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will the real chromosome please stand up · 10:35pm Jan 16th, 2014

Is this thing on?

Good. You're gonna want to see this.

I am not far many more things than I am, and among them are the following: I am not Chromosome. I am not who you think. I am not a vigil for this account's original owner. I am not a joke, or a trick, or a clever ruse. And as I've just recently and fortuitously come into possession of it, I am not planning on just leaving an account with over 800 followers to sit around unused and unloved while there are stories to be written and a fickle bastard of a feature box to invade.

Conversely, I am controversial. I am intruding upon the legacy of someone you all seemed to have treasured while he was here. But I am also, by Chromosome's private admission, free to do whatever I want with this account. And I am intrigued, though not discomforted yet, with the choice I now face.

What the hell should I do with this thing?

I could try to emulate Chromosome's style and pick up where he left off. I could use this as a dumping ground for any plot thread I'm not sure if I want to follow. I could take commissions for anything under the sun. I could write clop, depraved or otherwise. I could do nothing at all, and merely stand guard over the remnants and rubble left behind by those who came before me. Regardless of what ends up happening here, I'll go ahead and add one more thing that I'm not.

I'm not going away.

Arriverderci, my little new friends, and good riddance to anyone who's decided to unfollow this account and direct their inordinately valued attention elsewhere. Any of you who want to stick around and watch what's about to go down... just call me Maverick. We just might have a little bit of fun together.

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An intriguing development. I feel I shall stick around, just to see what you do

Huh. If you think it within your capabilities to do his name proud,by all means, go ahead and try to emulate his style. If you are worried, that's alright too, just let us know where we can keep finding his work. I hereby give you a sendoff Angel, to protect you in your journeys...:scootangel:... well, to the best of her abilities...

Chrome just up and vacated the premises? Again?


Well new guy, show us what ya got!

Let me be one of the first to welcome you here, good sir. I do have to ask, though: what is your reasoning behind using another's account to host your own tales, as opposed to creating another all for yourself?
I am indeed looking forward to reading the narratives you have in store and can't wait to see whatever style you decide suits you best. I wish you the best of luck in the endeavour of finding it.

This is actually the highlight of my day.

I'm curious if nothing else.

If nothing else, this should be fun. I like your style already, Mav.

I feel conflicted.

Chromosome already up and leaved and while I seriously doubt he himself will return, I've never thrown out the possibility. That said, it certainly weirds me see these stories, Chromosome's stories, with a new name beneath them. Had Chromosome still been here and be the one to change his name, I'd have no issue with that whatsoever. But you have already stated that you are not Chromosome, and because of the way FIMFiction works, it bugs me now to see these stories written under your name and not his. As glad as I am he's given you freedom with his account—so you say—I can't say with a bit of confidence that I am comfortable seeing these stories which you have not written now under the guise you having actually written them. Not only that, but while we may not have known each other that well, I consider Chromosome a friend, regardless of whether or not he'll come back to ponyfiction. I am not okay with your essential insertion over his account and acquisition of all it entails to your title. Because, simply put, they are not yours, and it feels like stealing, which I do not approve of. Though I'm more or less content with the current situation, Maverick, since you say you're such a good friend of Chromosome, I personally would have loved to see "The Maverick" be its own account but also leave "Chromosome" in perpetual shutdown.

But that's just my two cents on the matter. I never intended to stop following this account before, and while I seriously don't think that's going to change, I must admit I've just been tempted. I've never been one to dwell in the past and have always looked towards the future, so if this is what the future brings then so be it. No one ever said the neverending ride had to be smooth.

I find myself torn between being most amused by the antics that are going on (and appear to have been going on for a long time) in this account, and being annoyed by this strange "urge" or whatever the (comparatively) more popular artists seem to have to mess around all the time...

All that said, I WUB YOU! :rainbowkiss:

...and you most certainly have my attention. But, at the same time...

So, does this mean I'll get to see a reply to my message? :trollestia:

Huh. A Chromosome mutated. :raritywink:

I look forward to whatever comes of this change in management.


This oughta be interesting. As long as Chromosome's okay with it - and since he seems very determined to let us know how little he cares anymore, it's not unreasonable that he would be - I won't complain. It's his account to do with as he wishes, up to and including passing it along to someone else. Hopefully someone less prone to melodrama, if I'm being honest. And by all means, write some new stories. For all we know, you'll be better than Chrome was.

Though, I do have one recommendation: Perhaps change the description of the old stories to let new readers know they were written by someone other than the current management. Even if Chrome doesn't care, it feels wrong for him not to get credit for the stories he wrote. Maybe just a little, "Written by Chromosome" in the description or something.

Welp. thanks for telling us, at least.

I don't approve. I like to know who wrote what, and I feel about your walking into an 800-follower account about the way I feel about Paris Hilton inheriting a hundred million dollars. Hey, maybe I can sell my 800-follower account on ebay? Is that cool with everypony?

But I appreciate your honesty.

Author Interviewer

well, this is unprecedented

And yet I have no reason not to believe this, ignoring the fact that I can go ask Chromosome about it tonight, assuming he hasn't buggered off the face of the internet finally.

Well, I followed this account so I would know when Bezithan finished so I can read it. I'd appreciate it if you wrote the rest. Considering that Brandon Sanderson is the closest thing I have to a writing mentor, I have absolutely no problems with someone other than the author continuing unfinished work.

I'll ride this out and see where it goes.


Hey, maybe I can sell my 800-follower account on ebay? Is that cool with everypony?

Well, if you can find a buyer...

inordinately valued attention

Yes, because heavens forbid people actually save their attention for someone who's done anything at all to earn it. :unsuresweetie:

Not sure about your name being on stories you didn't write, but if you've got permission then fine. Still, I followed Chromosome, and kept following to see if he'd come back. Now that that clearly isn't happening I'd suggest that you do something with this account, so your followers know if there's actually some point to watching you.

If you can write like him, I'm fine as long as credit is given where credit is due.

If you can't, well...

That new fimfiction newsletter can feature an article about a celebrity's fall.

Weird to see every instance of "Chromosome" replaced by "The Maverick" though.

re: people worried about me stealing Chromosome's thunder

In the words of his and my mutual generation: "Calm your tits." I've already collected Chromosome's most memorable and/or popular stuff in the Goose Memorial box, and at some point I'll get around to putting his name on all the fics he left behind. I'm not interested in taking credit for anything he did, nor am I really that focused on preserving or chasing off his followers. I've got enough followers on my main account that I don't need to mooch off his. That being said, inheriting this account presents some interesting opportunities that virtually complete anonymity makes a lot more enticing. It's up to him whether he wants me to continue anything he left undone, but aside from that, I've got free reign here and Chromosome's blessing to abuse it. Not that I will or really want to, but I might as well be open about the fact that it's an option.

Much like Raz, I'm a little disconcerted that your taking over has foisted your own moniker on all of Chrome's past work, that is a technical issue with the site and not really one you have direct control over. You say you don't want to just let an 800 follower account go to waste, but it's not like they're your followers to disappoint. (Unless of course this is actually some clever ploy by Chrome himself or some crazy psychological experiment, in which case I would wish you the best scientific luck in producing interesting data and conclusions.) However, since I don''t think that's the case I'll just stick around with the follow until something you produce tells me to do otherwise.

Naturally this gives you an advantage for whatever your first work is, but it could very easily turn against you by the sheer volume of negative reaction.

Whatever the case may be, it feels a little dishonest if nothing else, so consider me a cautious watcher and bear in mind that should you do anything that really offends the sensibilities of Chrome's friends and followers you would have to contend with the total sum off all of their followers in terms of negative backlash. You've already off-put a number through the simple fact that his stories now list you--incorrectly--as their author, so be wary whatever you do.

You know what, I'll stick around. :pinkiegasp: Don't act so surprised Pinkie.

I refer you to 1726120. Also, I actually went ahead and followed through on what I said I was going to do later.

Also also, please let me the first to assure you that neither Chromosome nor I are at all concerned about causing a shitstorm. Part of me, repressed though I prefer to keep it, would sadistically enjoy such an event.

I wondered what the deal was.

What a hilarious development.

I, for one, look forward to seeing where this goes.

While it still doesn't seem quite right, I feel that, in all honesty, if ou follow through with what you say you want to do, I have n qualms about this. It should be interesting seeing where you take this.

Best of luck.

Great. Another Maverick invasion and there's no longer a Megaman X to protect us... :trollestia:

You present yourself with such a pretentious note... Ah, well, no reason to unfollow you just yet. :pinkiecrazy:

I never knew Chromosome at all since I pretty much followed him a week or less before he decided to say "Fuck this."

So now, when I know I can stay here with someone from the very start, I am more excited than anything else. You seem like an amazing fella, so I'll keep my eye on this.

Hmm. :trixieshiftright:
An interesting development - we shall stick around and see what happens.

Come on Maverick, do some of that writer shit

What the hell...

This... What is this...?

And should I be afraid...?

~Skeeter The Lurker

Well... that's a unique development. Lets see if your worthy of the 800 followers, shall we?

Oh the bright side, you are now capitalizing shit rather being an OCD inciting ass.

"I am not planning on just leaving an account with over 800 followers to sit around unused and unloved while there are stories to be written and a fickle bastard of a feature box to invade."


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