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Unfortunate News About Fall Apart [+ An Explanation For My Inactivity] · 4:53pm Mar 20th, 2020

I'm assuming that most people who were reading my fanfic "Fall Apart" have already either given up on it or forgotten about it since I haven't updated in over a year, but I just wanted to make it official for anyone who's still hoping to see a new chapter...

The story is cancelled. I really hate cancelling stories, and this is the first time I've done it to a story that got so far and that so many people enjoyed, but I just can't write it anymore. This is mostly because I've lost interest in writing/reading fanfiction for My Little Pony altogether, so I probably won't be active here at all anymore, as well. The other reason I can't write the story anymore is because I didn't have much of a plan about where I wanted the story to go. I had a general idea of the ending I wanted and a couple things I wanted to include in the story, but other than that, I was more or less coming up with things as I went along. I know that works for some people, but I have trouble writing stories without a solid plan for where I want them to go, and... little three-and-a-half-years-ago-Shimmer didn't set the story up well enough for me to finish it. I can't really remember all the stuff that I had planned for this story, either, because of the long gaps between chapters. The whole idea and plan for the story just ended up being a complete mess, and I don't think I can fix it.

So yeah... that's the end of "Fall Apart". I had a lot of fun writing it, and WOW, I did not expect it to get so much love when I first posted it. 514 likes, I mean... That's the most attention I've got on anything ever! XD I really appreciate everyone who read and enjoyed this story, and I tried really hard to continue it, but at this point I would just be forcing ideas, and that never turns out well for a story. I'm sorry to anyone who was hoping to see the story finish. I know from multiple of my own experiences how sad it is to hear about a good story being cancelled. I guess I could tell you guys some of the ideas I had for the story since I'm not continuing it anymore, but like I said, my ideas for it were a mess:

Basically, the whole incident with the vines was like, a "protection spell". Sunset's book was made only for her use, so when she left it in the human world while going through the portal, the book switched into its defensive mode (not sure how else to phrase that) and attacked the Mane 5 and the CMCs by using magic from Equestria (it being a magic book from Equestria and all, as well as being the only thing keeping the worlds of Equestria and the human world together). So the vines came from Equestria - it's kind of like the portals that started appearing in The Friendship Games with Sci-Twi's device. The book was able to use magic from Equestria to defend itself, and it would also be able to use other kinds of magic rather than just vines. Anyway, the magic would only get worse until the book was back in Sunset's hands, or at least until Sunset was in the same world as the book, because the only reason it's going crazy is because it's separated from Sunset.

I also had a summary for what was supposed to happen in the next two chapters, but that's about it. Chapter 8 was going to be titled "Deck The Halls", and it's basically just a relatively happy chapter where Sunset enjoys Hearth's Warming with Twilight and her friends and gets more comfortable in Equestria. This was my exact wording: "This chapter will really just be about Sunset's Hearth's Warming with Twilight and her friends in Equestria. The next chapter will show how Christmas goes in the human world. Hint: It's not going too well."

And then chapter 9 was going to be titled "Doesn't Feel Like Christmas", focusing on Christmas in the human world, like I said. APPARENTLY the Windigos were supposed to enter the story because of Sunset's book and cause some chaos. Here's the exact summary: "Christmas in the human world is pretty gloomy and anxiety-filled for Sunset's ex-friends(?). This chapter will focus on that and also show some more about the book's strange magic bursts. The next chapter or two will focus again on Sunset and show how she's getting used to life in Equestria again, and the chapters after that will have a sort of time skip for the human world where the girls are back at school after Christmas break. They've spent the break taking care of the book and keeping it under control and once they return to school, things start to get bad; the Windigos have entered their world, and a snowstorm is brewing."

That's kind of how Canterlot High "falls apart". The magic caused by the book would get pretty bad, and the Windigos would make things worse. It would get to the point where the Mane 5 100% need Sunset's help, but she's not ready to forgive them yet and brushes off their messages through the book as a way of tricking her into coming back. And by the time she's ready to talk to them again, they don't have access to the book, I guess. I don't remember how I wanted the story to end, but Sunset was probably going to forgive them eventually, especially after finding out they were seriously in trouble. I know a lot of people in the comments wanted Sunset to never forgive the Mane 5 and the CMC so they could suffer the consequences of their actions, but I mean, Sunset knows that she herself has done much worse and been forgiven. So even though she'd be very upset with them and wouldn't want to forgive them at first, she'd eventually think things through and realize that they simply made a mistake, like she had. Twilight and her friends in Equestria would probably help her realize this, as well. I just feel like it would be really out-of-character for Sunset to hold this against them forever.

So there you go! That's all the plans I had for "Fall Apart"! I'm sorry this post got to be so long; I just had a lot to say, and this story and the people who read it really did mean a lot to me. <3 Hopefully this little summary somewhat makes up for the fact I can't finish it.

BUT since I won't be active on Fimfiction anymore, if anyone wanted to see more of my stuff (my writing AND my art), you guys can totally check out My Deviantart (where I'm most active), My Archive Of Our Own, My Youtube, or My Wattpad!!! Uh, just be warned that there's a lot of Undertale/Deltarune and maybe Steven Universe stuff on my accounts because those are my new interests. Mostly Undertale. (Aahskdh I remember when I first found out about Undertale and started posting about how good it was in blog posts on here. XD) I've been focusing mostly on improving my art, but I've also been trying to get back into writing with an Undertale fanfic called "A Chance To Save". It's...kind of been in the same place as "Fall Apart" because I started it without much of a plan... But I'm still into UT, so I've recently had the motivation to come up with a better storyline for it! Hopefully I'll be able to finish this one. XD But yeah, if you like my stuff, feel free to check out my other accounts! <3

I also finished this MLP art a couple days ago because of an art trade! I don't draw a lot of MLP anymore, but I just thought I'd post this here, as well, because this is an MLP website, and I'm pretty proud of how it turned out!

(Sorry for the self-promotion, lol. Bye, guys! <3)

~Shimmer Shy

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Sad to see this story unfinished, but stay safe nonetheless.

I hadn't given up on it.

I wish you the best, dear sir. May you find what you are looking for.:fluttershysad:

Noooooooooooooooooooooooo I liked this story. Well things happen, stay safe and wish you the best

Why do all good stories die on this site?!

While I am sad to this story cancelled, if you're not able to keep going, well, you're not able to keep going. It happens.

Best of luck in your future endeavors :twilightsmile:

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