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"This is the Voice: where YOU decide who wins! A show like no other, The Voice of Equestria is where four of the most influential ponies in Equestria, or more commonly known as the judges, pick their teams from a selected 160 lucky ponies. The judges will then have to split their teams into half as the semi finales. The winner will get a recording session with "Equestrial Studios", 1000 bits prize money and will be crowned Voice of Equestria! But there is one huge difference: the judges will have to pick their team with their backs turned, because here, only the voice matters. If more than one judge picks the contestant, the power shifts and the contestant decides. Right then. Lights, Camera, ACTION!"

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Fluttershy is now an Alicorn and is greatly affected by Twilight's death; will she and her friends be able to face the mysterious Crimson Mare, or has Twilight died in vain? *Sequel to Fading Friendships*

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When one of the mane six passes away, the others start to fall apart... one by one.

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