• Published 18th Dec 2011
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Fading Friendship - flame phoenix

When one of the mane six dies... the others find it hard to cope.

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Chapter 4- Rainbow Dash

I. Am.The. Most. Stupidest. Pony.In all of Equestria! I could have stopped her from falling to her death but... You cool guys don't know what I'm even talking about! Please don't hate me when I tell you the truth! Please, I had enough hate to last for my entire life! Where to start: The storm or the conversation? It will have to be the storm. *Flash back to earlier*

We didn't know what caused the storm, and how it couldn't be stopped; I was darting all over the place, looking for lost fillies,colts and every pony else who needed saving. I wasn't bragging or anything, I learnt my lesson about that. I found Heart Strings trying to protect her friend Bon-bon's filly; she was sobbing that Bon-bon was killed by a loose roof beam. The filly was named Sugar Puff, and needed some where safe to go; before I could take the filly, a yellow blur landed beside. It was Spitfire! I looked at her in awe as she heaved both Heart Strings and Sugar Puff on her back.
"Go to the Princess and tell her to move her too-important-for-such-occasions-royal hind quarters!" Spitfire yelled over the hubub; "And also tell her that the Wendigo's send their love!"

I looked at the sky; gigantic white heads were weaving in and out of the black storm clouds. I climbed into the sky faster than I ever did; Canterlot was looming before me like a silent graveyard in just a couple of minutes.
For one thing, it was completely deserted; I found that odd, since the Princesses usually had loads of guards out. Some thing told me that there had to be some pony inside, there just had to; I wandered through the courtyard and knocked on the heavy door. No answer. I knocked again, louder. No response.

Forgetting manners I prepared to knock the doors down; I flew a couple of feet away before charging full speed at the door. To my surprise, it actually opened at the slightest touch. I hurtled down the corridor and hit the wall; I left something warm trickle down muzzle, but even so I was shocked at what I saw: the walls were bare, the furniture was gone, even the freakin' carpet was missing! I must admit, I was scared. There were only a few dusty oil lamps and a note on the floor left; I picked it up and read:
Dear reader, you must be simply shocked to see that we have abandoned you; we have moved to a country where we are appreciated and better located. We would like you to know that we are holding an Element of Harmony prisoner in the astronomy tower, so that you will not be able to defeat the Wendigos. By the time you read this, she will be most likely dead; if not she's a tough nut, but will be dead in due course.
Yours Royally,
Princesses Celestia and Luna

I couldn't believe what I had read. What the heck was going on? A strangled sort of moaning was coming louder and louder. For the first time in my life, I felt truly scared, defeated; I was loyal to the princesses, and they were loyal to their subjects. It just didn't sound right, for them just to give up and hide.
"Rainbow...Dash..." The moaning was louder than ever; something was here, and it knew me.
"What or who are you? Show yourself, I'm not afraid!" I hoped I sounded braver than I felt.
Silence; then the clanking of chains could be heard as something moved into the light. "HOLY SHIT!" I yelled; It was- Gilda. But not the Gilda I knew.

She was horribly thin, feathers almost white; her rib-cage was visible and there were bald patches all over her. But the worst feature was her eyes- They were tiny mirrors! Her back leg was bent at a awkward angle as she scampered towards me, tears leaking out of her mirror-eyes.
"Rainbow! She has your friend in the astronomy tower! Please go, go! Dash, fly!"
I just stood there, stunned; Gilda was covered head-to-toe in chains.
"GO!" she shrieked. "GO DASH! It's my fault if she dies! JUST GO!"

I was still stunned but I flapped my wings until I was air born; I flew over to the first tower I encountered. Then the second. Then the third. Then fourth. It was only the fifth when I hit jackpot. She was hanging, suspended over the edge of the astronomy tower, legs akimbo; beside her stood a tall, black Alicorn. My first thought was of Nightmare Moon, but this Alicorns cutie mark was different: it was a blue swirling vortex, with a skull in the middle, barely noticeable.

"Took you long enough," she sneered; "Not as fast as they say, are you? Oh well, me and your friend have had a nice conversation; too bad I have to end it now."

She cut her loose with her horn; I screamed and attacked her, not caring about how I will go into prison for it. I bit her, scraped her, gave her hell for all I was worth; "Filthy pegasus!" She yelled; "Get off me!"
She tried to impale me with her horn but I dodged and tried to rip her mane off. She screamed and hurled me out the window.

The wind was bitterly cold against my cheek as I fell, making no effort to save myself; my pride was gone, my friend was gone, my life was gone, my world was gone: she was dead, and I could have saved her- but no, little Dashie-has-more-important-things-to-deal-with didn't!
A single tear fell down my cheek, and I heard her: "Don't die Rainbow. Be loyal to our friends. They need you."
Without consciously thinking I flapped my wings and glided into a tree in the Ever Free forest. She was right; my friends need me and I need my friends.

Christmas- no longer the happy celebration, but now a time for mourning and sadness- had never felt so dull to me. Pinkie Pie now had a permanent hair-do, Applejack's non-alcoholic cider felt more bitter than before, Rarity moved out of town.
The will she had left was examined and I now owned all the books on flight and my now most treasured possession: a photograph of me and my friends.

I will never forget her: never. Even though she is gone, she-she will always have a part of my heart.

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