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I'm full of feelings · 3:04am Oct 13th, 2019

They aren't all that great. Spoilers:

The best part was Tempest.

I'm gonna need someone to do that meme of Batman slapping Robin with the text

"But Rarijack is canon in EQG--"


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Wait, Rarijack is canon in EQG? Since when?!? :pinkiegasp:

I'll have to actually see those last three episodes to understand anything about them, ain't I? :applejackunsure:

I got you fam


EDIT: Frick, 5137130 beat me by thirty seconds D:

So why would you say your ships are dead?

The best part was Tempest.


Other than the villains being great, the awesome fight scenes, the emotional, heartwarming moments, Spike in the beginning of 26, actual consequences existing, Discord being comedic as always, the Endgame style sequence near the end of the second part, plenty of funny bits here and there...

Am I forgetting anything?

Oh yeah, the wendigos being remembered, the student six being involved without taking up too much screen time, CheesePie and AppleDash existing (it's not the best AJ ship, but it's the best RD ship), the great final song, the way things came full circle with Twilight at the end, etc.

So, no, in retrospect, Tempest wasn't the best thing about the finale.



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I hate Discord. I've been ambivalent about him for years now, so it's kind of nice to have my feelings on him finally clarified. But holy God do I hate him now.

Um...yes. I realized. :unsuresweetie:

I screamed so loudly when Tempest showed up. So fucking happy.

Its apparently Heavily Implied in the later shorts.

Seeing Discord turn a pony into stone made me understand how some people feel about Batman's One Rule.
At least Cozy Glow got to go down bitter and scowling and vindicated at last. Friendship really is just about power.

And we have confirmation that Lightning Dust is D.E.D.


I love Discord. Have loved him ever since he first appeared. But, you know what? Fair.

I loved him in his first appearance. It was his second that ruined him for me. "Just tough out abusive relationships" is not a lesson little girls should be learning.

Ehh. I would say the Diamonds in SU are infinitely more abusive than Discord. But I can see where that line of thinking comes from based on the episode for sure.

Never watched that show. As for my interpretation of “Keep Calm”, it probably doesn’t help that my mom was in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend at the time that episode aired.

Oof. I hope she’s doing better now. *hugs*

It was nice to see Tempest again. Wish Lightning Dust could've made an appearance too, but oh well...

I was, however, really tickled by the part where the pegasi were all sequestering themselves in the clouds, and the online chat just exploded with variants of "OMG, Fallout Equestria!". :rainbowlaugh: KKat should be proud of having that much of an impact on the fandom.

Ah. I am sorry about that, and the parallels are there now that I think about it. Thank you for bringing that part up to my own eyes. I was never a Fluttercord shipper but... yeah, no, that is really bad.

Lightning Dust died, dude. Lightning Dust become ash and dust. Kaboom, kapow, wow! and into the sky and came down in a crater of her own making and unmaking. She ain't no more. Do you feel me? Because she can't no more, she can't feel anything no more. She's D.E.D., Dead, Exceptionally Dead.

Question. I've done some asking around. I have only watched up until S5 Princess Spike. This is my current plan:
Avoid S8 and 9 at all costs
Finish watching S5
Watch movie and all specials
Avoid S6 except hearths warming tail
Watch perfect pear
Edit: I forgot Gauntlet of Fire
Is this a sound enough plan? Thoughts?


That's a pretty solid plan overall, but I'd say that there are more worthwhile episodes than just those two in season six. In my opinion, the show didn't start getting really bad until season seven. Six had a few mediocre episodes, but it was mostly just the season arc of Starlight's reformation and the changelings that didn't work. Depending on how much the synopses interest you, I'd also recommend The Saddle Row Review, Flutter Brutter, Dungeons and Discords, The Fault in Our Cutie Marks, Where the Apple Lies, and Top Bolt. Also, from season eight, Sounds of Silence is mostly decent and requires no knowledge of major happenings that you'd have missed, so maybe consider that one too.

Alternate universes are a beautiful thing, to say nothing of polyshipping.

I will likely never stop being grumpy at the writers for marrying Pinkie off to the Weird Al gag cameo character, much as I respect Weird Al.

Oh, and Celesita still hasn't learned a damn thing about why you don't lock your antagonists up in stone and make them a problem for the future.

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Excuse you, Tempest was so the best part because all those other exceedingly awesome things are not as awesome as she is. XD

There's maybe one or two other S6 and 7 episodes that are worth watching, but I can't think of them right now so yeah, that sounds good.

This is like, the most valid feeling, no lie.

How about Equestria Girls, did they screw up anything there so badly I should skip? I watched Rainbow Rocks and stopped, I'm a sucker for both Sunset and Adagio now. And thanks for the feedback, what I've received and any I've yet to receive.

Yeah I've had a few others including you telling me about Sounds of Silence with similar explanations, I'll add that to my list. Thank you.

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EQG is a lot harder to say. There are so many goddamn shorts now, and their quality varies wildly, but I also don't really know if any of them play into the main specials.

My opinion, if you liked Rainbow Rocks, you should continue on with Friendship Games and Legend of Everfree. Neither of those was quite as good, but neither are they bad.

After that, you've got the trio of Dance Magic, Movie Magic and Mirror Magic which form sort of a whole movie, but not quite? I liked Movie Magic the most, but they introduce a new character (who never shows up again lol) and bring someone from Equestria over into Humania, so that's neat.

That leads you to the one-hour specials. Forgotten Friendship is amazing and a must-watch, I'm talking maybe better than Rainbow Rocks here. Rollercoaster of Friendship was severely meh and pretty much only worth it for the Rarijack hints. Spring Breakdown was also meh, but worth it to see lots of human cast get ponified. And the latest one was Sunset's Backstage Pass, which I thought was excellent, and the Sirens show up again so that might be something you want to see. :)

So there you go. You can find the list of everything here, in case you want to track down the shorts, just take my word that they are not all created equal. :B Or important. (Okay, but do watch My Past Is Not Today. The music videos tend to be the best of the shorts, and that's the best of those, really important for Sunset.)

My bad. I thought you were saying the finale was so bad that a small background detail was better than all of it.

Also, there are a lot of season 6 and 7 episodes worth watching.

Author Interviewer

In your defense, that is the kind of thing I would say. :B

You could do that, and just watch the two parters in between, but really, you should just watch the whole show. You never know what episodes you'll love and hate until you actually watch them. Season 6 and 9 are both in my top 4. And the others are still mostly entertaining.

Of course Tempest and briefly capper was amazing.

And shoving in sunset and flash sentry in the last 30 seconds was pretty funny.

But looking back, holy shit this was the first time diamond dogs have been mentioned since season 1!!!


I'd also recommend a Times are a Changeling to the list. But in all sincerity... you won't know you actually dislike an episode until you watch it. I know I disliked A Royal Problem despite a lot of people liking it.

Once Upon a Zeppelin is also really good and it just isn't one that someone mentions a lot.

Yeah, there are bad episodes in each season. But skipping them like the plague because someone else told you they are bad shouldn't be the answer. Sure there are some universally complained about (COUGH COUGH Pony Point of View), but there may be someone who likes it. A lot of the episodes are up to personal taste.

As RainbowSparkle said here, you'll never know until you try to see what is entertaining to you.

Exactly right. For example, I think PPOV is one of the funniest and most generally entertaining episodes of the season. And I also like 28 Pranks Later.

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Ooh, I now have to second 5137904's recommendation of Once Upon a Zeppelin. That one was fantastic and has one of the best gags of the series' run. :D

Wait what was that rarijack cannon thing?

Author Interviewer

Scuttlebutt from EQG staff says that any hints of Rarijack we got out of the series were intentional.

'Sgood enough for me. :V

Could you perhaps give a few examples of which shorts this is in?

Author Interviewer

Rollercoaster of Friendship is a good place to start.

Yeah i've seen ROF, i was more interested in the shorts that have these "hints" in them. So if anyone can tell me which shorts specifically that would be nice. And look im glad you are happy about your ship, but to me, just because 1 person said this it does not equal its 100% confirmed they are together. I could be wrong, and if i am then by all means, feel free to correct me here.

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...I mean, if you didn't see the hints there, then you're not gonna see 'em anywhere else. c.c

Well if it was something in the background than yeah i didnt pay attention to it. As these always fly past peoples heads who watch it for the first time. And even though im not in the mood to go through every single short to try and find these "interactions" between the 2 girls, im legit curious now what the hell is going on there.
And if you were implying the scene from ROF where they hug, im not counting that one. I have met plenty of women who behaved in a similar way and they were just very close friends.

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Nah dude, they spent that whole special having lover's quarrel drama.

All I can think about right now is a supercut I saw somewhere of Rarity and Applejack touching each other on the shoulder constantly.

A little thing like something being canon has never stopped the fanfic writers before. :V

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Hey, you! I was just thinking about you! Where have you been?

For the last two months, driving around Oregon, particularly the Coastal Range, on behalf of the US Census.

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Sweet! :O I hope no one shot at you!

Nah, people were almost all nice, even out in the middle of nowhere.

The worst things that happened to me were:

1) Being bitten on the foot by a turkey.

2) Ending up driving on a "logging road" that disappeared into a field, then ending up at a "bridge" that was on my map but which had been removed and was nothing more than three concrete pillars.

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#1 is kinda metal :B

That turkey was a brat. It's owner threatened to make it into dinner. No respect at all.

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