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After a thousand years without its mistress the night sky is in need of some serious renovation. With some encouragement from Celesitia Luna decides to make renovating her sky into a show for all of Equestria.

This was inspired by the song in the video Children of the Night.

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I believe I have the honor of being first comment and first thumbs up. A most excellent read good sir/madam.

I like this happy Luna compared to angry/ sad Luna for your other fic. :twilightsmile:

It's nice to see some joy written into Luna's life for a change. Very we'll written.

Hmm... So they control the night sky... A magical projection of some sort around the planet? It's controllable but not the real sky, same with the sun... The moon is small enough it could theoratically be controllable so her not making it as part of the construct is ok I suppose...

Err, sorry for that mini-rant. I'm a bit of a science-geek. Anyway, good story. This has earned a favorite and a like.

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