A Bioshock Big Daddy wakes from his stasis in Equestria, and subsequently adopts an unwilling Apple Bloom as his little sister. This is the short tale of the events that followed his awakening.

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Me and my friend David were normal at one point. I’m fairly certain being gamers is normal. That is until one day, some abomination pops up out of nowhere and says, “Let’s go on an adventure!” Now, I’m an emotionally unstable sentient virus who’s trying to find his place in the world by just going with the flow. I’ve also noticed that someone’s watching me and seemingly preventing me from something... Anyway, maybe I should explain how I got to my position. It all started when I was talking to my friend...

(Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN: Prototype, Bioshock, Off, Undertale, Persona, Dishonored, or any other games I reference in this story! I could not add all the necessary tags! Also, the Sex tag is for references or jokes to sex.)

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In the land of Equestria, everything is peaceful and everybody lives in harmony.

But for good to exist, evil must also exist.

So for a land to be so peaceful, the evil must have been contained, sealed, imprisoned.

Every evil, corrupted, sadistic and damned soul has ended up in this place, and has never escaped

A prison so far in contrast to the rest of Equestria, even the princesses themselves would have trouble surviving the corrupted landscape and evil creatures.


And every prison needs a jailer

So, for when the first time in eons, something escapes from Tartarus, Equestria will bare witness to the song of the jailer, and his foes will tremble when it chimes

So sing praise to the Songbird

For he is the Jailer of the damned

Displaced, tags may change

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Hi, my name is Kaiyo, but you can call me Delta. In fact, I would even go so far as to say don't call me Kaiyo. I don't know why I stopped using my name, but now... Delta just feels like me. Anyway, this all started one day when my sister and I went to a convention, and I went as Subject Delta while my sister went as Merry Nightmare.
I had a feeling about that guy, sold me a jar of Adam with the infinity sign on it and told me all of the stuff that'll come with it, but I ignored it. Now, now I'm an adoptive father for a strange creature in a world that feels familiar, and I'm also turned into Subject Delta.

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Twilight Sparkle is always delighted when her mentor Princess Celestia invites her to Canterlot to talk, and all the more now since she's the designated heir to the Equestrian throne. Celestia even got her this neat new shortwave radio!

A Random Comedy-type Crossover one-shot which is just one big Bioshock reference. A spiritual successor to Mi Amore Cadenz-Ur, a similar video game shitpost whose reception I was pleasantly surprised with.

EDIT: Heh, Non-mature featured 3/20/20. Heh.

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After Twilight Sparkle became an Alicorn Princess everything was going to be just fine; and for a time, everything was: Equestria began expanding at an alarming rate, with amazing breakthroughs in technology and lower crime rates everywhere. However, things never stay perfect forever. Little by little, Equestria's rule has become more and more dictatorial, with violence in the streets and ponies mysteriously disappearing for speaking out against Princess Celestia; and Twilight Sparkle is at the centre of it. A stallion named Shining Armor is able to see the truth beneath the layers of deception. He heads to the city of Canterlot to rescue his sister and get her away from all of it. He knows that his sister is in trouble and he will be saving her from a terrible fate, but throughout his adventure, he will uncover a horrifying series of events and a plot that threatens all of Equestria.

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