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Pinkamena grows alive from Pinkie Pie's horror dream, and takes out revenge.

On the other hand, Twilight goes to Princess Celestia, who reveals Twilight's other half- a princess alicorn! Alicorn Twilight must stop Pinkamena and return things back to normal.

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...:trixieshiftleft::rainbowhuh: Interesting... if a little creepy. Tracked, I do say!:moustache:

207791 Thanks Mobius! If I tell you, I love horror. :pinkiecrazy: Muahahahaha!

JK. :D

>[Paranormal Activity:]
:applejackconfused: What was that meant to mean?

207821 Paranormal Activity is the freakiest thing ever. Just google it up. It's supposed to mean that Pinkie Pie is hallucinating. And it also means, oh shit. You think ghosts are real... And it's alive! Aaaahh!!! Yeah.

I'll fix the other errors too.

Ehm... a Cupcakes + Paranormal Activity crossover?
And Twilight will somehow have her other half separated which will turn out to be an alicorn?

... wat?

Not to mention that this needs a complete head-to-toe revision.

207941 No, no, you said it right. It is true. But where did the cupcakes come from? :ajsmug:

207941 And I've revised it from head to toe. What you said is the chronological order. I'm not wrong. :applejackconfused:

Beware all: You are reading a middle school girl's work.


the other half of twilight? does that mean
a. there are two twilights, one is a unicorn, the other a alicorn
b. twilight is an alicorn
just wanna make sure b4 i read:pinkiesmile:

A: like Pinkie Pie, she also has a counterpart, thanks to Celestia. Sorry, but the Twilight's transformation wont be in this chapter, but freaky things.... :applejackconfused:

When is chapter 2 going to come out? :flutterrage:

After all>>208196 Tomorrow or this week. It was uploaded today...

Oh gawd, I'm going to have trouble sleeping tonight because of your picture

208522 you're not the only one...

208062 you predicted the future :rainbowderp:

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