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This story is a sequel to Empress of Flame 4: The burning truth

Family is supposed to be a bond that is thick and strong. Some families are broken, some are strong. Tiger lily (AKA The Empress of Flame) was not alway the demon that possessed the depths of Sunsets mind. She was her sister. Somepony who looked for love and appreciation. All see received, was the darkness in her life that birthed the demon...The demon she became.

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Thanks for the little shout out too me!!

Now as for this chapter I am happy to see how it came out! I do feel bad for Tiger Lily but also at the same time I am looking back to your other stories and remembering what she becomes. I am hoping this story might make my feelings too the character more positive because I still have a bit of trouble liking what she becomes not knowing exactly how she really died. Perhaps you plan on answering that?

Keep up the good work! Hope too see the next chapter soon!

7859761 I plan on answering all questions and leaving none left behind. This is the last story of the series and it will remain as such. Thanks for the comment and support. Tiger lily is clearly troubled and she does become something nasty in the future. Also random mention this will hopefully be the shortest chapter i do for this story, i want this to be more than the others were. Thanks again.

Wow. This is a pretty good start.

7859765 Castok's Highlights grand return;

"What should we name her?"


"A name for you little princess? How about Tiger Lily?"

"Can i use the mirror now?"

"Lily, could you come here for a moment?"

You never care about how I feel!!! The only thing you care is how my look affects your image, or if Sunset learns a subject she clearly has no interest in!


The place she knew this would all just get worse.

7867401 Glad to have you back

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