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Once a land dotted by patch-work nation states, Equestria was forged into a single nation by the Princesses Celestia and Luna thousands of years ago. The two Princesses were able to keep Equestria safe for a time, but Luna's transformation into Nightmare Moon sent the fledgling nation back centuries. Equestria suffered greatly during those years and recovered slowly while being besieged on all sides. With Luna returning from her banishment and the reclamation of the old Crystal Empire, the Age of the Princesses began and Equestria entered a new golden age. Other nations have became uneasy of Equestria's new found strength. War looms on the horizon once again but Equestria is ready. We are ready.

This series follows the various members of the 20th ERAD and their achievements.

* Some character's are not mine and belong to their respective owners.
*Anything linked I do not claim ownership over, EXCEPT my pictures.
*If there are any mistakes, please point them out as I am SURE I made a few somewhere. Constructive criticism is welcomed.

Visual references for the various tanks, characters, etc. can be found here ---> HERE

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Hmm. Not bad. Not bad at all.:twilightsmile:

Just to let you know, there's some minor spelling mistakes in this one.

Well there's this:

Smartmouth was no where near “fine”.

Only one I can remember at the top of my head right now, "no where" is actually suppose to be "nowhere".

Nice reference to the Battle of 73 Easting :twilightsmile:

Very well done, I applaud your efforts

3575908 I'm thinking about posting some of my old stories, the half-baked ones. Ones that I just thought up while I was derping :derpytongue2: away on Microsoft Word but never actually developed them any further.
Maybe it might amount to something eh, I don't know, I will probably put them up.
For now I stroke my mustache.

3576096 Well any story is a good story... there are a billion things wrong with that statement but you can't get better unless someone points our the flaws,:twilightblush: eh?

I should have the first chapter up by Christmas

“Yo, do ya even know who you’re talk’n to here Commander? Bonk is always ready!”

Uh, No. I'm the only scout here!

This is such a good read, I really do hope you come back and finish it.

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