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Equestria and much of the civilized world was destroyed in a devastating war, following a seventeen year buildup. Many played a part in it: including the former Wonderbolt and war-hero Fleetfoot, whose contributions to the Equestrian war effort as a civilian contractor had a significant role to play in bringing about the end of the world.

A hundred and seventy four years following the explosive conclusion of the Great War between Equestria and the Roam Empire, Emerald Dawn; a young pegasus stallion schoolteacher in the far off and isolated town of Derbyshire is forced to seek a new home and livelihood for himself, and finds himself immersed in the tragic tales that constituted the end of the world, and the turmoil it wrought.

'In Her Shadows' is set twenty-five years before kkat's excellent Fallout Equestria novella, and seeks to explore some of the more intricate and subtle elements leading up the the destruction of Equestria; and is in some ways, an experiment on different styles of writing.

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this looks good so far :yay:

I must say, you have the dull history lecture thing down pat. I was even starting to nod off. :derpytongue2:

2758868 It had to be that way to provide backstory, and this seemed to be the best way to present the information. :twilightblush: I will admit it took me a while to justify and figure how ponies came to be out that far, and sustain themselves.

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