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Endings... · 9:06pm Dec 20th, 2019

FIM: Attempts flawed but narratively ambitious story about the cyclical nature of the teacher-student relationship and about holding tight to friendship against the decaying forces of time and distance.

EQG: Dresses protagonists up in fruit and vegetable costumes and has them address the camera, repeating their names and smiling.

See, it makes sense, because it was an attempt to appeal to an older demographic—oh, wait.

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Comments ( 16 )

Well, it mostly makes sense because the EQG crew didn't know what they were working on was the end, and FiM did...

--Sweetie Belle

I still hold the Bronycon script reading as the true ending for EqG, mostly because it's the closest thing we have to an ending for it.

It’s okay, the time lock is broken so it wasn’t really the end. They’ll just graduate now. It’s a beginning. It’ll just be offscreen.

This too of course

I thought the last EQG movie was Backstage Pass. The ending shot being Pinky and Sunset acting hella gay.

Wait, what script reading? I thought I remembered it, but I’m thinking of the Halloween one from Ciderfest.

EQG: Dresses protagonists up in fruit and vegetable costumes and has them address the camera, repeating their names and smiling.

They have perfectly captured what it's like to be a star on YouTube.

Oh, sorry. EweTube.

It was at Bronycon '19. After retirement, Princess Celestia feels adrift and visits Canterlot High just in time for graduation... and nearly causes a riot when she demands three extra semesters of friendship lessons for everyone.

Meanwhile, Principal Celestia beats Cthulhu to a pulp with Equestria's sun.

There’s still the three Choose Your Own Ending Shorts and two music videos.

Majin Syeekoh

don’t we all strive to dress up as produce and demand recognition in the end

Not gonna lie, I originally read it at "cynical nature of the teacher-student relationship" and thought "wow, that's not what I got out of it at all."

No, no, do continue.

I have mixed opinions on Equestria Girls, but I do appreciate that they didn't show human Twilight staying young as all her friends grow old. :raritywink:

5172740 The Eternal Freshman.

Let's see. What's the word I'm looking for again? Oh right! F is for friends who do stuff together, U is for you and meeeee, N is for anywhere and anytime at all down here in the deep blue sea!

Really though, it may be underwhelming as an ending, but considering the crew didn't know what it was, it was an innocent, fun, and funny anthology.

I should really post that, shouldn't I?

…Hearth's Warming present to the fandom? Hearth's Warming present to the fandom!

Interesting point. I haven't seen the material for either, despite being a fan (how the hell did that work, anyway?), but I have to agree that it makes a strangely insightful view.

Admittedly, depending on how it all goes, it looks like the future of the show goes downhill once Dash gets into the 'Bolts or Rarity goes big (or any other set of events) and then Equestria gets razed by the space monster of the week since the EoH can't literally magically solve everyone's problems, but ASIDE FROM THAT it's a heartwarming (or maybe slightly tragic) story about friends trying to stay together (and possibly failing, and then space monster)...

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