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Meet Mecha, an Earth Pony whose scouting troop disappeared nearly two years ago. Having returned durning the celebration of Princess Luna's return from madness, one has to wonder, what will he do now? Well, reunite with a few old friends, his aunt Mayor Mare, and get a place to live, I guess.

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This is going somewhere interesting, though you really don't need to toss in these David Foalsitter Wallace-esque footnotes. Inasmuch as none of us will be exchanging currency any time soon, the bits-to-dollars ratio is really not germane to the story. :twistnerd:

Then again, I have to admire the very concept of a rabid manticore - as though a healthy manticore wouldn't be scary enough.

Jeah just a normal poker night :pinkiehappy:

let go make sone grenades Mecha hehe :pinkiehappy:

Trollestia strikes back :)

omg xD Cadence this was really fun :pinkiehappy:

So many broken things :pinkiehappy:

cant wait for more :twilightsmile:

hey Mecha I think you adopt a family when its going like that hehe :pinkiehappy:

Haha Mecha is going to have so much fun :3

This story needs WAAAAY more views then it already has!

Yeah you are right 1112042. It is way too funny to have that small amount off readers....

LOl the ending
also beating up the mafias son?

This story is cool as ever :rainbowlaugh:

I love the story! Seems I've finally caught up. You did a very good job portraying Nimbus, and I have thoroughly enjoyed everything up to this point. Keep up the great work!


hahahahaha xD I dont know what to say :pinkiehappy:

I imagine the sythes from darksiders 2
Did that inspire you?

Yus pop a cap in cap-o's ass
Get it? Eh heh heh...
Good chapter as always

I've never even heard of Darksiders 2...
No, actually I figured that Solaris's usual weapon of choice would be somewhat in the way as one scythe, and thus decided to try and give him a smaller weapon for rapid counters. Didn't want to bother his creator with questions since he's studying for tests at whatever college he's at, so I looked up small scythes. Ended up finding something interesting with classic Japanese weapons, and it seemed to fit what Mecha would give Solaris for his birthday.

Hm... I can see where you're coming from then.

1698727 they also merge into one large scythe or staff with a blade on either end can't find any good pics.
Also check out the game if you have time its like an adult zelda title and is pretty good

this story is awsome. I wonder why there are not mroe likes and comments

I love your Hell swears. They make my day. And i think you should mabey buplish them

awsome chapter.
And for that, you get little baby ponies *said in Heavy's accent**Team Fortress 2 reference*


New chapter? yyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy:yay:

Wait that makes sence...
Pinkie Pie + Discord (pony form) = Screwball... IT ALL MAKES SENCE NOW!!!!!!!!!

Well this was nice. But one thing went wrong. THE NEXT CHAPTER IS NOT HERE YET! MAKE IT HAPPEN FAST:flutterrage:!

There is the weapon the bow and then the sign of respect of the bow

Well done, Monsieur...

I especially enjoyed the confusion over Mecha's "cheating."

I qUiTe EnJoYeD tHiS cHaPtEr. PlEaSe HaVe ThE sPhInX's MoRe CoMmOn BeCaUsE i EnJoYeD tHe RiDdLeS

P.s. YoU mAd At My SpElLiNg BrO?

omg xD playing with the Death and winning all the time :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Every time I see the words 'LINEBREAKER' I can't help but shout it out using the mortal combat voice.

U probably figured it out all ready but Eurobeats made the song

Correct! "Under the Sea" does use a steel drum. And great chapter!

I caught up in the equivalent of one day, now to sleep since I have work in 6 hours

Damn, you're dedicated

Who did you do it in a hour is what I want to know.


A bit more clarification and I'd love to answer your question.

if you post your findings i would love to see it and may decide to update it with season 3

2255648 you counted out the ponies then found out the ratio between the different races. Not many people go that indepth with their stories.


Oh! Yeah. It was actually something I did back in... December out of boredom. You'd be surprised at how easy it is to just scroll down a list out of boredom.


Sure- do you run open office? Because otherwise I'll have to convert the data file to send you the article.

2257401 i thought that you would just post it to a blog and i must retract my previous statement, it was spur of the moment and is in compatable with my current agenda. apologizes.


That is alright- although I can still post the results if you're interested?

2257495 i just think that seeing them would be fasinating as well as your methodology

I haven't read this yet, but I have to ask, is Mecha from the future or something? Because if he isn't, why would they name him Mecha in an era with little technology? Just thought I'd ask.

oh dis gonna be good :pinkiehappy: mabye just an hour more...or two, before bed. ill read up to chapter 5 then stop...maybe...perhaps....no...

lovin the story so far :twilightsmile:

Mind if I use your estimate in the story I'm writing? :twilightsmile:

Please? :twilightsheepish:

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