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    Oh man I've been buuuuuuuuuuuusy. Like, so much so. Just moved town and had to get everything situated in a new house. Plus, I've finally adopted a kiddo, so I got that going for me, which is great. More difficult than I ever thought it would, but the wife and I managed to get everything down pat (for now at least).

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    Update And Junk

    Hey, it's that time of year again. With the colder weather and changing leaves. Or more along the lines of Florida terms, absolutely no difference whatsoever! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!


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    I Believe A Proper Explanation Is In Order


    Oh yeah, right. My bad.

    Well, uh, people... yeah, it's been rough. On me at least. You guys on the other hand could still be having a rad time. Or something. I'm not trying to put you down here. Just trying to be... real? I guess.

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    Dear God

    I forgot to mention it was my birthday like two days ago. Damn, I've been busier than I thought.

    Oh, also, writing a novel. Because I'm a neeeeeeerd.

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    Whelp I Guess I Should Mention My Vacation Thingy

    Lemme tells ya, trying to find a decent internet reception in Miami sucks balls. But on the bright side they have incredibly fruity drinks over here, which is rad.

    Also holy fuck so much shit in my feed message. Haven't checked Skype in a long time. So many things. So little time.


    Eh. So how are you guys doing?

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MY THOUGHTS ON THE NEW EPISODE · 9:33pm Jun 13th, 2015

Yep, that about sums it up.

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Comments ( 37 )

It was a great episode. Mind explaining your problems with it?



Am I doing it right?

"I just don't know what went wrong."
Why didn't you like it? I thought it was awesome! Of course, my opinion doesn't exactly matter. Why did you dislike it?

3146227 You forgot to say that everyone except you sucks but otherwise I think it's spot on.

I think it was cute.

Also they did the background ponies in a way that made them endearing rather than annoying, except for Vinyl, because she's the worst.

I thought it was alright, like with Steven Magnet, Gummy, the Lebowski dude, and with the Changeling.

Start getting measured for a coffin. The Vinyl fans are out for blood. Your blood...

With all the reasons the Neigh-sayers don't like the show I'm wondering why any of them watch it in the first place.

I thought the episode was awesome!


You're doing it completely fucking right. :rainbowlaugh:


I laughed a bit at The Dude and I laughed at Sweetie saying they'd get shit resolved in a half-hour. The joke reminded me a bit of the magic old Simpsons had.

Watching the episode now and, I think I can see where Rainbowbob is coming from.

This level of fan acknowledgement is a point. Honestly, I think a little less fan pandering would have improved the episode - the Vinyl/Octavia sequence was too drawn out with this mobile stereo portion and I kind of had a "what am I actually watching again?" feeling.

3146366 They better not rob any banks with Pinkie then. :pinkiecrazy:


the Vinyl/Octavia sequence was too drawn out with this mobile stereo portion and I kind of had a "what am I actually watching again?" feeling.

That bit was kind of the point, but it was as subtle and graceful as a ballerina wielding a two-by-four.

There's a LOT that gets cooked up in the fandom which makes little sense to anyone who isn't super-ingrained... or for that matter just makes little sense at all. The Wubmobile grabbing all of those ponies and the concepts behind them, all at high speed while 360noscopedubstep plays, then the whole thing degenerating into Youtube poop, is simply a visual representation of the nonsense it all becomes sometimes and how hard it is to make sense of it all, especially if you're an outside observer.

And thus, it's in that light that Gummy's soliloquy becomes scarily apt.


We all knew what a majestic philosophical beast he was deep down.

Honestly, I still really liked the episode. There were so many WTF moments, but the "Wow, that's so wierd but still alright" WTF, instead of a "That is so stupid and makes no sense" WTF.

Also, Steve Magnet and Cranky were secretly going on adventures all those years. IT MAKES NO SENSE, BUT IT MAKES ALL THE SENSE AT THE SAME TIME.


So this really is the most meta episode of anything ever concieved? Gotta say, your insight on that part actually makes the episode as a whole a bit better since if there's any pony episode writer who has the chops to make subtle (if a bit too obtuse in execution) poke at the online would be the guy responsible for doing the Trixie-Twilight Duel episode and the Twilicorning.

God bless you, M A Larson.


All rise for the national giving of praise to the God Emperor

I hope you realise, that with the Bugbear back in Tarterus, Agent Sweetie Drops is now available once more for operations.

I gotta agree that the mobile dubstep machine was too much for me. More off-putting actually.

I'll give Larson credit for being far more creative than the fandom. Even the crackfic writers on here wouldn't have thought of Bon Bon being a secret monster hunter. If this was done by fans, Lyra would be the one with the crazy backstory and Bon Bon would be standing off to the side just to occasionally say, "Lyyyyyyyra!"

Also, Octavia showed more character in this than in the vast majority of fan material. Larson and co. greatly improved upon what the fandom had done with her in the past.

So yeah, it was a bit of a fan episode, but Larson proved to be far more talented and far crazier than the fans. He was a mad scientist playing with the fandom. I for one salute MA Larson.

I guess it's why I don't like the MLP comics. The comics, like this episode, were made specifically for bronies in general instead of little girls, so it just felt a bit off to me. That doesn't mean I didn't find some segments of it funny, but overall I just got a bad reaction because it was just one huge wink-wink nudge-nudge to the brony fandom spread out over 20 minutes. I don't mind the pandering so much if it's just the occasional but here and there, like in parts of season two and then greater afterward, but for an episode as a while it didn't really mesh with it. Meh, as the term is called.

You forgot to add something.
"Get off my lawn you fucking hippie!"
There we go!

Regardless of that, Aragon, the fact still stands. I fucked your mother. HEYOOOOOO!
*High fives himself*

Anyone else get a bit upset that the one time the mane 6 decide "kick it's @ss!!" Instead of using a rainbow to win We miss the whole fight ?

Given the fact that the characters literally jumped the shark

I cant help but think that this episode was made to be nothing more then a goof.

Also gummy needed to be voiced by Morgan Freeman.

All the fan pandering aside i can say i found the episode to be average and the hype surrounding it (plus the teasers that left little to watch anyways) to be somewhat disappointing. Hopefully the summer sales will help my shattered mood.

Honestly, that bit (moving it away from just for little girls) was one of the reasons I liked it. I felt we got something more.

Call it fan-pandering if you will - I call it using a mythology.


Bon Bon would be standing off to the side just to occasionally say, "Lyyyyyyyra!"

Obligatory: Caaaaaaarl!

I didn't even see it. I was too busy getting crunk and eating sushi.

At least it didn't destroy many fandoms.

3146838 I've I can think of two examples of the top of my head of Bon Bon being an undercover whatever in fanfiction. It's not unheard of.

You, as always have a way with words. :rainbowlaugh:
Though can't please them all. :derpytongue2:

I just saw this for the first time. It was crazy, and good. But not so much crazy good to me. Though it was enjoyable.

That changeling kinda surprised me towards the end. He/she must have been there to have a quick snack of ambient love. Probably stuck around for the cake and reception afterwards, too.

Now that is an interesting take on him/her what ever, being in that shot. Could be used in further episodes. One thought I had, I was also thinking of using it in a story of mine, if I was writing them anymore. Was a thought that Celestia went to the Changeling Queen and created a truce between her and the Cristal Empire to forge an alliance. Part of the pact would be the changelings would help provide added protection for the Cristal Empire. The payment, to let them feed on the love powering the Cristal Heart. Or something like that. It would benefit both in a way. The Queen and Cadence could put their differences aside and call a truce with each other for the benefit of both ponies and changelings alike. That would fit in quite nicely with your given suggestion about that scene as well. :twilightsmile:

Yes, that was about the most strangest thing in it to me. It started out good, when the two had a jam session. Until they blasted out of the house on that thing and bowled over ponies in their way. "UPS UPS! coming through. Got a package people!" :rainbowlaugh:

Poor Rainbow Bob. Even after all that you have given to us, and still some just will not let you have an opinion of your own. Sad. So, so, sad. :fluttercry:
Where is the freedom in this world when one can't like and dislike what we wish and for our own personal reasons? Disgrace. Simply a disgrace to freedom everywhere. :pinkiesad2:
But I will let you say you didn't like it all that much without feeling bad about it myself. I will let you. Now Don't you feel better? :rainbowlaugh:

Now for what I personally did like about the episode, or that is liked the most on it, was how the Doc, (as Derpy called him) and Derpy herself was shown to be like. That to me was the overall best parts. So sue me. :trixieshiftright: I happen to like Derpy and the Doctor together. :derpytongue2:

3147639 That image though. :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks for noticing that, haha. :heart:

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