• Published 10th Feb 2012
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Best Friends Forever - DeadlyRose

The mane six know they'll be friends forever- right? Or maybe not...

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Chapter 1: A Whole New Beginning

Pinkie sat on the curb with Gummy, her pet alligator. Gummy started to crawl away from the the bored Pinkie Pie, but she squeezed him closer to her.

"Boy," she thought. "That was one party yesterday." Pinkie Pie thought of all her five best friends- Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Twilight Sparkle. She knew there was something special about all of them; a bond unbreakable. It was Gummy's second birthday party, and it was tiring. She ran back to Sugarcube Corner, drips of strawberry ice cream on the floor, slices of leftover rotten cake on the brown table- and caramel apples sticky goo drooling on the floor! She had to clean this mess up. She slid the cake into the trash can, wiped clean the floors, and then-

Boing! "Uh oh. My pinkie senses tell me- that..." she twitched her ear, burped, and shook her leg. "It's going to rain! I have to get ready for Gummy's playdate with Angel!" she ran upstairs to the attic to find her umbrella hat, and Gummy's miniature hat. She ran back down, tightly placing the hats upon their two heads. Pinkie Pie held Gummy, and saw the rain drizzling. As she walked to Fluttershy's cottage, the rain started getting heavier. By the time she rang the doorbell, the rain was at it's fullest. Pinkie Pie and Gummy wasn't wet, but all the other ponies around the corner got drenched, including Twilight Sparkle, who was running back to the library on the sidewalks. The door opened.

"Hi, Pinkie Pie. Is Gummy ready for the playdate?" Fluttershy whispered, the fireplace from behind her filling the room with fruity aroma and warmth. "You betcha!" squealed Pinkie Pie, her teeth glistering in the light. A furry white creature hopped near Fluttershy's side. Pinkie Pie gently placed down Gummy, which Angel hopped around.

Suddenly, the door opened again. It was Twilight, with her pet Owloysious. From behind her, the other 3 ponies- Rarity and her cat, Rainbow Dash and Tank, Applejack and Winona.

"We all came for the playdate," Twilight explained. "Sorry we were late." Fluttershy approved. "Alright. " They usually played in the park, but since the rain, their playdate was indoors.

They all placed their pets down, as Fluttershy went to the oven. The gang sat down on the leather couch, as Fluttershy removed her mittens, and stamped the cookies into a heart. Then, she frosted it pink, and placed the cookies on a plate. She passed the plate around to the others. "Happy Valentine's Day..." she spoke quietly. They all crunched on the sweet sugar cookies.


Princess Celestia was watching the ponies. Her crystal eye had never failed her. They were having a good time. But she knew their friendship would break... Once Discord returns. "No need to worry Celestia, they're enjoying it." But Celestia knew something horrible was going to happen. She just couldn't trace where it's presence was...

Celestia had walked into the massage spa, where two reluctant ponies led her into the mud bath, where Luna was relaxing. She had done a hard job, defeating enemies from the underworld now and then. What she needed was a full massage. The two goddesses sunk into the mud, a vibration on their backs. Their cutie marks disappears so deep into the mud, Celestia's skin going from white to brown. The two sisters spread their wings, allowing the two ponies to dab the coolest herb juice on their wings, oil around their mane. "Nothing to worry about..." babbled Celestia. "Nothing at all."


Discord, who was a statue, crackled. Fire surrounding his legs, all the creatures spreeing, the bushes burnt by his envy touch. He was definite- the indestructible scales glowing in various colors, his eyes looking left to right. He was looking for revenge, and he had the other crystal eye. He held on to it, slowly inserting the crystal eye into his empty socket. Now, he could see all of Equestria, as much as Celestia could see. Once he grabs the other eye, he would be able to stone Celestia, and break friendship of not just the elements of harmony, but the whole wide world. Then he knew, the reign of Chaos would be ruled by the supreme ruler- Lord Discord.


"Good bye everypony!" Fluttershy waved. The others waved back, and left for their home. The sun began to set, and the orange skies was beautiful to see. Fluttershy closed the door. Then she remembered- where was Angel? She followed a trail of blood drips, which led to her room. "Oh my!" she screamed. Little Angel Bunny was bleeding on her left foot, which was jabbed by a spike.

Fluttershy taped a piece of a bandage on her foot, but the blood seeped out of it, making stains on her little bed. She tried to take the spike out, but it was in too deep. She ran to the vet hospital, carrying the poor bunny with her. When she arrived, the lights were off. She kept running every corner to find the light switch. A tall figure approached Fluttershy.

"Who are you?" Fluttershy squeaked, noticing the shadow from behind her. The figure turned on the flashlight, and soon..

Blood poured down like juice. But it wasn't the bunny's blood, but Fluttershy's.


Twilight Sparkle was organizing her books, learning new spells everyday. It was just yesterday when she gave Spike a real moustache, and now today she made voo-doo dolls. Princess Celestia would be proud of her. Speaking of her, where is she? Twilight hasn't recieved a single bit of letters since last week.


Celestia got up quickly. "Continue the massage for Luna. I must check on my crystal eye." she flew near her golden throne, the crystal eye where it was before. She laid a big sigh, and went to take a shower. The water was short, and her mane was all muddy. When she pressed the shower button, it broke. Celestia didn't get on her bad side yet. She got a pail and a bucket and washed herself off. Luna, who was still relaxing didn't realize the sun was setting. The light got dim, and she scurried off.

Something wrong was going on. Could Luna played a prank on her? No, of course not. How about Pinkie Pie? No, that wouldn't be right. When she went back to her throne, the crystal eye was missing. "Oh no no.. No no no.." she dug her hooves deep into her mane. Her mane started to poke out. Her eyes twitched. Her hooves throbbed. "No no no... If it falls in the wrong hands, it'll break all the friendship in the whole wide world! And I would be perished! No no..." her horn started to rapidly glow red. Her hooves wrinkled. She fell to the ground. "Losing power..." she choked.

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Wow, keep this up I love it so far.

206689 Thanks so much! I'll be tracking you too. I love my fans~


I'll be working on the next chapter- except it'll be longer.

Thanks again!
-DeadlyRose :pinkiehappy:

Now that was interesting. Good start, and this is one of my favorite concepts. Keep it up!

This is pretty good.

You should probably change it to "Discord, who was a statue, crackled." Actually, find a better way to phrase that instead of just stating "he was a statue." And remember that, while Discord is evil, he's mostly just chaotic and has a twisted sense of humor. You're making him a bit too dark.

Celestia's dialogue could use some improvement. She's more calm and regal. Even if she's worried about Discord's return, she'll still carry herself with grace.

Other than that, you've pretty much got everypony in character, so I commend you on that.

206843 I'll fix the small errors. Then it will be perfect!

206843 Celestia actually worried because she sorta knew evil was going to happen. She just doesn't want anything to happen to the six mares afterwards. And as in the picture, Discord is very evil, and even if I tried to make him funny, I can't cause I have a bad sense of humor. :pinkiehappy:

Any more comments?


209858 We comment when you give us reading material.

226494 So that means more chapters huh? ON IT. Will be on by this or next week. Pinkie Pie promise. What was it...? Cross my heart, eat a fly, stick a cupcake in my eye? LOL :yay:


226728 *Charges Kamehameha* I'll hold you to that.

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