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With old evils awakened, and the Guard back on their heels, the princesses hope to make a final stand at Canterlot.

The millennium of peace has been shattered, and with black madness consuming Equestria, will anypony live to see tomorrow?

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:rainbowhuh:Why does this have no character tags?

Because I forgot them. I scrapped the previous version before publishing this one, which apparently had all the tags. (doh)

Needs more, also do you mind if I do I reading of this? You can find some of my previous work Here


Needs more

I disagree. This story is perfectly capable of conveying the emotions of a dramatic turn in the fortunes of battle as it is.

Also, any follow-up would just detract from the awesomeness of that last line :rainbowdetermined2:


It's funny. I was sitting in the park writing this in the span of one afternoon and couldn't for the life of me figure out how to end it. And then some football playing highschoolers ran by screaming profanity.
Also, Creideiki is best captain!

This is pretty unpolished, but if you really want to, go for it.


Here is a link to the reading I did, i'm posting a comment just incase this doesn't get through.

Tell me what you think i'm always open to feedback.



It was pretty good, you stumbled over a few sentences, and it was kinda hard to hear over some of the background music in parts.

I do think some of the punch at the end is lost outside of written form, but that's just because I wrote it, so I hear their voices when I read it.

3038308 ok, thank you for the feedback.

I have to agree with you on all you points and that ending took a lot of tries before i just gave up, i couldn't get it to sound right.

thank you for letting me do a reading of it in the first place.


Its all good.

Edit: I think you misspelled my name in the title :P

This story is complete? From the way this chapter ends, one would think the story had just begun. I would really like to see more to this or if there is a sequel where this battle continues, please let us all know.


Yeah, I had grand plans right up until I stopped having them.

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