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To my 4chan fanclub: · 9:57pm Jul 10th, 2020

Of course:

A lot of you have said that you haven't actually seen how bad some of the people in this community, in this space are. Want to see for yourself? Here's a link to the thread. Ctrl-F your slur of choice and see what you get, have fun. Go see what people really mean when they say they're fighting for free speech.

These are the people you've been ignoring, who I haven't been able to.

By the way;

You would not believe who I bumped into on the way to the forum.

Report MrNumbers · 3,016 views · #Nazi Punks Fuck Off
Comments ( 183 )
Aragon #1 · Jul 10th, 2020 · · 1 ·

This is.

Without any hyperbole whatsoever.

The funniest shit.

Georg #2 · Jul 10th, 2020 · · 3 ·

My son got me a photo frame for my office that says "2020 - The Future is Bright." Inside it, he put a political-style sign "Giant Meteor 2020 - Just end it already"

The year certainly will go down in memory as we get older. Oh, wait. If we get older. To 2021! Lechaim!

Oh my god, this gives me a nice, sensible chuckle. 4Chan continues to prove itself to be a wretched hive of scum and idiocy. XD

"I'm not interested in being called a Nazi"
Someone uses "Jew" as a slur literally ten posts later.

We're hitting levels of bruh that shouldn't even be physically possible.

archonix #5 · Jul 10th, 2020 · · 62 ·

all it proves is that i'm casually homosexual and that you spend your days lurking chans to seek out disagreement with your political position.

now you tell me, you book-educated wazzok, what the working class should tolerate from your position of learned arrogance on the road to that fucking pier you hold in such high regard.

R5h #6 · Jul 10th, 2020 · · 4 ·

Arch, quick question. The people you're siding with use 'Jew' as an insult. I mean, when they're not just using the n word. What does that say about them?


you book-educated wazzok

I mean, yes. That is likely where he learned these things. Sometimes they have information in raw, paper formats. Other times you can find these 'books', or sources of knowledge online in text. I'm surprised you've never heard of them.

archonix #8 · Jul 10th, 2020 · · 33 ·

I am not siding with anyone. You are assigning me a side.

Archonix reads?

Ragnar #11 · Jul 10th, 2020 · · 2 ·

Oh no, books! What site are we on again?

Yeah, why should you be held responsible for your own actions?


I'd tell you, but I should probably wait 'til you sober up. Let me know if that happens.

Archonix has a masters in science, which requires an ability to understand simple diagrams, but this is irrelevant.

The criticism is Orwell, in The Road to Wigan Pier: the over-educated socialist repels the working classes with his use of large words, arrogance and a presumption of superiority over the common man by dint of his education. The book-learned socialism repels the working class, because it doesn't speak to his position and situation; it does not attract the working class, because it is the conceit of the bourgeoisie, and in fact attacks the working class by assuming prejudice and resistance where none is actually apparent. Book-learned socialism by rote is the antithesis of the revolution.

I mean if you're going to cast stones about people looking up where they've been mentioned, you posted here 16 minutes after the blog post went up and your name wasn't even mentioned in text.

Anyway, I'm pretty happy to see the unsavory side of the fandom writhing like this. It's hilarious how much you have them triggered, Numbers.

Trying to go for first in the anti-intellectual olympics? It'll be tough, TD is already a reigning chamption.

I'm online and I have numbers on my watchlist because I find his blogs interesting, even if I may disagree with them. 4chan doesn't have any watch features, which requires a certain amount of observation beyond passive reception.

What I'm saying is that one of us is passively receiving, while the other is actively seeking. I am not the latter.

You could replace these people with literal piles of garbage and society would improve as a result. Not because the garbage is useful, but because it can't perpetuate asinine, backwards ideologies. Or vote.

If you're making them hate you, you must be doing something right.

You're pretty funny. First you unwittingly lie about history to drudge up sympathy for banning Nazi content, and then call him a "book-educated wazzok"? Classic. And then you go even further, ranting about dying in a nuclear fire because... fascists on an MLP image board are getting banned? :rainbowhuh:

I am not siding with anyone. You are assigning me a side.

Even if you're not on the same side, it's still not a great look.


Honestly that's a fair criticism, which is why I'm reading it in conjunction with works like Pedagogy of the Oppressed and some Frantz Fanon. I think Wigan Pier is most interesting because of Orwell's limited mindset and perspective, and I'm treating him as an unreliable narrator.

So what you’re saying, if I understand you right, is that education is inherently the enemy of revolution and reform because it’s inherently arrogant.

Well. Ignoring the strong correlation between education and progressivism (there’s a reason you can tell your enemies by looking for who is against education) that’s a pretty damn anti-intellectual view. What exactly do you see the role of people with an education in your ideal society? Because this kind of rhetoric is, when taken to extremes, what leads to going around breaking people’s glasses because they’re elitist. Not saying that’s what you’re for, but that’s the direction you’re headed.

Also, I don’t see what this actually has to do with arguing against racism.

Now that's interesting. I look forward to your analysis.


So what you’re saying, if I understand you right, is that education is inherently the enemy of revolution and reform because it’s inherently arrogant.

No. The enemy of the revolution is the arrogance that tends to accompany education. The lumpen proletariat is treated as a homogenous mass by the book-learned socialist, who considers the inability to speak and comprehend the lingo of educated socialism as an inherent flaw of the working man, rather than an inculcated flaw of the educated elite. Put bluntly, big words and a superior attitude are the reason that socialism is perceived as an external aggressor by the working class, because the use of jargon is by definition an othering force that excludes the uneducated working class majority.

Academics can definitely be arrogant sometimes. But I think you’re describing, and arguing against, a level of disdain that does not actually exist here. “Lumpen masses” indeed. It’s a good turn of phrase but no one has actually said anything of the kind.

I did nah zee this coming~

Haha~! In all seriousness while I respect free speech, being a Nazi is just the belief that anyone who is not white with blonde hair should be murdered. We don’t tolerate murder, so tolerating a club that fantasizes about killing everyone and occasionally attempting it seems very counter productive.

"I respect free speech as long as they're people I approve of."

btw numbers weren't you that guy who freaked out because RGRE is harming the porn that got written or something?

this thread gives me free keks

Also, I’m still not sure what ascribing an imaginary disdain of the working class to MrNumbers actually has to do with arguing against Nazis.

To be fair, your scheming and plotting's a byword wherever Fimfiction users huddle. No wonder 4chan's also been awed by your sheer Macavity-ness.

We decanted liquor into each other in Germany, back in the day. Please believe I speak from total sincerity when I say I see no arrogance or disdain for the working class on Numbers' part. I just see him observing a thread overflowing with slurs directed at him, and you nailing your colours to a unpleasant mast.

It doesn't have to be spoken to be accepted as rote. I've been on the wrong end of it plenty of times. My grandparents on both sides would have been natural socialists, except they were faced with arrogant, university-educated upstarts who thought they could substitute strong leadership with big words and dialectic nonsense. My maternal grandfather was a miner, a union member in good standing. He voted tory his entire life because of the treatment he got from labour and liberal candidates and campaigners, who saw him as an exploitable pawn in their games. They threw big words at him and treated him as a reliable source of votes. He built radios as a hobby; he was intelligent and educated, but because he worked in a coal mine he was seen as reliably socialist and treated like an exploitable resource.

So yes, people have in fact said things of that kind. The mere fact that you haven't personally experienced it doesn't change its reality.

Okay so, first, I’d refer you to the tolerance paradox. There’s a formal name for it, which I forget, but I can summarize. The one thing a tolerant society can not tolerate is people who would use that freedom to destroy it. Not only is Nazism an inherently violent ideology, one which cannot coexist with a civilized society, but it was specifically noted by their propaganda minister that they deliberately exploited misplaced tolerance to seize power and shut down all opposition.

Also, regarding the porn thing? No. That is not what happened at all.

My colours are nailed to the mast of free expression, which any artist should at least consider a safe haven. I do not condemn numbers for his opinions. I want him to express them, no matter how much I might disagree with them. I suspect we disagree less than either of us believes.

The issue, ultimately, is that I abhore violence, and I stand for free expression of things I disagree with, and he disagrees with that latter proposition.

So what you are saying is that all educated socialists are the same, and all want to use anyone who works for a living as a pawn.

That sounds pretty prejudiced eh?

It also does nothing to address the question of why people with a better education are consistently more liberal, progressive, and socialist by any metric you can name.

And besides which your whole Traitor To The Revolution Accusation schtick still has nothing to do with the actual topic under discussion.

This is both super relevant and not the least bit ironic.

heres the thing

/mlp/ is a dying loud minority of miserable people who should just be ignored

are we going to just ignore the language used by current derpi staff revealed by the modchat leaks? here are some examples, and it's quite problematic:





These make me more uncomfortable than any neckbeards on 4chan ever could.


So what you are saying

You see, this is the whole problem. I lay out a common issue - that the working class resent the impositions of the educated elite on their daily lives - and you extrapolate that to an absolutist position.

I an not saying what you claim I am saying. You're reading things that don't exist, because you have a prejudiced view of reality.

The actual topic under discussion is: am I a faggot who supports free speech.

So lets examine the elements.

Am I a faggot? Yes. I like penis. I will do gay things. Right now I'm married, so those gay things won't happen as long as I respect my vows and my wife's wishes to not do gay things.

Do I support free speech? Yes. Fuck yes. Free speech for everyone. Call me a faggot who fucks his own mother, I don't give a damn. You're wrong, but I don't give a damn. Say whatever you want about me. Free speech baby!

You're all still traitors to the revolution.

It's so weird following authors on both sides of this discussion, but genuinely fun lol.

"with blonde hair should be murdered."
This was never a policy, Hitler didn't have blond hair, there were many volunteers in the third Reich from other countries and different races.
aryanne is top qt



As an aside, I'd like to echo Archonix's words on the topic of academic socialism being in a sort of bubble.

I had to spend a minute trying to figure out how to start this without 'well, actually'. That was not fun.

What Arch is getting at is that often there is a disconnect between academic socialism and the multiple volumes of books that are required to understand it, and the oral culture that exists for people who live in working classes. Especially for individuals who live in poverty. There's a degree of disconnect that exists between literate and oral culture, and as a consequence, someone who is highly educated and lives in the more literate culture of the highly educated is going to struggle getting their message across to individuals who live in the more oral culture of lower class. Books become meaningless when you've grown up in poverty, as books are these things that end up representing extra stressors (like school) that keep you away from supporting your family at home.

This is often why social workers who didn't grow up in poverty often struggle assisting their clients in getting access to resources by throwing pages of contact information to a client. Sure, the information is there, but if your client is more likely to remember what they are told vs what they read. It's better to tell someone about a resource they can access, and leave them with little more than a sticky note with a phone number or address on it because, from the perspective of the person who lives in a more oral culture, you've talked to them about how to get to it, and didn't force them to attempt to engage with a culture that they weren't raised in.

So, much like the social worker from a literate culture struggling to assist a client of the oral culture of poverty, so too does academic critical studies/left political theory struggle to get its message across to the working class because it still engages in the literate culture of the bourgoisie, and has a hard time translating that back to the oral culture of the working class. And that doesn't even get into the baggage that comes with left politics which often, unfortunately, assumes that whatever is being discussed has been implicitly shared with those discussing the issue. I am surprised I haven't annoyed my friends to death with the number of times I've had to be like "I need you to explain this to me like I'm 4 and I have never heard of this before."


"with blonde hair should be murdered."
This was never a policy, Hitler didn't have blond hair,

This is true, they murdered everyone they didn't view as "Aryan Enough" which is people who were not Nordic or Nordic-based.

there were many volunteers in the third Reich from other countries and different races.

yes, in 1944 when they were getting pushed on all fronts and recruited out of desperation

aryanne is top qt


Comment posted by hadagok875 deleted Jul 10th, 2020

It's funny. The people who post this crap would be quick to argue against it when its not in their favor. Fuck censorship.


"I respect free speech as long as they're people I approve of."

Ah yes, the "If you don't tolerate Jew-killing psychopaths ur a hypocrite" argument that has been debunked over and over and over.


I hate to be that fucker, but read your Kant and your Mill. Free speech is fundamental to free society, even when it's speech we find abhorrent, and free speech is not a privilege granted by the state. It is a natural right, with no prior restraint. The only way to truly prevent free speech is to chop off your hands, remove your tongue and sever your spine.

The nazis are free to ban me from their forums anytime.

>jew killing psycopaths
look at how retarded you people are pretending that nazis still exist, and that jews are in danger. wow. ban communists too then, why just nazi shit. take your retarded mindset to its logical conclusion and ban everything.

Okay so for a start? I don't understand this tangent. Literally no one gives a shit that you're gay. I'm bi. Your point?

Second, if you take my reading your posts and coming to what seem to be natural conclusions as me having a biased view of reality? Well I should look over my assumptions, but you should consider that maybe you're just bad at communicating what you really mean.

I do agree that there's a major communication problem, and that it's a problem with education in general that being an expert in something can make it very hard to talk to non-experts. Not to mention the difficulties with code-switching between cultures, and the endemic problem that people with privilege that you can afford to make the discussion much more technical and theoretical than most people can afford to care about.

All that being said, Arch is using a real problem to try to smear the character of someone they disagree with. And not only are they not giving any evidence of it, they're dismissing the need for evidence at all. And it's not even the actual topic, which is about the conflict between free speech and Nazi goons who would exploit free speech to destroy it.

FimFiction and Derpi are not "free society". They're internet fiefdoms we use for entertainment, and I for one will continue to advocate for hateful people to be deplatformed from them so everyone else can feel safe.

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