During the Great Winter almost all of the Nobles left many Ponies behind, only caring about themselves and not sparing a thought as they left there to the mercy of the cold and frozen wastes. All but one, a young Noble refused to leave the "lesser Ponies" behind, and was abandoned with them.

It was thought for over a thousand years that they had perished from the cold, lost to history never to be found again.

Until other counties, the Griffin Nations in particular, started talking about a small county inhabited by Ponies of not just the original three tribes but many other types of Ponies as well from hybrids to the unlucky ones changed by Chaos magic.

Princess Celestia had heard the stories for years but was never able to look into them herself because of multiple factors, like the return of her sister. Now that Princess Luna has returned and has been freed of Nightmare Celestia finally has the chance to look into these stories but because of her duties she is unable to do it herself so she sends her Student Twilight Sparkle and her friends to search for this "Lost Pony Country" and see if the stories are true.

Either Celestia nor Twilight and her friends where prepared for what they found.

So this little idea sort of started as just a thread post on a group I'm a member of (though the post was removed a few hours after, not that it's a problem. My guess was it was seen as self-promotion which I didn't intend at all.) and the ones who commented said it was a good base for a story and after thinking for a bit I agreed with them, so here it is.

There will be some references to Monster Hunter but not enough to be considered a crossover as none of the creatures or such will appear, just some ideas and concepts at the base level.

I will add a cover art when I can find a good enough picture.

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Sombra has won, and the Element of Magic is presumed dead or missing. Equestria has assumed the former. As the country prepares to defend itself, there is a rumor of a weapon that Sombra has that forces Celestia and Luna to rethink their defence. When they think they cannot have worse news, they find out that not everyone in Sombra's army is brainwashed.

Twilight was Sombra's prisoner. And yet, he hadn't killed her. Instead, he presents to her an offer that will change everything.... but she still has a plan in mind.

Have you ever heard of the saying, "The ends justify the means"?

Written by iAmSiNnEr
Cover Art by Zig-WORD

I am unsure if this will work. Hmm....
Updates are completely irregular, my writing schedule is :twilightoops:

If you have any comments, advice or notice any grammar mistakes, do leave them in the comment section below, I'd appreciate them :)

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The city of Canterlot is split into 14. 13 districts and the head. When Scootaloo’s name is picked out, Sunset Shimmer volunteers. Her other tribute, Flash Sentry is chosen, her ex boyfriend. Together, they must compete against their old friends, and new friends, and find out who will live... and who will die.


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King Thorax of the changeling Kingdom, Spike's best friend, and Twilight's crush was assigned to help prepare for a feast held in Canterlot castle. However, during the obligation, Thorax has been in a stressful mood due to something that has happened a while ago during the Canterlot invasion. So, Twilight will comfort him. Will she succeed?

New story! I hope you all will enjoy this one! Also, I do not own My Little Pony. It belongs to Hasbro. And the coverart I'm using belongs to Halonna on Deviantart.

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After Izuku was attacked by the sludge villain, All Might was able to apprehend him without incident. Izuku never gets One For All, and the last words he heard from All Might were "you cannot be a Hero".

Izuku finds himself torn on how to move forward, but fate had decided to intervene. After an impactful meeting with a certain Alicorn princess, Izuku finds another way forward. He just wished that path wasn't so extreme.

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After blacking out in the middle of Ponyville, Bass String awakes to find out that not only has Equestria lost half of it's color, but also everypony has gone missing. Listen to his tapes to find out what happened.
(This is my first fanfic, so dont expect it to be great.)

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Hey. My name is Melodious Crescendo. I used to a semi plain unicorn. Now I’m an alicorn in another dimension living with Sunset Shimmer. Here’s how that happened and some more after that.

References to MANY other fics. Most of the credit goes to the Rulesverse and the Dead by Sunset stories.

Chapters (4)

“I just wanna be left alone,”

On a regular day in ponyville, A new pony moves into town. Normally this wouldn’t be that big of a deal to your average pony. The town has gained increased popularity via it being the residence of the Elements of harmony.

So why is this pony so important? Well, he isn’t. Compared to everyone else, he’s just a regular pony. Rather nice, Good at what he does, and a little paranoid.

Actually, maybe he’s a bit more paranoid. Also, he always stays inside, watching the TV. And, he always wears a mask when outside. Also, why does he always carry a box cutter?

If you couldn’t tell, this was inspired by the character Brightside, by Ceramic skin studios.

I hope that I be the first one to write about this golden character.

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Warning: The following story you are about to read contains mentions of violence, death, the afterlife, F/M, M/M, sex (don't panic, all the characters that do so will be 18, consensual and mentioned breifly), talk of sex, suicide, and figuring what to do with eternity. If you are uncomfortable with one or many of these things, you know where the exit button is. 

Neither Gallus nor Sandbar expected to die so early, but at least it was dying while saving the world. With their lives over, all that they expected was a simple slip into darkness for eternity. Never did they imagine that what awaited them was paradise for their deeds and actions.

Of course, one doesn’t just accept or come to terms with their sudden death. Especially at such a young age. There are regrets, questions, and discoveries about oneself that come with the prospect of being welcomed into Heaven. Some of these experiences can be welcoming and others can be sorrowful moments in an otherwise bright and happy world.

Yet, perhaps the biggest experience is one that will see the two bond past the flames of friendship and into the waters of love. After all, everything is possible in the afterlife. 

Co-Written by: Rated Ponystar
Edited by: TheAncientPolitzanian and Babroniedad
Cover Art by: LupiArts

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This story is a sequel to Incarnate

Twilight Sparkle is now the sole of the throne of Equestria. With the exchange of power though also comes a change of the guard and those that loyally served the Solar and Lunar princesses. While much of the palace staff chose to stay on to assist the new ruler some positions required change following retirements and resignations. One such opening was the Captain of the Royal Guard. There were many qualified candidates available, but with so much uncertainty only one Twilight truly trusted above all others to get the job done better than the rest. Tempest Shadow.

After some talking and convincing, Tempest accepts the position, but that does not mean the guard and the rest of Canterlot is ready to accept her.

Takes place timeline wise following Season 9 and includes my own tweaks and changes that occurred in Incarnate months earlier.

Chapters (2)
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