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what in the 20-piece chicken mcfuck is going on · 2:46am Jul 12th, 2018

lol this is fucking awkward amirite? let's keep this brief then.

first things first, I wanna holla at my boi who took good care of my page while I was gone. I won't name names, but he's a good boi who i trusted with this thing that was valuable to me for a long time, and he didn't nuke it like I would have. you know who you are, and I love you.

lemme start by clearing the air: I am that guy who once paraded himself as Chromosome. the new shtick is hopefully less serious and should help put across how I'm treating this return-to-form. I wanna lay low, write some stories about tiny horses doing magical shit that goes horribly wrong, and this time, god fucking help me, avoid all the drama that comes with this shit.

anno domini (or annis domini, as I'm calling it while chuckling over my cheerios) is gonna be a work in progress, and a multi-part fic like I always intended now that the drama around it died down like four fucking years ago. so I'll continue on it, with more or less constant effort, and we should see the next chapter in the coming weeks.

stay tuned and stuff, and don't forget who best horse is

oh before I got, thanks to everyone who sent a nice message or something to make me feel welcome. I really preeshiate it my dudes.

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Wanderer D

I didn't send you a message (I should have) but it's good to see you back and happy. :yay:

I just found this story, and am looking forward to where you go with it! :D

Four years gone, and your taste in talking horses still hasn’t improved. Damn shame.


I'm set in my ways man, I'm an old dog. I left with the rose and came back with the rose.

you've been here the entire time though, so what's your excuse?


I changed, bro. Vinyl Scratch is so 2013. Glim Glam is the new black now.

man I just had to look that up. I still haven't watched anything past season 3 after I left. I'm glad you found a new horse that still isn't as good as roseluck

You have a lot of catching up to do. Starlight is pretty much the best new character the show has produced.

Also go watch “The Perfect Pear” like right now.

...What? I favorited it like, when it first came out and I didn't even know there was drama!? Dang man, I miss everything.

That's a whooole lotta Roselucks XD

Welcome back in any case!

Hello and welcome back!

Glad to see you back again. I hope you stick around for a while.:twilightsmile:

Hey, welcome back. I just assumed your dude taking care of your page was posting stuff, so I didn't get too hype. But, if you're back, then that is pretty cool.

Nice to see you. Thanks again for showing up for my online writing panel a few years back. I still appreciate it.

Welcome back to the abyss, fam-bot.

Never really interacted with you way back when, but it is damn good to have you back.

Welcome back. :twilightsmile:

Also, I agree with 4899638, though you'll want to watch "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" first.

Author Interviewer

Don't listen to them, Roseluck is way better than Starlight! D:

Chuckling Over My Cheerios: Pinkie Pie has an existential crisis one morning and breaks down in her cereal.

Anno Domini has been sitting on my Read Later list for awhile. I had no idea there was ever drama around it. I also didn't recognize the author who's blog appeared in my feed yesterday.

Nice to have you back, dude.


thank you all, my dudes, you warm my cold, clammy cockles with your words


I'm stealing that

What on earth was the drama for history's sake?

Author Interviewer

You fuckin' better >:V

Good to have you back. Excited for what comes next.

Anno Domini is back? Isn't that one of the four horsemen?
Seriously, welcome back. I will consume many horse-words shortly.
-_Ƣ ~ Stay classy.

Seriousness is overrated.

Pleased to have you back, even if word on the street is we only have one season left. I'm sure Fimfic will go on just fine of course, there are plenty of people who've stuck around without watching the show for ages.

wow Roseluck is a pretty horse

Dead elephants long buried and rotted away (probably grown into a nice little tree by now):

This comment is purely for history's sake and not to incite any discussion.

That was way too long for me to read through right now, but thanks for posting it.

I am at least, nominally, less confused after skimming through it.

I'm incredibly enthused to see an author returning to fimfic. There's been quite a few people I liked leaving recently, and this is definitely a nice change.

Holy shit, now I remember everything I've forgotten.

Thanks for posting, man. Great fun part of my early history on the site.

You took your time. I wonder if you ever got my PM I sent way back

Ha you fool, now you've given me a reason to read all of your stories all over again.

Holy shit dude fuckin sweeeet

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