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Not dead yet (and some questions!) · 5:25pm Aug 25th, 2018

Hi everyone! Long time no see! I'm not dead yet, even though I've not been about much. I've been mostly lurking on the Seattles Angels and EqD Discord servers.

Firstly - I'm on Twitter a lot, my Twitter handle is https://twitter.com/RockLordsRock

Secondly - I've been working on a lot of fan stuff lately, albeit in other fandoms. Just last weekend was the big UK Transformers convention, and I managed to get out a fanzine, a 32 page comic book, a hardback children's book and a poetry book(!) with all the proceeds going to charity. (Pic at the bottom!)

I was thinking about doing something similar with some of my fanfic stuff, but I've been off the scene for some time now, so don't know if there's any appetite for it. Would anyone be interested if I printed up a collection of some of my stories - probably a small paperback, with any profits going to charity? (And if so, what stories?) It's something I've been meaning to do for a while, and it wouldn't need many copies to make it worthwhile, but it would need some!

Let me know below!

(Also I've been talking to Aqua about that - he wants to do something for next year's Bronycon, though I'm in the UK so would likely never get a chance to see that, but could use the same print files to send over!)

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Wanderer D

HOLY SHIT YOU'RE ALIVE! Skype me your discord you glorious bastard!

Knowing myself, i'd probably be more interested in those Transformers books.

I like ponies. I'm near obsessed with the robots.

If you were doing Visionaries fan work I'd already have my wallet out :P

I'll make PDFs of the Transformers stuff available (apart from the ladybug book, which the con published not me) if you watch my Twitter.

I did look into Visionaries, but there would need to be a hologram and those are still too expensive :(

Eh? Why would there need to be holograms? That was an 80s gimmick :P

Also, if you think it's necessary, did you look into lenticular effects?

That should be much cheaper.

Looked into lenticulars too, equally bafflingly expensive!

See? EVERYONE is being revived this month. What unholy spell has summoned us back I wonder?

Well, without a doubt or hesitation, https://www.fimfiction.net/story/148730/sweetie-belle-the-future-of-friendship-enforcement and https://www.fimfiction.net/story/59869/the-last-stand-of-king-sombra if ever there was a chance to make any into a comic format.

Glad to see you’re alive

Author Interviewer

I was just watching Thew's recap of TFNation and wondering if you two ever bumped into each other. :) I'm glad you're still around!

I would kill for a physical copy of The Star In Yellow

Welcome back! How was the underworld?

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