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"I know. And counting on my own experiences, they'll forgive you." ~Sunset Shimmer :heart: SunLight FriendShipper. >>7853955


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Latest Stories

  • E Breaking Down

    Sunset's had enough. After enduring weeks full of nightmares, hallucinations, and sleepless nights, she just wants it all to stop. In desperate need for a solution, she does the first thing that would make sense...but was it the right thing to do?  · Shimmer Shy
    2,441 words · 494 views  ·  20  ·  4
  • E The Freshest Snow

    With Pinkie staying over on the night before Christmas, Sunset has no idea how the night's going to go. Apparently, Pinkie has plans of playing outside...at midnight.  · Shimmer Shy
    1,827 words · 461 views  ·  28  ·  1
  • E Fall Apart

    The Crusaders don't admit to being Anon-a-miss, and, feeling as though she's no longer wanted in the human world, Sunset goes back to Equestria. Little does she know, Canterlot High falls apart without her and it's connection to Equestria.  · Shimmer Shy
    7,557 words · 4,728 views  ·  340  ·  6
  • E Another Reason

    There was another reason why Starlight had created her cutie markless town and hated Twilight so much.  · Shimmer Shy
    1,621 words · 718 views  ·  33  ·  3
  • E Rule-Breaking Nuisance

    Ponies can break the rules sometimes, and Mage and Sportsy definitely break them a lot. As a friendship forms between the two of them, they share their problems and secrets with one another.  · Shimmer Shy
    7,364 words · 76 views  ·  10  ·  1
  • E It Wasn't Funny

    Pinkie Pie is hosting yet another sleepover. This time only Sunset and Fluttershy are available, and everything starts out well, but as soon as Fluttershy falls asleep, Pinkie plays a prank on her. Fluttershy isn't too happy when she wakes up.  · Shimmer Shy
    1,794 words · 2,532 views  ·  50  ·  6


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Ongoing Stories of Mine

  • Fall Apart The Crusaders don't admit to being Anon-a-miss, and, feeling as though she's no longer wanted in the human world, Sunset goes back to Equestria. Little does she know, Canterlot High falls apart without her and it's connection to Equestria. by Shimmer Shy 7,557 words · 4,728 views · 340 likes · 6 dislikes
  • Spider Stories A story about how different ponies react to spiders. by Shimmer Shy 2,583 words · 658 views · 24 likes · 3 dislikes

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  • Looking Glass When Sunset sees herself as an alicorn in a magical mirror, she goes looking for answers, eventually going through the mirror into another world. Some things are better left alone though, as she finds herself trapped in the other world as a child. by Krickis 83,847 words · 1,619 views · 219 likes · 3 dislikes
  • A Lost Sunset Sunset Shimmer has betrayed Celestia and entered the mirror to another world. However, the first day in this new world would change everything when an accident causes Sunset Shimmer to lose her memories. by AandWguy 105,365 words · 4,920 views · 322 likes · 30 dislikes
  • I'm gonna (X) myself, no matter what I do! Sunset is forced to listen to Helping Twilight Win the Crown over and over. by Pickleless 1,480 words · 3,855 views · 340 likes · 24 dislikes
  • Chaotic Dreams When Sunset dreams of victory at the Fall Formal, villains of all colors come to party in the dystopia. Can she stay sane until morning? by Czar_Yoshi 70,000 words · 180 views · 7 likes · 3 dislikes

Shimmer Shy Welcomes You!

Heyo, all! I'm Shimmer Shy, and my OC is Sportsy Sketch!

Button by: agent--kiwi.

Facts about me!

•My MLP obsession started when I was really young. I used to watch earlier generations, then came across Friendship is Magic on Netflix.

•My favorite MLP character is Sunset Shimmer. You'll see a lot of stories including her on my account.

•My writing was terrible when I first started. :rainbowlaugh:

•Writing is a passion of mine. I like to express myself and my emotions through my stories. Same with art.

•I try to be as kind as possible to everyone I meet. Always open if you need someone to talk to! :raritywink:

•I am very anti-social...

•Straight A+ student (On my grade card, not on every single assignment)

•I'm an atheist...:derpytongue2:

•Unbelievably persistent...

•Extremely sensitive sometimes

•I'm also a fan of Undertale...

•My favorite movies are Trolls and Zootopia.

•PM me if you need someone to edit/proofread your story/chapter!

•You can also PM me if you want me to make cover art for your story!

¤¤Thanks for visiting my page! I hope you enjoy my stories!¤¤

Check out my P.F.F.s!

Cookie Crumbles


Arctic Black Belt (Friend in Real Life)

Ocean Tropics (BFF in real life)

Amazing artwork of Sportsy Sketch and my P.F.F, Cookie Crumbles, who got the commission for me. Thank you! This artwork was done by Sweet-Pillow on deviantart.com.


My deviantart account! MLPBASESEGRR


Is It Weird... · 11:26pm

...that I nearly cried, like, 15 million times over this game. :rainbowlaugh: Mostly at the end, though. I mean, Undertale is just a game, but the meaning behind it is so powerful. I did the 'True Pacifist Route' and just finished it. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! I no want 2 reset!!! :raritydespair: IT'S SO DARN SWEET!!!

...That's all...

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>>2432262 That's SO great to hear! I think I'm getting a little better at talking to people, as well. Guess things are working out for both of us, huh? :twilightsmile:

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>>2432213 Been great!

wrote a blog about it. Lol been just living you know? Joined groups, started dressing up more and to be honest came out of my shell in life, I've made sooo many irl friends and even think I might have met a guy I can date irl.

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>>2432050 I'm good! Wow, we haven't talked in forever. How have you been?

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How has it been girl? hope all is well.

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Do you hate me?

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