"Right, done. Here you go Spike!" Twilight said levitating to Spike, who had stopped panting and just had his law dropped.

"We're going to Canterlot for a while. Complete these in time and you can Join us there!" Twilight said as she and the mane six got up and left the building.

"Bye Spike!" Twilight said as the door closed. The drake just stared at the list with shrunken eyes. He stared at it until he finally sighed and looked at the mess of Books Twilight and the girls had made.

He slowly and carefully put the books away before sliding down the ladder and landing on the ground, he grabbed a nearby quill and ticked it off. He sighed before walking out the door and towards the boutique.

As he walked along, he noticed the mayor run up to him.

"Spike! I need help!" She said as she stopped.

"What is it?"

"I need you to send this message to Princess Celestia for me. It is an invite to judge in the talent show." Mayor Mare said.

"Of coarse." Spike said as he took the paper and burned it into smile, that floated away to Canterlot.

"Were you interested in joining?" Mayor Mare asked.

"Yes, I was actually!"

"Oh, well, when you get the reply. Some down to town hall and say 'Mayor Mare sent me'." She said.


"Thank you Spike, your a lifesaver." Mayor Mare said. Right before rushing back off into town square. Spike then continued his trek for the boutique.

As he arrived, he walked in to see a huge chests of gems, he drooled at the thought of there taste. He shook it off and started to sort them out, as he did. He noticed Sweetie Belle walk up next to him.

"Hey Spike!" She said.

"Hey Sweetie Belle."

"What are you doing?" She asked.

"Your sister asked me to sort these gems out." He said, putting them into piles.

"Can I help?" She asked.

"Sure." He said as the two started to sort them out, they were halfway there when Sweetie Belle asked a question.

"Hey, what do you know about Featherwieght?"

" I don't know. I don't really know any other kids my age. Except for you, Scootaloo and Applebloom."

"Oh, ok." She said as she look disappointed, but wiped it off as the two finished.

"Well that was tiring." Sweetie Belle said.

"Yeah." Spike said, right as he belched up a reply.

"It must be a message for Mayor Mare." He said.

"I gotta go Sweetie Belle. Thanks for helping." Spike said as he opened the door.

"Bye Spike! Thanks for the company!" She said as Spike left. He walked through town until he reached town hall. He walked int brought and not the receptionist offices.

"You have an appointment?" The receptionist asked.

"Mayor Mare sent me." He said, the receptionist nodded and pointed to the door, which lead to a hall with two double doors at the end. Spike knocked and then walked through, seeing Mayor Mare at her desk.

"Ah, Spike. Did you get the reply?" She asked.

"Yep. Here you go." Spike said handing her the message, she opened it and read it over, a smile growing on her face.

"It looks like the Princess has agreed to judge at the talent show." She said with a smile, she then put It away and pulled out a form.

"So you want to join in the talent show?" Mayor Mare asked.

"Yes." Spike said.

"Well, just fill up this form and your ready to go!" She said handing him a quill as well. He began to write and fill the blanks and boxes before giving it back to her.

"Alright, see you on Friday." Mayor Mare said, Spike nodded before walking out.

As he entered the repair store, he was greeted by a stallion.

"Hello, what can I get for you?"

"I'm here to pick up a scooter." Spike replied.

"Is it blue with red handlebars?"

"Yep." Spike said, the stallion went into the back and brought back the scooter. Spike took it, but then saw a skateboard.

"How much is that for?" Spike asked.

"About seventy-five bits." The stallion said, Spike just sighed and carried the scooter on his shoulders. And walked out the door.

He headed over to Sweet Apple Acres, he walked throughout he gate and ran into Big Macintosh. He was carrying a cart full of Apples to take to the apple stand.

"Hey Big Mac." Spike said.

"Howdy Spike. Watcha doin' here?" He asked.

"I have to deliver Scootaloo's scooter to the clubhouse and then help Applebloom with little missy." Spike said.

"Ya wanted to help us out on the farm?" Big Mc asked.

"No. Although I don't mind the farm, your sister and her friends all gave me chores while there up in Canterlot." Spike said.

"Oh, well good luck with little missy. It's difficult to get her clean." Big Mac said. Spike just nodded.

"Yeah, see ya Big Mac." Spike said as he waved to him and walked through the fields. He then reached the clubhouse and put the scooter against the tree. He then walked away to the barn to see a giant pig with a bow covered in mud. Next to it was Applebloom holding a brush.

"Howdy Spike!" Applebloom waved.

"Hey Applebloom, I'm here to help." Spike said.

"Great! Cleaning her up is harder then getting Scootaloo to stop talking about Rainbkw Dash." Applebloom said with a giggle. Spike also chuckled.

"Alright, lets get this done." Spike said.

(One minute later.)

She had been entirely clean as Spike was covered in mud. Applebloom giggling at Spike's appearence.

"Yeah, yeah. Ha ha." Spike said as he ticked off the three chores he had just completed.

"Do ya think you can help us with the apple cart today?" Applebloom asked.

"Sorry, your sister and her friends all want me to finish this list." He said.

"Oh, well thanks for helping me anyway Spike." Applebloom said giving him a hug, he slowly returned the hug until they broke apart.

"Bye Applebloom." Spike said, noticing her cheeks slightly grow rosy. But then walked off back into Ponyville.

Spike then walked up to Lyra and Bonbon's house and knocked on the door. Lyra then answered.

"Hey Spike." She said.

"Hey, I'm here to pick up the twins."

"But, shouldn't Pinkie Pie be doing that?"

"She's in Canterlot with the rest of the girls." Spike said.

"So your here to pick them up? Aren't you the same age as those fillies? The Cutie Mark Crusaders." Lyra said.

"Yeah, but I'm Twilight's number one assistant. It's my job." Spike said, Lyra then nodded and looked behind her.

"Bonbon, Spike's here to pick up the twins." Lyra said.

"Shouldn't Pinkie Pie come and get them?"

"She's in Canterlot."

Bonbon then and through with a pram with two sleeping toddlers.

"Here you go." Bonbon said as Spike barely reached the handle bars.

"Alright, bye!" Spike said as he started to walk away with the twins. He made it all the way to Sugarcube corner. When he knocked on the door, Mrs.Cake answered the door.

"Oh hello Spike. Thank you for bringing the twins back." Mrs.Cake said taking the foals out and putting them onto her back.

"Your welcome Mrs.Cake.what should I do with this?" Spike said.

"Oh, just push that behind the counter, I'll take care of it deary." She said, and Spike did just that.

"Again, thank you dear." Mrs.Cake said.

"No problem. Bye." Spike said walking out of Sugarcube corner and towards Fluttershy's home.

As he walked through the door and saw angel taping his foot on a table.

"What do you want?" Spike asked, Angel open his mouth and pointed inside his mouth, then pointed to a picture of a ridiculous dish. Spike just walked into the kitchen and grabbed a bunch of carrots. He chucked them at Angels feet.

"You can have those or starve." Spike said as he walked out, he ducked as a carrot flied overhead. He smiled in satisfaction as he ran back to the library.

As he burst through, he quickly grabbed the flier he had and was about to head out but he saw the girls were back.

"Oh hi Spike. We just got back. Good job, although you placed 'starswill the bearded spells Volume IV' with III." Twilight said.

"Anyway, can you clean up the mess we made this morning?" Twilight asked, without letting Spike talk. She then noticed the paper in his hand.

"What's this?" She asked as she grabbed it with her magic, Spike tried to stop her but she read it all before sighing.

"I'm sorry Spike, but you can't join. I need someone to watch the library while we join Princess Celestia there." Spike's jaw dropped.

"Well, were going to head to Sugarcube corner. Bye Spike." Twilight said as the girls left. Spike walked to the door and reached out to them. He slowly lowered his arm and fell to his knee's, with tears in his ears.


He yelled into the sky.


He then started to cry and sob. As he did, Applebloom and Big Mac who was still carrying the cart to the apple stand, Applebloom looked up at Big Mac. He nodded and pushed her into Spike's direction as she ran up to Spike and started to hug him. He hugged back as his tears fell down her shoulders.

Big Mac continued his way to the apple stand, where he dropped the cart and started to go around Ponyville. Spike needed help. And he would get it.

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