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"This is the Voice: where YOU decide who wins! A show like no other, The Voice of Equestria is where four of the most influential ponies in Equestria, or more commonly known as the judges, pick their teams from a selected 160 lucky ponies. The judges will then have to split their teams into half as the semi finales. The winner will get a recording session with "Equestrial Studios", 1000 bits prize money and will be crowned Voice of Equestria! But there is one huge difference: the judges will have to pick their team with their backs turned, because here, only the voice matters. If more than one judge picks the contestant, the power shifts and the contestant decides. Right then. Lights, Camera, ACTION!"

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Seems legit. I'm in.

Cool dude but why don't you just let people message you when you pick who wins?

The sad truth is that my power lies in the written word and not my voice :applejackunsure:
But this seems fun so I'll track it :pinkiehappy:

I love ya. Kisses and a whole big present for ya: a package of tracking and a cookie of favorites. Want it?

:yay: :raritystarry: :pinkiehappy:

sounds cool, I'm in:moustache:

:pinkiegasp: U LIKE IT?!
I DON'T pick who wins! You give an email to the email address, I count the votes, the contestant with the lowest votes is out. If the votes are the same, I'll let u know and u will have to cash in the votes one more time. :scootangel:
Sorry for the inconvenience! :twilightsmile:

No I know that you ment that but why email why not just messages I don't know about you but I don't want to give away mine.

Oh... I just thought that more people will read this story because no one knows how many votes, and it gets them eager to find out. In short, people like surprises!
And if you don't want to give away your email address it's okay just to send me a message. :raritywink: I totally understand what you mean: give away email address to stranger. It's fine and feel free to message me! :rainbowkiss:

This is quite interesting. So the contestants are from other fics? Sounds sweet! :pinkiehappy:
Though for it being a show filled with song, it's kinda hard to get the "feel" of the music seeing as... well, there's no music :ajbemused:
Still, this looks good. I can't wait to see who's next :pinkiehappy:

This looks pretty good, that or I just really like the idea of a singing MLP show or something along those lines. Keep it up! :pinkiehappy:

I get what your at, Glassed. You know, I think I'll add in a link to the song. U know what I mean, utube has loads of these adele songs sung by people other than adele. :ajbemused: Anyway, I'll choose the one that I think Incendia would sound like the most. :pinkiecrazy: I'm sorry about that, but that chapter WILL be updated. Any other issues? I personally think my description of the "Voice of Equestria" studios was crappy.
I'm glad u like it! There will be some major improvements though. Keep in mind that theres still <b> NINETY FIVE</b> contestants to go. And please vote when u can. Also please send your ideas for which characters I should use, and I will ask permission of the author(s). :scootangel:

226731 I'm not seeing that many issues...
But why is the lyrics all the way to the right?
And yeah, I see what you mean about the studio description :rainbowwild: You know? I don't think you even need to describe it :rainbowderp: Just leave that to the reader :pinkiehappy:

Well you do know that it will turn readers off if you keep using U as a word and not a letter right. o-e

:unsuresweetie: O...kay.
I just shorten the word in comments because YOU is two more letters to write, you get me? :pinkiecrazy:
:pinkiegasp: Your right. I should probably delete the description and the alignment of the song...:ajbemused: I put it centre but when I update/upload the chapter it happens. You get me? :twilightsheepish:

Hey Flame-Phoenix!:pinkiehappy: I was wondering if you were still working on this story? So far I love it, but I haven't seen you update in a while.:fluttershysad: Please update soon!:twilightsmile: I'll go crazy if I wait much longer!:pinkiecrazy:

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