• Published 26th Jul 2013
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Rainbow Dash plays Tetris - Appledash13

Rainbow Dash is bored and decides to visit Twilight.

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The entire story

"Ugh, there's nothing to do around here," Rainbow Dash said. Usually she'd be out of her house and flying around, but today the sky was filled with storm clouds. Earlier today, the weather team scheduled and prepared a big storm to fill in for the lack of rain. She had set up clouds in the southern area of Ponyville. Any stunts or tricks could ruin parts of the cloud layer, therefore leaving nothing interesting to do. Then an idea popped into her head, "I'll visit Twilight to see if she got that new Daring Do Book."

Getting off of her bed, she headed out the door and to Twilight's library. The flight over didn't take to long, but the thick layer of clouds made it difficult to get there. Slowly squeezing through the clouds, making sure not to leave a large enough hole in the sea of grey to affect the rain, she locates the Golden Oaks library and begins her descent to the door. Rainbow Dash decided to land quietly to surprise Twilight. She raised a hoof to knock on the door, but then she heard Twilight yell out of anger. "What is going on in there?" Rainbow asked to nopony in particular.

Rainbow Dash slowly pushed the door open and was surprised by what she had found. Twilight was levitating a small...gadget.. in front of her, which looked like it was being furiously pressed by hooves. "Umm, Twilight?" Rainbow asked. No response from her. Dash trotted over and waved a hoof in front of the lavender unicorn. The only reaction to that was an annoyed grunt. This wasn't unusual, Twilight was likely to be completely focused on her work, but work doesn't look like a glowing box with low quality sounds.

Rainbow put up her hoof and poked Twilight in the side. This time, Twilight let out a startled yelp, "Auugh!" Twilight looked towards the uninvited guest, "Oh uh sorry, Rainbow, I didn't hear you come in, did you need something?" She asked while the device was levitated to a nearby table.

"I was coming here for a new book to read, buuut I saw you using..." She points her hoof in the direction of the electronic device," whatever that is, and now I want to know what that is."

"Oh well, Princess Celestia sent it over to me saying that I need to stop working so hard and have some fun once in a while. I don't know what it's called, but I can show you how to play it." Twilight explained as she brought it back in front of her with her magic. "So do you want to give it a try?"

"Uh, yea, sure," Rainbow Dash said. Twilight turned the device to face Rainbow and began to explain how the device works. After a three minute explanation, Rainbow Dash understood what to do, only one problem, "Twilight, how do I hold this?" she said as it was being fumbled around in her hooves.

"Oh right, I guess you could just lay it down somewhere and press down on the buttons." That works. Dash walked over to the table and placed the device facing up at her. She got herself comfortable with he buttons before playing. When she hit the power button, bright letters appeared on the screen, spelling out 'Tetris: Press Start."

Rainbow Dash did what it said and pressed start. A group of blocks fell down to the bottom of the screen at a slow pace. She pressed down on the directional pad, as Twilight called, and the square pattern dropped immediately to the bottom. And thus began a round of Tetris. Patterns of blocks fell out at a regulated pace and soon were finally disappearing. It went on for minutes, hours, heck, Dash didn't care and didn't know how much time had passed, but this game, 'Tetris,' was all that mattered for the time being. Panic settled in as the blocks began to reach the top. With a stroke of luck, she was able to clear s few rows. "Yea!" She yelled victoriously. The patterns of blocks started to appear more r as pidly and the game was becoming more intense.

The blocks had finally reached the top and a different set of lettering appeared. One that meant the end. 'Game Over: High score 9001.' The game was just getting exciting too. Dash threw her hooves in the air letting out a frustrated growl. "You lost?" She heard from behind her. Instead of voicing an snswer, she just nodded her head. Twilight had an odd smile plastered on her face. "What was your score?"

Dash looked back at the device, "9001," she replied with confidence.

"Wow, that's pretty... low actually." Twilight said, "I'm surprised somepony like you can't beat my high score."

"What was it?"

“Around fifteen thousand." Twilight boasted, “It's a lot easier when you can just have gloating in front of you, plus you were only playing for about five minutes."

Rainbow Dash was about to leave when she remembered why she came to the library in the first place. . "Hey Twilight, did you get the new Daring Do book yet?"

“You mean 'Daring Do and the Crystal Ponies?" She replied.

"Obviously, it's the only one that has come out for the past two months."

"I don't have it, but I can order some copies this week."

"Alright, well see ya Twi'." Rainbow Dash said as she headed out the door and took off towards her house. 'Today was a complete waste of time,' she thought to herself on the way back yo her cloud house.

Author's Note:

I feel I just completely wrote them out of character. Anyway, have some related dubstep

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Comments ( 9 )

Well alrighty then, this story entertained me so... Have a like

That was... short. And somewhat unfulfilling.

First Tretris crossover!

... And it's ok.

what did i just read? whaterver it was it was ok

2943304 It was an idea that I half-assed at four in the morning.

2943606 well It served its purpose as a entertaining read and i like the DragonBall Z refrence. its kinda funny i read this at 4 in the morning

I Was Playing Tetris While Reading These

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