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Today is the day the blog comes. Today you get your facts. In the worst possible way. I didn't want to do it this way but all in all I felt you all had given me no choice. Not just my followers but the community. Thanks for the instant hate on the finale story every time it was uploaded. Ok to the facts.

"S-so sunset, You take this way every single day, Wanna take a more daring rout?" The mare with the fire color mane asked as she hopped in front of Sunset.

"Tiger it's best we get to your mother as fast as possible. After all the sooner I'm done with this boring friendship crap the sooner I can get back to studying that mirror she showed me. Also the mirror she refuses to tell me the purpose of." Sunset said to her so called companion who was blocking her way.

"you never agree to anything I say...sooo please I know a shortcut through the Everfree." Tiger said as she smiled at sunset with a passionate smile. sunset looked over at the nearby. Sunset wasn't dumb she knew that the everfree would be definitely more thrilling of a walk.

"Alright Tiger if you absolutely insist I will head off with ya in that terrifying woods." Sunset started her way into the woods thus sealing the fate of the mare who was with her.

Sunset watched herself walk into the woods. She reached a hoof out and yelled out but no words came out. The whole place surrounding her lit up in flame. Sunset was knocked back by a wave of energy as she fell back and hit the front legs of the Empress of Flame..

"The eyes of a monster huh?" Empress said as she hissed at Sunset.

"E-empress I d-didn't mean it." sunset said as she knew her name very well now.

"To late to take it back.." she chuckled as she grew to be much larger. Empress quickly bite at sunset and swallowed her

This was a very twisty flash back in Empress of flame 4  This was showing the death of tiger lily... or was it? No it wasn't but what did it represent has been asked several times. How was it at all relevant? This was Tiger Lily's way of showing how painful her very existence was. She was showing her hate slash love relationship for her Sister. In some weird ways as well.

Next fact Tiger lily did not die from the supposed crib accident

“Hello?” Sunset said as she was so confused now. What the hell was going on here? Sunset slowly followed the voices. She followed the voices and when she reached the source she saw Celestia kissing the grey lips of a unicorn with a curved horn. The ponies appeared to be madly in love.  The lovely image burnt up in flames disappearing as a loud echoing cry of a baby was heard.

This vision was from number four as well and was a tease to Sombra being Sunset shimmers father and Celestia being her mother. Sunset Did not know however that the crying child was not her but her sister she had long forgotten Tiger Lily.

Now for the biggest facts of this story. the ones that killed the fans the most the ones I got asked about the most.

Who exactly was tiger lily: Tiger lily was the sister of Sunset Shimmer she lived to be a teen and right alongside Sunset Shimmer.

Why is she so angry at Sunset how did she become what she is?  Tiger lily always had the demon form. Upon her death she could not use it. She had followed Sunset through the portal and when she did this forced her soul to merge with the body of Sunset shimmer. Being inside Sunset was actually an accident on Tiger lily's side. This accident giving her the most leverage over her sister as possible. Tiger lily had a ton of power in her living form. Being the daughter of Sombra and Celestia she was more powerful then her sister was by ten fold. This power and dark side of her was reactivated the moment the loving element of magic was put on sunsets head. Tiger lily was sent into a rage and took control of Sunsets looks and demeanor

the biggest fact of this story is how did Tiger lily actually die. Tiger lily died at a dance at the school of gifted unicorns. Sunsets "coltfriend" Had this undying rage for Tiger lily and that was only part of it. Him and several friends put a plan together to make her feel good and then instantly make her feel bad One of them asked her to the dance to make her feel good ad then display several insulting and hurtful things to everypony there. After being humiliated Tiger lily with eyes full of tears ran off many ponies following after her. She ended up on top of a balcony at canterlot. Her sister there trying to comfort her for once on her life. Several ponies taunting her. The Stallion who had asked her out to make her feel better eventually went into a blind rage and ended up Pushing tiger lily off the balcony and 300 feet to her death. Her sister doing nothing to help her. Sunset was in shock but tiger took it much differently. Eventually leading to the hate she possessed for her sis.

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