This story is a sequel to Titanfall: Equestria

A hundred years after the deaths of the Element of Harmony users. The Lunar Republic, Crystal Empire, and many others are in a state of war. The real start came when the New Independent Rainbow Factory created the first ever Titan. With a Consciousness, sapient creature that was capable of 'piloting the Titan. Other countries took to buying their own Titans.

Then, modifying each with their selected traits to battle against each other. The Nightmare Titan, is passed on to another Consciousness. Nightmare Von Driver died bravely in battle, after damaging the Solar Titan. His experiences were recorded in the Titan's database, how will the next user take on the legacy of the previous?

Original by Swagdaddy_69--Mojowuq9 who asked me to take on this story.

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Persona 5 / MLP Crossover.

Her Majesty Princess Celestia, the Prideful self-styled Goddess of the Sun and mother of all sins who crossed the thin line between righteousness and self-righteousness.

You are the the ruler who hides her hunger for power behind lies and facetious benevolence while condemning an entire race to extinction.

We have decided to make you confess all your crimes with your own mouth.

We will take your distorted desires without fail.


The Phantom Thieves of Hearts.

When a huge chunk of Equestria appeared floating above Japan surrounded by a bright golden barrier, everybody panicked until Celestia appeared before them with promises of friendship and peace…

But then things changed.

The Barrier soon started growing, engulfing everything on its path and killing every human it touched while leaving behind everything else, albeit “Purified”.

Even Celestia changed, and what once were promises of camaraderie and brotherhood, became veiled threats:

“The Barrier cannot be stopped, we are sorry.”

“We cannot control it, but you can still be saved! Convert! Become a pony! Become one of us and the Barrier and the Magic of Equestria will no longer hurt you!”

But while some believed the words of this gentle mare, others felt mistrust and fought back, turning the offer of Conversion into an obligation:

Convert or Die.

All while still begging Humans to accept, even when Conversion showed dire downsides to the humans undergoing it.

But there is no longer time, if the humans can’t decide, the Ponies will decide for them: Conversion! Conversion at all cost!

And from the shadows of despair, a last spark of hope emerged!

A group of young forgotten heroes, called back in action by the Staff of the Velvet Room to enact the Greatest theft in history!

It’s time for the Phantom Thieves to return, and steal the purest hearts of them all before those too fall into Distortion!

Equestria will never see it coming.

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Rainbow Dash, a royal maid, is mourning the death of her dear herbalist friend, Fluttershy. Little does she know that Fluttershy has chosen Rainbow to fulfill her last request. She wants Rainbow to kill her coltfriend.

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A galactic war rages on. Twelve chosen to become six legendary warriors. The young six never thought they would be anything more. but, destiny has a great way of showing you their is more than meets the eye. For, they are bonded to six other alien creatures. creatures who were chose, just like they were. To become the Saol warriors. Warriors who could drawn unlimited power from the Saol crystal.

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Equestria was just a game, one of an endless number of semi-illicit online games created to take advantage of the ubiquity of cheap augmented reality hardware. But that changed, when for no reason anyone knows, the virtual population of Equestria woke up.

Two decades have gone by since then, and the world has been transformed. The former game network has grown to encompass the backbone of trade, infrastructure, and research the western world over. Its vast computational resources have given rise to an infinitely subdivided world of overlays and sublayers, coterminous with the various cities and towns within Equestria. Every person in the modern world is assigned a Synth, a pony personal assistant that adapts to their needs and helps them access those parts of the world governed by Equestria's systems.

It is a world Dakota barely remembers, thanks to an automobile accident that turned most of her body to mush. But thanks to the medical miracles created by joint equestrian-human research, her life is saved by a remarkably new series of implants.

But Dakota isn't content to sit around while her body slowly knits itself together. There are unanswered questions to answer, questions that will ultimately lead her to the oldest mystery of both worlds.

Updates every Saturday.

Sponsored on Patreon by the Illustrious Canary in a Coal Mine. Editing by Two Bit and Sparktail. Cover by Zutcha.

This isn't part of the Optimalverse, or any other established fan-universe.

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What is going on? What am I, where am I? Why do I walk through the dreams of abnormal horses? I was just a regular guy and now I'm walking through the dreams of sapient horses. My 'powers' rip me from this dimension to one that I'm never meant to set foot in. Why was I chosen, why am I so special? Is this some kind of joke or is it destiny? What purpose do I have here, why can't I just have a normal sleep? One dreamless night is all I ask for. Maybe this is all just a dream, or...maybe I'm dead.

Just, please, don't let the horse on the moon catch me.

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This story is a sequel to Insanity! Necromancy! Immortality! And... childhood?

For months, the Dovahkiin has chased Alduin. When he finally confronts him, Alduin barely escapes.

By running from his fate, he merely sealed it.

No creature runs from an Orc.

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Human kind was dying from its now toxic atmosphere that was full of a new chemical that poisoned them to no end. This new chemical allowed for the wildlife to evolve at a rapid pace allowing them to cope with their new environment while also making some sentient with new powers that could only be described as magical. Now the leading government plans to use this chemical and its mutations to escape their dying world to what they believe to be paradise.

They just have to take it first from both the nations of the planet and the experiments who have tasted what freedom truly is. Join this rag tag resistance as they do they're best to defend this peaceful, non-threatening world from their former slavers.

Act One, A Whole New World!

Act Two, War of the Worlds

Act Three, All That Remains

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A rather....unstable human shows up in Equestria and Celestia angers him. Tear doesn't like when someone angers it's host.

Tear's dialogue will be This colour

While the host's (Jonathan Jenkins) dialogue will be normal.

This will most-likely be a one-shot with maybe a second chapter. Also, this is a fic based on my Marvel fan character.

Also, if someone could draw cover art for this, that would be greatly appreciated.

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This story is a sequel to The GrimDark Reality

As the GrimDark universe creeps ever so much closer to normal Equestria, Silence realizes that unless Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, and himself find a solution soon, it'll be too late to stop it.

But things get even more dire when the VCR the tapes were playing on begins to show yet another video... One that none of them saw coming.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is actually the third book in the series. The second book was written by WannaFlugelHorn as a sequel, but I didn't want to copy it, so here's the link to it. Go check it out, and don't forget to check out my original story.

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