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Poem #6 · 4:14pm Jan 17th, 2017

The Sea (6)

The sea with its rolling waves,
And with its warm shore,
And men strangely crave,
With its mysterious lure,
With its deep darkness,
And it's ragged rocks,
With their clear cut sharpness,
Many things does it block,
With its mysterious sadness,
And with its lost treasure,
It does drive men to madness,
And some it gives pleasure,
And with its many fish;
To some it will give a wish.


More Readings, Although Not Pony-Related · 11:34pm Nov 24th, 2015

In addition to geartechthelivingrobot's story Reflection (link: ), I managed to perform two poetry audio readings today. Here they are if you're interested.

The first is Hell Below by keybladeschosenone on dA.

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Just wanna say a few things... · 4:48am Mar 18th, 2017

Ok so first of all...I broke up with my girlfriend. We're still friends but it is a little awkward.

I also am writing the third chapter to Unique Worlds.

I need ideas for "Random Ideas Part 2" chapter in my Poems.

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Poems: My first blog post · 9:40am Oct 29th, 2016

Hey there! :twilightsmile:
This is actually my first blog post, so I don't really know how things work.

However, does anybody really know if poems are even allowed on here?
I wouldn't think so, I don't see any options for them and I never see them.
I do think a poem section would be cool however, as I've written a couple I would love to share about Celestia and Luna.

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The Glass Flower · 11:26pm Nov 7th, 2018

"By the light of the stars in the desolate dark, an island once sat in the sky;
And amidst sand and shale was a flower of glass, that once caught a spark by the eye.
And the spark said 'sweet bloom, I shall grant you a boon lest you perish amidst blighted loam;'
'If your lips have ne'er been kindly kissed by the green, then amidst it I'll grant you a home.'
And so the spark gave it a home."

"And the flower grew tall, and it glittered and gleamed, and its brilliance surpassed the light;

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Reading Rainbow's "One Full Day" Hardcopy Edition! · 7:02pm Apr 22nd, 2016

Hey, guys!

Do you all remember my story Reading Rainbow? Do you remember the story within the story that Rainbow Dash read to Twilight while laid up in the hospital? Did you ever want to hold and read that poem in your very own hands with your very own eyes?

Well, now you can!

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some poetry of imagery for you · 7:40am Nov 12th, 2017

Written by me (for class). It’s a long post, so click below to read.

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Poem #16 · 4:27pm Jan 17th, 2017

Masks of Shadows (16)

Staring with their beady eyes,
Their black soulless lies,
Peering out from a veil,
Hiding in the dark, ghostly pale,
Although not seen, death they reflect,
And also life, and shadows,
Showing not a mirror, but a lie,
Hiding the truth from the world,
But all the masks I see are shadows,
Shadows of death and the person,
They stare and laugh happily,
For it is the feast of death.


The Feather and The Stone · 11:42am Aug 29th, 2017

Oh look, another poem. This one was created for Seargent Spring to recite in the latest and last chapter of The Train Ride by Snuffy in a scene where the subject of racism comes up. Sadly for me, he declined to use it, but, I was so proud of it, I had to share it with y'all. I suppose part of the reason I'm so proud, is that while this was percolating in my head for about

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That Same Twisty, Terrible Gut Feeling... · 7:47pm March 9th

I thought it was over, sadness was gone,
But once again, That Twisty, Terrible Gut Feeling is back,
It really hurts to not admit it,
My depression is drawn,
It's painted black,
my body has been split,
What is next? Will more of these rhymes spawn?


Poem #9 · 4:20pm Jan 17th, 2017

Stars (9)

Shimmering, shining, splendid,
Beautiful, glittering, twinkling,
Wonderful, magnificent, bright,
High above the sky,
In their realm of space,
Floating like balls of light;
Some wonder, some say why,
How they always be in place,
High above, yet not out of sight,
For they always come out at night,
To guide the way,
To show the path,
To lead not away,
To illuminate knowledge,
Many men have glanced at them over the years,
But the mystery still remains the same.

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TheHeartsSisters 2016 Quotes and Poems · 2:33am Jan 1st, 2017


Thank you all for everything you've done or have helped on. Here's my FiM life in a nutshell! :heart:

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Hunted by Ducky McInk · 7:10pm Nov 26th, 2017

Dedicated to Monochromatic and the Book Bringers in general

A/N: Slight modifications for better beat.

Assume “I” is Twilight I guess.

You're walking through the castle,
There's no one around,
And your crystal is dead.
Then you spot her from the corner of your eye.
Ducky Ink.

You're looking for the exit, but you're all turned around.
She's almost upon you now.
And you can see ink on her face.
My goddess, there's ink everywhere!

Running for your life

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An Ode to E. Coli and other Reddit Poetry · 9:18am Jan 19th, 2016

When Little Timmy went for lunch,
He stopped, and cheerful, chose:
'The very best burrito-brunch,
Devoid of GMOs!'

He slowly paused to read the sign:
'We're proud to serve instead
Authentic food on which to dine -
Unmodified!' it said.

And so he gaily made his way
To step, content, inside.
But Timmy ate at Chipotle.
And Timmy fucking died.

- Poem for your Sprog, Reddit

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Poem #17 · 4:28pm Jan 17th, 2017

Masks (17)

Hidden, ghastly, a veil;
Hiding in the dark,
Showing a dark secret,
Fearing the light of day,

They hide the truth,
Yet they cannot hide forever,
At dawn they must unmask,
And then they must go.

They will go, yet they will return,
Return they will, at the full moon,
On a Halloween's eve,
And on a blue moon or a full moon,

They will return in the night,
On a chilly October eve,
On the equinox,
And on the solstice as well,

But rest assured,

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Hearth's Warming Icon · 1:49pm Nov 27th, 2016

(I should be much more sorry about this than I am.)

UPDATE: Song moved to the next blog posting!


Smile for the Camera · 12:03am April 18th

It does not matter, if you do not have energy. Two separate forces dictating our reality. What is matter, what is somatic, has ties to the energy that fuels it, though they depend on one another, their visits are not more than transient. Our bodies do not make energy. We invite it. Or we dismiss it. Sometimes, there is no choice to be made.

Happy Clean Filthy Friday~.


Absense of light · 12:41am Oct 20th, 2018

Long nights, starry skies, finding amazement in but a minute detail of the complexity that makes up our lives. Even the most common building blocks of our worlds house great mysteries. Every grain on the highway of live has its story, a mimicry of those that thread it. Highways, towards the infinite, towards the origin of light, we realize even illumination is a mystery. Our knowledge still outside the reach of its nature, what it is, why it behaves as it does.

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The Walkabout of Horse Voice · 12:59am Aug 9th, 2016

Last month, I spent ten days “back east,” visiting both sides of my extended family. It was a journey of self-discovery—I went in search of my own identity, and found more than I expected. Most of it was of personal interest only, but some anecdotes may prove amusing.

* * *

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New "Story": Thorax the Red-Nosed Bughorse · 6:02pm Nov 27th, 2016

Thorax the Red-Nosed Bughorse (and Other Hearth's Warming Carols)

The gaudiest bughorse of them all invites you to sing along to all your favorite "Why, FiM, why?!" moments! :yay:

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