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Still alive · 7:15pm Jul 16th, 2019

Sort of. Oof. How are all you folks. Anyone else about?

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Wanderer D

No. We're all gone. Go to Bronycon.

it's a christmas in july miracle :pinkiegasp:

I haven't been in tune with a lot around here, but things seem basically the same as ever, at least the expected natural progression of time passing. the show's going to be over, but aside from people finding reasons to argue whether it's great or trash now (which they always have), I feel like most people have enough non-show investment (or just no show investment at all) for it not to change much.

You manage any amazing projects in the meantime?

Nobody here but us chickens.

Apparently Celestia is terrified of us. No, really. Canon.

And yes, we can type now.

Author Interviewer

I don't believe you.

Can I have some applesauce

I was here when the first star shone in the sky and I shall be here to see the last burn out.

Provided that's before I clock out for the day, anyway. :derpytongue2:

I wrote a Transformers book! But that's not as pony exciting!

We're still here.

Still living the Life Bizzare.

5089624 Well, it is hunt and peck....

*lonely cricket noises*

Hey it's a guy we know

I still check the site from time to time, reply to posts on my fics or profile, and disappoint people. You know, the usual.

You don't know me but I'm here too!

Blue I missed you

Do your shoulders still hurt?

That fic you told me to write. I'm technically still writing it.

It has been the open question for years, "Whatever happened to Janie Blueshift?"

Now we know: Transformers.

Howdy! So nice to see someone returning instead of leaving.
5089635 Is it being published?

I also wrote a book, but I'm just self-publishing it, because selling it at Bronycon is more high-expected-value than shopping it around with publishers for a year or two.

Self-published, doing it in aid of charity

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