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Looking for proof reader / Bad at writting in english.


Granny Smith once stole the Zap Apples from the Everfree Forest to feed her family. Now she is an old mare and sick and weak. Time is ripe for Everfree to pick an Apple instead.
Zap Apple

Thanks to my proofreader: Celina Rose (chapter1-4)

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 4 )

Certain parts of this felt rushed, which is a shame since it's such an interesting premise. Even though there were phrases that seemed a bit clunky, it had a nice flow and draws the reader in. How long do you think it'll be altogether?


I can´t say right now, it was supposed to be done by now
This month is crazy with work, so if I don´t want to sacrifice my social life it will take some time (sadly).
I am just here to take what is already writen as a file with on the work trip, else you would even got an reply...

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