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While Mecha was out getting his revenge on Celestia and Luna in the form of Boot Camp, Sugary Spice was left home relatively alone. Of course, when she finds Lively Spirit on the edge of the Everfree Forest, she might not be so lonely while he's away. But what's with these strange figures following Lively? And why do they seem so intent on protecting her? Furthermore, what's going on around town with all these strange accidents?

Note: Not quite sure on the tags for this one...

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Well, Ghosts of the Pasts, after a... rather longish wait, is finally here, and you delivered! Well-done on Sugary Spice's characterization. You portray her with a sense of maturity not common for others her age, no doubt brought up by Mecha's unique lifestyle. Also, I liked how Lively Spirit's parents weren't evil, but simply wanted to protect her. Glad to see you're back in the writing business, and I look forward to your next work!

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