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This story is a sequel to Empress of Flame 3: Midnight flame

Sunset has been given another chance to make her life right before having it result in equestrias foreseen end. Will sunset make use of this second chance? Or is there more to this flame that burns inside? Celestia has proven to apparently know so much about the empress of flame. Sunset never got the chance to see this. Who is the empress of Flame? What ties her to Sunset?

(please read the other stories before this one. nothing will make sense to you if you don't. So, for your own safety and to prevent your brain from bleeding... Please read the ones before this. side not the cover photo is made by me. Lastly i will be getting an editor for this series i want it touched up and as perfect as possible)

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This sounds good so far. I can't wait to see how this ends.

oooo so close. Empress you should really just chill and leave sunset alone.... If you love her let her be happy.

A sweet little bit of SunLight only to be ruined. *Shakes fists / hooves*

Also though I'm sure you already know this you kinda spelt a lot wrong and typed a loud at the end.

Thank you for updating this story C:

6810741 unfortunately I have a sticky keyboard. thanks for the comments hope to see more comments from ya :D

It's never a good sign when a word is spelled wrong in the title.

It's still pretty good, but I really don't think we need the exact same flashback so many times after one another, it starts to get old after a while, I literally scrolled through it and almost missed the empress dream change part.

6830076 the flashbacks are done i'm going to be doing this like the first fic by adding things you havent seen yet. i want this to be one hell of a finale for my series. I put it on hiatus to watch myself some eqg1 to become re associated with the demon shimmer i love so much. So i assure you that my upcoming chapters will be filled with things that you will enjoy.

I didn't expect this but aw hell naw. You stay away from Sunset, Flash. She belongs to Twilight. I'm glad you updated.

6871311 oh your going to have allot of twists in this story :D

6871323 Right. I can understand that. Keep up the good work.

just happened
sunset get your ass back over there so twilight can give you some more lip service.
Celestia for crying out loud find a way so that empress can host a body that isn't sunsets... Like hell take empress out and make sure she has her own form.
Then Empress x flash and sunset X twilight yay everyone is happy. XD but life doesn't work that way.
But yeah. Glad to see that you've updated like I'm so happy you got two chapters and that 2 other stories updated u have no clue

6872185 i'm glad that makes you so happy :D

Your stories really do make me happy even with all the feels. Makes me a bit envious at your writers, I wish i had some talent in the story making department.

6872299 i really try with the feels. feely stories is what i do best at. i like pulling strings

Wow. That was intense. I like where this is going except for Flash being with Sunset. :pinkiesick: Keep up the good work.

Uh so tiger lily was the daughter of other mirror sombra and celestia?

6873349 i will not say exactly but i will say your kinda close but way off

Damnit you were right I was so close but way off at the same time

6880094 so much was new in this chap. i love how i let you see sunsets view as well. also how badly injured do you think sunset is now

6880172 who do you think daydream was talking about at the end there

Sombra? Or maybe just flash

6880233 you will know soon enough. next chap... oh it's gonna be huge

Whoa. That was an intense chapter. I can't wait for more.

plot changes every where!!!

6891495 i bet no one saw that coming

Shit, that's not good.

Whoa whoa whoa what? Sunset and Tiger Lily are sisters and their mom and dad are Celestia and Sombra? Mind blown.

Forgive my delay, I was quite business on those days. But to give you a delight, ere's some Highlights:

"If you fight me you will lose."

you want to fight me in a world I rule. your in for one hell of a fight~!


Daydream put a hand on Adagios lips to interrupt her.

"Sunset? Are you ok?"

really that's your question?!

It's already tooo late...She's with Flash.

"Listen Sunset about today. When you kissed me."


"Because we are in a load of trouble."


“I don’t care if being by your side helping you ruin my reputation here forever. You’re my damn friend. Take my hand… Please.”

“Knowing my dad he would tell me that all girls do it monthly.”

“Sunset, are you alright?” He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her as he picked her up. He slowly carried her out of the bathroom.

"How am i even supposed to know that the kid is mine."


"you and your sister have done nothing but judge my ruling. you only loved to keep me occupied~!"


"Sunset i can't just leave you here, I care to much for you."

All hail the Empress of flame. The story about to spew out like blood from a slit neck. The truth about to be told.


6915803 heres the truth :D please dont cry :D this new chap is sad

Wait what?! Tiger Lily was killed by a crib accident that was meant for Sunset? Celestia is such a bitch. Whoa didn't see that coming. :raritydespair:



6923750 seems i finally got everyone mad t her lol stay tuned for the conclusion

6923482 the end is now posted

I'm so confused?

6925449 that was my intention ... i dont want it to end difinitively. because i dont want to end the series but i had to

Okay. I didn't expect this kind of ending.

6925449 alternte ending is in the make but this is the end and the alt may also confuse you

Once more, Highlights:

The whole flashback scene

Shame really that one had to die.


Shame you were banished before you could care for either of them

I suppose by now Tiger lily has shown you all the truth. You really think Daydream can turn back time and make sure no pony else remembers. You wanted one kid. You were suppose to be the one under the crib door."

So you brought your father back with you.. how wonderful..I suppose you both have to die today then

If you did not want Sunset as your daughter anymore...why send Twilight after her?

“Tiger, I only wanted one kid… All I saw in your sister was your father. I couldn’t let her live to become like him.”

Finally we are at peace.

I was trying to help you father I was going to help you from her…..Think about this for a moment.

“Sombra you idiot do something~!”

Don’t kill her, I know you’re angry, I know she hurt you. Please just… don’t hurt her.

After all the flame….never dies out


Now that was a better ending. Keep up the good work.

6939687 i love this highlight lol thanks for the comment bro

Like this ending better, was really cool.

6942848 glad you like it bro.. also i left it open as useual

6872185 I wanted to shout all of what you said out loud but I can't because it's the middle of the night.

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