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With the release of Season 4, this Encyclopedia is to be considered outdated.

Equestria. A land we know, a land we love. Or so we think. But do we really know it? What stories lie hidden behind the veil of time? What miraculous places, what strange creatures yet wait to be discovered?

Meet Ink Blot, senior librarian of Canterlot and his life's work in making: Ink Blot's Unassorted Encyclopedia of Absolutely Everything (Ever). Article by article, let him unravel his homeworld to you. And who knows - historians lie. Maybe you know a story that he's never heard of?

A collection of headcanons concerning Equestrian history and geography, and an invitation for dicussion and exchange of ideas. Set in a fully humanized Equestria and aimed to portray a more serious background in the style of classical fantasy novels.

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Despite its brevity, it is rather a good read this far. Though I believe you mean prize student, no? And maybe strife, because how strive is there seems off.

2628229 Ah yes, the finer tunes of the English language. :derpytongue2:

Thank you for pointing that out. I am editing and adding the rest of the prepared articles as I write this.

Yet again in this chapter I have to point out you use words that are spelled similarly but mean different things. Retro perspective and there for example.

2628247 Do so, do so, your help is appreciated.

I was unaware your story was humanized. Now I know. I would mention that earlier. I was taken by surprise and bewilderment when Discord had hands and arms.

2628291 Well it is mentioned in the story's description...

I prefer this story of discord more than any other;

also, i like what you did with the names (discord and melody both being from music)

by the way, why did you humanize this story? You haven't gotten any benefits from it so far, and it could be written just as well with ordinary ponies. Loving the story though!


3093112 I have two answers for that.

The first is a personal one: as mentioned, I aim to build a classical fantasy world with epic and dramatic elements. The thing is that I simply can't get that fantasy kind of feeling when the heroic warrior who goes out to slay the dragon and save the princess is a pastel coloured horse. Ponies, to me, are cute and colourful most of all. If things get serious, bloody and dramatic, I simply prefer humanization for effect.

The second is a pragmatical one: the main reason why I ever started writing down my headcanon was for it to serve as a background for a LARP character of mine, nothing more. It's actually that way around: I've always wanted to play a Night Guard, but in order to convincingly do so, I needed an extensive background for him. What places would he know, when and where would he have lived, what people would have influenced him and of course: what is a Night Guard, anyways? It's funny that you would ask now, as I just completed the article concerning him; it will be part of the next chapter.

And once again I thank you. I am glad to see that people can enjoy what I have to offer.

Nice to have another chapter after so long, some great world building and funny at the end. well done!:twilightsmile:

3323501 I apologize for the long delay. I am a slow writer and this has been a particularly long article. The next and final one for now is mostly finished and should be published soon. After that, I will try and switch to actual storytelling in the universe that has been set up here.

much like a pegasus’ wings or the ears of a unicorn.

wait..what? I Don't understand.

an extremely peaceful race since ancient times

you've obviously never read Fallout: Equestria

interesting chapter though.

much like the claws of eagles

talons, not claws

3378139 Thanks for pointing out the former, I will revise that part.

3378156 Corrected, thank you.

3556619 Well - no. What makes you think it is?

3558854 It just looked familiar somehow.

3558857 The entire thing is in its form a faithful adaption of the I Ching, the Book of Changes, an ancient Chinese oracle book. One tends to stumble over fragments of it now and then.

Well, this was a very entertaining read. Your world building is great, the flow seamless and the have emotional impact. I especially the liked the parts about the Night Guard.

There is just one minor detail that irks me. Clearly Earth Walkerss are defined by their stronger bodies, Pegasi are defined by their wings but what defines Unicorns? Except their magic of course. Horns? A mark on the forehead/back of their hands? Having a magicaly adept human spezies called Unicorns, well, that just don´t sits right with me.

5318679 Elven ears, with bony protrusions turning them hard and sharp like horns. I still use regular elven ears for my LARP character, but I'm working on those.

And thank you, of course, for your compliments. I see that as ever, German writing attracts German readers.

Interessting idea. The fact that you LARP as a Night Guard too.

And what do you mean? You are a german writer?

5319369 Yup. Which is the issue, as most German writers I cannot write English - I can write German in English. Style and lingual flow remain German, which would be why it feels as natural to you and as awkward to a native speaker.

It´s not an "issue", it is "literary spice".^^

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