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How long is the time from 24°° to 0°° · 4:16pm Oct 31st, 2015


Nightmare Moon
Had a goon
Long ago she slipped away
but she knew how to make you stay

They say that you have to fret
over her big pumpkin head
you should run from her light
during every Nightmare Night.

To escape from her grip,
that she does to make you trip.
If she have you eye to eye
you can say the world good bye.

The next day will never loom
as long Pumpkin has the room
to haunt a single soul that´s right
It will be always Nightmare Night.

The town of shadows you are now
nopony on their own that is a vow
The clocktower is full sweets
stolen away from Nightmare´s treats

Don´t go there it is a snare
To bind you and to keep you there
Pumpkin´s head is the only light
In the town of Nightmare Night

In her world the time stands still
everything goes by her will.
Everypony on their own
can´t escape her that has shown

Her eternal pumpkin field
is her weapon and your shield.
Flee to it, use it bright
and you escape her Nightmare Night.

Smash a pumpkin, seal your fate
she hunts you now, do not wait
grow some distance to the group
or you end up in her soup

Pumpkin is a nasty beast
provides the meal for the feast
to Nightmare Moon´s delight
you get cooked on Nightmare Night.

With your hooves full of seeds and brain
you are the next one to be slain.
Run and hope you are not alone
That this story is well known

That your friend are so insane
to free you from the bane
´cause she will find you, no way to hide
That is her world, her Nightmare Night

The clocktower never age
Eternity is Pumpkin´s wage
Hours, weeks, months or years
makes no difference it appears

Run you foals don´t get caught
don't waste the time has been bought
by your friend and might
you escape the Nightmare Night.

wash your hooves in the well
it is most important for the spell.
Now continue every part
watch closely and be smart.

Who needs to rest, who needs to eat,
Who will come back, Who is defeat
This place is different, no magic no flight.
It is Pumpkin´s town of Nightmare Night.

Smash and flee and stay in the shadows
don´t listen to far away echos
Pumpkin´s voice sounds like your friend
this scream for help could be your end.

All pumpkins are smashed, your hooves have no stain.
Than you are free, but else you remain.
We found the solution, this guide I write
between 24 and 0 on Nightmare Night.

This was way to short to submit it as a story, hope you still like d it. Happy Halloween

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