Michael's life is devoid of relationships. Be they familial, work, or romantic. But on one lucky night, he's given an opportunity.

This story is meant to fill in the wait for new "I am Ruin" chapters since my editor is slower than molasses.

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Being a pony from a human world is hard. Being a Queen's officer is harder.

No need to be familiar with the crossover source material ahead of time.

Thanks to Sledge115 and Raleigh for pre-reads, and various Discord denizens for idea bouncing.

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All she wanted was a Shamrock shake, smooth and cool, deliciously clover-y . . . but that's not what she got.

Merry May's been on Earth long enough to know that the pictures of food on a menu board and the actual food item received bear little resemblance. She hasn't yet figured out that there's sometimes outright deception. Shamrock Shakes contain no actual clover; they're not even clover-flavored.

Now with a reading by StraightToThePointStudio!

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This story is a sequel to Ms. Midshipmare Dash

Ensign Rainbow Dash, Royal Manticoran Navy, thought her past was behind her. She was wrong.

A sequel to Ms. Midshipmare Dash. It's by no means necessary to read the prequel first. 

A crossover with The Honorverse, but zero knowledge of that source material is needed. I created an Honorverse Crossover group.

Thanks to Samey90, Justified Paranoia, Mockingbirb, and Raleigh for pre-reading.

Cover art by commission with Harwick. This looks amazing, and big thanks!

Not an entry to any contest.

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Spartan-B312 A.K.A Noble six. The unsung hero and the only other Soldier designated as 'Hyper-lethal' of the Human-Covenant War. Were it not for her actions on Reach, the events that lead to victory over the Covenant and Flood would never have happened.

But that victory had a cost heavy price with Noble team dead and Six left on Reach as the Pillar of Autumn made for orbit.

Alone against the Covenant she was doomed. But she wasn't going to go down without a fight.

For three whole days, she fought. For three whole nights, she struggled against the full might of the Covenant on Reach. And on the third and final day, she fell.

Exhausted, battered, and beaten she was finally overwhelmed and presumably killed from what the helmet cam footage shows, the only thing remaining of the Spartan after the glassing of Reach was a broken helmet. But even after that, there is one constant that is never broken.

Spartans never die...They just go missing in action.

Now armed with a new equine body and armor to boot in a barren wasteland resembling the one she had just left behind, Six's Journey hasn't ended yet.

Cover art by the wonderful: Panini you can find them here
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I-I have no words to express how happy this makes me

Halo: Reach Crossover (And yes my Noble Six is female)

Character tags shall be added as the story progresses

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Somewhere in the multiverse is a special place. A pub in a seedy back alley in almost every city, yet it is all one pub. A pub with the image of a skull and crossbones, with two hands holding some ale.

A place where conquerors, dictators, murderers, and psychopaths can go and relax. Destress from a long day of laborious evil deeds, and even heal the wounds from encounters with heroes.

A place called the Villain Pub.

If you want a specific villain to appear, PM me the deets.

Not currently taking OC villains unless they're from a popular story on here.


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As I sit on this branch, looking at the town through the mangled, black branches, I began thinking about why I came here. About everything I left behind on Earth.

I wish I'd never have come here...

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This story has been redone. Also, A brilliant lad called Vlad decided to write a sequel. I seriously recommend reading that and following him.

Also, there's a prequel in the works!

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After losing her hive, Queen Chrysalis is forced to start another one. Luckily she has the help of a few loyal subjects who never accepted their fellow changelings new way of life. They must stay hidden from enemies, collect enough food to survive and rebuild their strength. Now the first brood has hatched and there is something very different about one of the larva.

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Spike is no stranger to getting roped into things, being helpful is practically his second nature. Sometimes though, it can be a little too much even for him.
Thankfully, he has somewhere to go when things get out of control.

Rated T for a few instances of cursing.

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This story is most likely an insight for my original trilogy, Soulborn, an epic space opera fantasy which I intend on publishing once I finish the first book.

After narrowly escaping the First Empire, Soulborn Jason Walker comes to the distant planet of Equis, where he will meet new challenges, such as friendship with ponykind, and experience new adventures he never thought would happen.

But, evil is on its way to capture Jason at all cost. Will the ponies of Equestria assist the human, or will he be doomed forever when the First Empire's commander, Skystrike, arrives on the planet? Hell's sure gonna break loose once the commander does.

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